Turkey: Closed GEA campaign was part of trend of much larger campaigns

At the request of the International Metalworkers Federation, we’re closing the campaign launched two months ago targeting the German-owned GEA company which had locked out workers in Turkey. (The company is currently involved in negotiations with the union and the IMF, and acknowledged the received of many thousands of email messages.)

This campaign was the fifth one in less than two months to reach the target of 5,000 messages sent.

In the previous eighteen months, only one other campaign reached that (the CUPW campaign in Canada).

In fact, a glance at the last ten campaigns launched in late 2010 showed that only one got over 3,000 messages sent.

So campaigns are growing much larger – in fact, they’re pretty much double the size now they were a year ago.

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  • Today’s Dutch campaign is also off to a good start and be over 4,000 messages sent around the 24 hour mark.

    What remains disappointing is the extent to which the sponsoring unions are able to mobilize support. Something problematic there unless all their staff and affiliate leadership are already on our lists (possible I suppose, but…).

    Comment | February 3, 2012

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