Friday evening updates

We’ve now done five mailings using MailChimp – 2 to our correspondents and 3 to our English language list.  I’ve only gotten one bit of feedback – someone who noticed and liked the improvement.  No complaints from anyone.

I’m in discussions with Mahesh about getting the Hindi and Bengali editions of LabourStart off the ground – hopefully soon.

I’ve been working on my presentation for the debate on Monday at Oxford on activism vs slacktivism, as well as Thursday’s talk in New Orleans at the UALE conference.

We’ve had a slow flow of nominations for the Labour Video of the Year competition – only 16 nominated so far.  I’ve sent out a reminder to our lists.

We’re also just beginning to collect pre-registrations for our global solidarity conference in Istanbul using Facebook.  At the moment we have 10 saying yes and 12 saying maybe,  for a total of 22.  I expect this to increase in the next few days as we’ve not only mentioned it in our mailings, but have just sent it out to members of all our causes on Facebook.

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  • I agree that the lastest mailings in English are graphically better. What worries me is the frequency of changes in the system. It doesn’t seem so long ago that we got things working correctly in after, unionlists, some other commercial system and unionlists before that. Roughly, that makes 5 changes in as many years. I don’t really fancy learning yet another system just when I’ve become comfortable with PHPlist. Personally, I’m happy with PHPlist for the French newsletter.
    I’m sure, if we wanted, we could develop a template similar to the Mailchimp one. By the way, is Mailchimp really adapted to other languages than English?

    Comment | March 26, 2011

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