Back at my desk – Fiji; Istanbul

While on holiday I managed to launch an ActNOW campaign in support of the embattled trade unions of Fiji – at the request of the British TUC and ITUC. Even without the normally extensive LabourStart publicity, it has already gotten 2,184 messages sent and was translated (without prompting by me) into two languages. Today I asked 11 other volunteer translators to get to work on it, and am beginning our own publicity blitz.

Update: Following our publicity blitz, support is increasing. ¬†Here are the latest totals as of 10:00 London time (Wednesday), 12 hours later ¬†–

  • 4,213 supporters
  • 730 recommendations on Facebook

A lot remains undone for our upcoming Global Solidarity Conference – this will be my top priority in the next week. I leave next Wednesday, 7 September, for Istanbul, where I’ll be meeting with our Turkish comrades and we’ll try to fix all outstanding issues.

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  • Given some of our earlier discussions below, I think the numbers, especially pre-push, are heartening.

    Comment | August 31, 2011
  • Concerning Istanbul, what are the interpretation arrangements?

    Comment | September 6, 2011
  • Turkish for sure, Arabic is likely.

    Comment | September 6, 2011

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