Hootsuite,Twitter and Facebook [Derek Blackadder]

I’ve been using Hootsuite’s delayed posting feature to try and keep the Canadian Twitter feeds active around the clock. Partly because the RSS feature in Hootsuite doesn’t work as well as I would like it to.

Just FYI, in case anyone else wants to do something similar, here are the texts I have been repeating. In English only as I am not confident enough of my own fluency, nor of Google’s.


Get (and leave if you want) your photos here! The global union movement’s photo album, a LabourStart project. ow.ly/9UIbb

Unionbook – the social networking platform for trade unionists. A LabourStart project. ow.ly/9UIsC

Union photographer? If you have a photo you would like to see as the LabourStart Photo of the Week, send to CanadaATLabourStart.org

Dress up your website or blog with LabourStart’s FREE newswires. By country or issue, or tell us what you need! ow.ly/9UK1b

Get Your Union Books at Labour’s Bookstore – a LabourStart-UCS project. ow.ly/9UKWQ

Union women daily news at LabourStart’s Working Women page: ow.ly/9UKAk

LabourStart’s mailing list about to hit 100k. Our costs 2 go up. Victim of our own success? If u or ur union can help: ow.ly/a3gyp

LabourStart will soon be available in 28 languages. Our Ukrainian edition is almost ready to roll.

Act NOW! All of LabourStart’s active solidarity campaigns are here: http://ow.ly/a8WvO


URGENT ACTION NEEDED. Union leader held in Serbian solitary confinement. Send protest e-mail in 20 seconds here: ow.ly/a7p0m

Please retweet! URGENT ACTION NEEDED. Trade unionist in Iran facing execution at any moment. Send protest message here: ow.ly/9T1wU

Colombia: End harassment and killing of trade unionists. Join the global e-mail campaign here: ow.ly/a6mEs

Help end the months-long lockout at Acadian Coach Lines! Send a solidarity message here: ow.ly/9KCA7

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