Labour Video of the Year – nominations closed, judges begin work

We had 74 nominations this year – hard to compare that with last year as this time we blocked multiple submissions. We also have nominated films in different languages. As the judges will only review the films in English, and as we want to block multiple voting, here’s how I plan to organize the voting once we have the shortlist:

We’ll use Survey Monkey as we have done in the past – it should block multiple voting and will make it very easy to tabulate results, etc.

For the non-English films, I suggest we set up parallel voting so that individuals (presumably those who speak the language) can vote for their favorite Spanish film, for example. In other words, a parallel competition but without the panel of judges creating a shortlist. That should work for now.

I’m assuming that we won’t have the shortlist before May, so expect voting to take place then.

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