Radio LabourStart: What’s the problem?

One week ago today I sent a message to our mailing list of correspondents (over 700 names) urging people to post videos and audio files to LabourStart.

Some videos were posted in the last week, but not a single radio show.

Not one.

I wonder why.

Basically, all it takes to put something up on Radio LabourStart is to add a file with an “.mp3” (or “.MP3”) suffix.

And there are plenty of these around.  For example:

Workers Independent News runs MP3 files every day – here’s one example: http://www.laborradio.org/files/mp3_web/2010/10/LaborRadio102010.mp3

RadioLabour creates MP3 files every day.  Here’s an example: http://www.radiolabour.net/RL5/2010/RL5-221010.mp3
Many local labour radio shows are also available for MP3 streaming.

For example, in New York City WBAI has a weekly broadcast called ‘Building Bridges – Your Community and Labor Report’.  Last week’s show was online as an MP3 file here: http://archive.wbai.org/files/mp3/101018_190001bbridges.MP3

    All three of these files are now in LabourStart’s news links database and will therefore appear automatically on Radio LabourStart.

    Please help by making sure that these labour radio shows are routinely added to our news database.  Thanks.

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    • OK. Tried this for myself. Firstly, it’s much harder to find audio than video or written news. You have to stumble on an audio file embedded in an HTML page, check the link to see if it’s MP3 and then record it in the usual manner. Nothing on the LabourStart homepage shows that it’s linked to Radio LabourStart. If there is also written news and I link to the page in the usual manner, I get a double entry in the homepage listing. Lastly, after 15 minutes, the file still isn’t showing on RLS.

      Comment | October 24, 2010
    • admin

      The radio page is updated every 30 minutes.

      Comment | October 25, 2010

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