Speeding up the campaigns; internal message spam

As our campaigns have grown, increasingly people are finding that they get error messages after clicking on a ‘submit’ button.  I don’t mean error messages from the target — I mean our own scripts fail to execute.  Clearly our server is under strain when several hundred people try to simultaneously send off messages.  This will require a long term fix, both in terms of tweaking our software to speed things up, and possibly even moving the campaigns onto a different, faster server.

As a first step towards making things more efficient, I’ve finally removed the unnecessary second stage – the one where you confirm you want to send off your message.  It’s now a one-click process.  You fill in the form, and you get the screen telling you it’s been done.

On another matter, some idiot has decided to try to spam all our correspondents using our internal messaging system.  This will take a while to secure and to remove the spam content already sent (not all of you will have seen this).  Meanwhile, I’ve shut down the display of such messages until I can fix this.

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