Thursday evening update: new campaigns, conference update, Egypt and Hindi

Campaigns: We were asked by KMU in the Philippines to launch a campaign on behalf of Dole workers; after consulting with colleagues in the field, we agreed to do so and are now awaiting the text.  Meanwhile, we have informed the International Metalworkers Federation that we wish to close down the India Foxconn campaign after three months and are in the process of doing so — we await final instructions from them.  We publicized the IUF’s joint campaign with FLOC regarding the murder of a union organizer in Mexico.

Conference: I’ve drafted a short proposal for the conference, to be held in the fall in Istanbul.  I plan to visit to Turkey at the end of this month to meet with the organizing committee which is being formed there.

Egypt: While the Internet was down, our comrades in the CTUWS were able to phone out short messages which were then transcribed and translated in to English – and sent to us.  We’ve been publicizing our special Egypt news page throughout the week using our mailing lists, social networks, etc.

Languages: We have now been sent the text for a Hindi edition of LabourStart which we hope to launch soon.


  • Are there probable dates yet for the conference?

    Comment | February 5, 2011
  • admin

    No, I’ll know much more at the end of this month when I visit Turkey.

    Comment | February 5, 2011

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