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Every single one of the current LabourStart campaigns appears in English, French, Russian, Spanish and Italian, and that’s fantastic.  Andy, Masha, David and Andrea have ensured that our readers in those languages have a chance to participate.  We’ve done pretty well with Norwegian and Chinese as well, with the vast majority of campaigns translated promptly by Espen and Lennon.

But there are languages that we have the capacity to campaign in, and have sometimes run campaigns in, but which have recently become dormant.  These are the following:

  1. German
  2. Dutch
  3. Turkish
  4. Portuguese
  5. Polish
  6. Korean
  7. Farsi

Taken I’ve written to all those who’ve helped, and others who might help, to try to make sure that we once again have all our campaigns in those languages.

In the German case, we’ve had one of the five current campaigns translated and we have quite a few volunteers ready and willing to do the work.  Today I’ve asked them if one would agree to be the coordinator so that we could sort this out in future without me having to randomly pick one translator each time.

If we get this right, every campaign will appear in 14 languages, and we should plan to expand that to include other key languages in which we already have active news sites, such as Finnish.

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