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At the LabourStart correspondents meeting last Sunday in Hamilton, someone suggested we look into BuddyPress as an alternative to Elgg.  It looks interesting, but I’m not convinced we have good reason to migrate (even if we can migrate).  So I’ve put it out there via UnionBook, Facebook, Twitter, etc and will see if someone thinks this is a great idea and can make a compelling case for it.

I closed down the Iraq oil workers campaign in all languages – it had been running for more than 3 months.

I’ve setup the Serbian edition of LabourStart, and am currently working with a comrade there to get it off the ground.

Last Friday I recorded my sixth podcast, this time on the subject of hashtags and how they were used at the LabourStart conference.  As of this afternoon, 376 people have downloaded it and listened to it.  I also wrote up an account of the conference and posted it to my blog.  Then I updated the conference page to include links to my article and the podcast relating to it.

I sent out mass mailing promoting our book of the month, my podcast, two articles about the conference and our ActNOW newswire.  As a result of this, we sold a few books and got a couple more sites to adopt our newwire.

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  • Buddypress FNV pilots in the Netherlands
    I tried Elgg too, but choosed WordPress BuddyPress
    – more widespread
    – code: seams ‘better’, and easy to make hacks for additional functionalities
    – more world wide collaboration possibilities with a lot of WordPress developers/users
    – easy to integrate, or develop connections and import/export with other social media platforms
    BuddyPress: person, people, member(groups)s, membergroups, collaboration first, themes broadcasting follows ..

    Grtz Duck Swart – FNV Bouw [opdebouwplaats]

    Comment | July 28, 2010

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