Friday morning updates

  • We’ve resumed the book of the month. The next mass mailing will feature it. Today, social media was used to publicize. This month, it’s Joe Hill.
  • ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow has agreed to open our conference with a video message. She can’t be there, but this is the next best thing. We hope to get the message in time to allow us to subtitle it in Turkish (and Arabic?)
  • Our first app for a smartphone is nearly ready (within 24 hours). If you have a Nokia smartphone, let me know. We have submitted something to their app store. (The iOS and Adroid versions are in the works.)
  • We’ve sent a long message to PSI about their Korea campaign with suggestions about how to revive it after two months online. Some 3,000 of the 3,200 messages were sent in the first week.
  • At the request of our Russian comrades, we’ve now closed down the Valentin Urusov campaign. We may need to revive it later this year, as he is still in jail.
  • We will almost certainly have a campaign focussed on India next week (in support of Suzuki workers). ¬†We’re waiting for final approval from the IMF.
  • Work on the upcoming Global Solidarity Conference is going well, if a bit behind the scenes at the moment. I have weekly phone conferences with our staffer in Istanbul, Eyup. This Monday, we’ll begin the process of approving who gets subsidies. I have made special efforts in the last week to encourage participation from Jordan, Palestine, Iraq and Georgia.
  • We have a much more prominent signup form on our home page now for our mailing list (in English only at the moment). This will be an important feature of our site redesign, which will begin probably just after our conference ends.
  • We have a new newswire for Fiji – created at the request of the Australian unions, who are using it.
  • I’ve upgraded our Facebook group – not sure exactly what that means, but people now need to be approved to join and there’s a lot more activity there than before.
  • UnionBook has reverted to much more staid colors after a pink and purple phase. No one seems to have noticed …


  • Might be a bit of an appetite here for the Fiji newswire. When you get a chance could you add it to the list of national wires on the newswire listing page? Thanks.

    Comment | September 30, 2011
  • Andy

    I saw a few requests to change the pink UnionBook colour scheme and a few acknowledgements of the new and better one, including mine in both cases.

    Comment | October 2, 2011
  • Eric Lee

    1. I’ll add Fiji to the list of newswires this week.
    2. Andy’s right – he (and maybe others – I don’t remember) did encourage me to drop the pink and purple on UnionBook.

    Comment | October 2, 2011

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