Let’s see if we’ve got this global solidarity thing right …

Real world trade union solidarity - the picket at GEA.

Ten days ago, a couple of bus-loads of trade union activists from around 30 countries paid a solidarity visit to the picket line of locked-out workers at GEA, a German-owned metal company in Turkey.

We’ve now been asked by the International Metalworkers Federation to turn this into an online campaign, and have done so this morning.

The campaign is here.

We thought the solidarity picket was very exciting and tried to share some of that excitement with comrades who couldn’t be with us in Turkey.

It will be interesting to see if we can keep up the momentum, turning a real-world act of solidarity into an online one.

Please spread the word.

We’ve also today launched a campaign in support of jailed Pakistani trade union leaders – at the request of the ITGLWF.

As we’ve launched three campaigns in less than a week, we’re going to stagger the publicity to our mailing lists — and will start with the IMF Turkey campaign.

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