MailChimp: The downside

MailChimp has been our provider for most of 2011.There are two problems with MailChimp, our email provider.

The first is cost – we’re paying £3,700 a year for this. I think we might be able to find something equally good for less money.

The second – and more important – is that MailChimp, unlike previous tools we have tried (e.g., PHPlist) doesn’t allow multiple admins. So if I want to give a language editor the ability to post messages to their list, they all share the same user ID and password as I do.

This is idiotic.

It means that every time we do a mailing, I have to collect the translations from each one, format and edit them myself. This is particularly difficult for the non-Latin based languages which I do not read, such as Arabic and Japanese. We need a system which can do this, which is cheaper, and which works otherwise just as well. I’m looking into this now.

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  • Is the data Mail Chimp provides about how many people do what with our mailings proving useful?

    Comment | December 5, 2011
  • admin

    Not really, and I hope that whatever we replace it with will offer similar features anyway.

    Comment | December 6, 2011

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