Biggest campaign ever crashes our server

As you may know, many people are getting error messages when trying to send off messages to Iran.

In the most recent quarter-hour period, I see that just under 100 messages were successfully sent off — so at the rate of 400 messages per hour, this is probably our biggest campaign ever.

There are many things going on here that can be slowing things down, so here are the steps I’ve taken to speed things up:

  • When sending off a message, it no longer writes to our old flat ASCII database.  This was certainly slowing things down and I believe this is no longer necessary now that we have a much faster MySQL database.
  • When displaying a campaign, we no longer show how many people have signed up (in real time) – but this will be restored later.

I’ve gotten a number of messages from people complaining – here is what I’ve replied to each one:

Thanks for writing – it appears that a very large number of people trying to access the page at the same time is causing this problem.  Please try again later.  Thanks for your patience.

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