Tuesday afternoon updates

It’s been a busy day …

  • All recent supporters of our campaigns have now been added to our mailing lists on MailChimp – we’re seeing signficant growth for the German list, which indicates that our campaigns are now being promoted there by at least one union.
  • The mass mailing regarding our Egypt campaign has gone out for translation and we’ve gotten translations back already in at least two languages.
  • I’ve done further work on our Wikipedia entry, including trying to create an entry for UnionBook but am encountering some resistance there.
  • I’ve written to comrades in Georgia about getting a Georgian language version of our campaigns up – particularly the current Georgian one.  Am awaiting their reply.
  • Mac Urata at the ITF has agreed to help us get a Japanese version of the campaigns up and running.
  • On UnionBook, I’ve managed to sort comments in Groups in reverse date order – something which people have asked for.
  • I’ve begun the process of creating a secure directory (URLs would begin with https://) on our site – this is needed if we use Facebook for some pages, which has been done for our French version.
  • It’s been suggested that we could get an article about LabourStart published in a left-wing Esperanto magazine; I’ve asked one of our correspondents who speaks the language to take care of this.
  • Using a service called Conduit Mobile I’ve been doing further work on a small, simple UnionBook app for mobile devices.
  • I did extensive work on our newswires today, including getting the French RSS feed to work properly, reviewing the ActNOW RSS feed in French and Norwegian (now fixed), the Health and Safety wire in French (seems OK), and tweaking our new French language newswire for North Africa.  In addition I completed work on migrating all the regional newswires over to our new database – finally.

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