Weekly roundup, 16.3-25.3

Some of the things I’ve been working on over the last 9 days …

Brussels on Thursday: I already sent out a report to a number of you about my visit on Thursday to Brussels where I met with senior staff at the International Trade Union Confederation, the European Trade Union Confederation and the Education International.

Campaigns – closing: I closed the Fiat campaign, which did very well for us and got us a very large number of new Italian subscribers to our list.  We’ve gotten a report from the union (FIOM) which I’ll share with you.  I then closed down the Kazakhstan campaign (which we launched following the massacre of strikers in December) but have yet to receive a report on its impact.  It’s been something like 6 months now that we’ve consistently run campaigns in support of those strikers, generating thousands of messages.

Campaigns – starting: On Monday, I launched the Colombia campaign at the request of PSI and Unison.   On Friday, at the request of the ITF, we launched a campaign in support of locked-out New Zealand port workers.  On Saturday, I did work on our next campaign – in support of 800 locked out flower workers in Kenya.  Yes, I know — three campaigns in five days puts a strain on everyone, especially our translators.  We need to begin thinking of way to control this — a team of people who reviews campaigns and can tell a global union federation – sorry, no, not now.  I find it hard to do this by myself …

Campaigns – improvements to tracking, etc: I’ve made it easier to see archived and closed campaigns, and have moved the totals for reach active campaign up to the top of the page (right side), as previously we’d need to scroll all the way to the bottom to see these summaries.  This was needed as we started getting campaigns with more than 15,000 messages sent, making it harder to see the whole list and the summaries.  You can see an example of this here.

Coming up in the next few days: Complete setup of Kenya campaign. Publicity for this and the ITF New Zealand campaign.  Review of the Bahrain campaign after two months online.  Complete translations of mycampaign.cgi (which shows people which campaigns they’ve signed up to) into different languages.  Add to 2011 conference website some documents now sent to us by the Solidarity Center.  Create an RSS news feed for Europe, as requested by a British trade union official.  Meet with Amnesty International – on Thursday – to discuss joint actions.  Etc etc.

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  • Just so you don’t feel like you’ve been carrying the whole ball…

    I’ve got HootSuite set to tweet re. three campaigns. A tweet per hour with the campaigns alternating. In addition I have set it to tweet and FB post ‘pointers’ to various LabourStart projects and such. The Flickr group for example, or the page soliciting correspondents, or UnionBook, or the Working Women page.

    That and delayed (but manually set-up, the RSS feature in Hootsuite seems not to like our feed) news tweets makes the English Canada feed pretty active and without any real effort on my part is about to break 800 followers in about a month.

    The French feed suffers in comparision as my written French is phonetic; another way of saying ’embarassing’. Plus I am not always able to find the 24 French stories I need to make the feed continuous at the rate of one tweet per hour.

    Even so, a news tweet and a LabourStart feature/project tweet per hour seems to be appreciated. With HootSuite open as I post stories to LS each morning I can set up a day’s worth of delayed news story tweets with little effort. The feed is then active 24/7, hourly.

    This weekend I’ll find a couple of hours and ‘follow’ a bunch more selected Twitter accounts that are likely to retweet our stuff to a fairly large union audience (an effective way to gain new followers) and talk to a co-worker about donating an hour to translate the repeatable LS feature tweet texts for future use in French.

    My goal in this is 2500 followers of the English feed and 1000 followers of the French feed by the end of June.

    Anybody else doing anything similar? Andy, I know you have a strategy. Any suggestions for me? I never got around to watching all those Social Media Bootcamp videos but hope to soon.

    Comment | March 29, 2012

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