The LabourStart App: Ready for launch?

I think we have a version of the app ready for launch – but a limited launch, with the following conditions:

  • This app should be launched for the iPad first.  The iPad doesn’t require us to shrink the size of our campaigns pages – they fit neatly on an iPad screen.  We can work on a small-screen friendly version of the campaigns in the meanwhile.
  • This requires a bit of live testing – according to the forums on Conduit Mobile, the tool we’re using to create the app, the biggest problem is actually resolved only when the app is native – in other words, comes from the Apple App Store.  That problem is this: when you click on a campaign, or any other link to a web page, there is no Back button.  Here’s a discussion of this problem on the Conduit forum.
  • The app will be English only with a commitment to roll out other languages in the next versions.

What do you all think?

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  • Off we go (says he who is iPadless)!

    Comment | February 16, 2012

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