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The Wire, an interesting feature on UnionBook that allows us to also post to Twitter, has stopped working.  This has something to do with the upgrade to version 1.7 of Elgg, the social networking software which underpins our site.  I’ve tried many different approaches to solving this, and posted appeals for help and support to the Elgg community without much luck so far.  I have now asked an Elgg programmer who we’ve worked with before to help us sort this out (for pay).

We also need to sort out registration for new users, now being done manually to prevent spam attacks.  I’ve asked the same programmer to help us out with that.  It would be good to have this sorted before next Monday, as we expect to register new users at the SIGTUR congress in Brazil.

We were also asked by one of our users to restore a Google translate button to UnionBook — but the Google website has gone a little weird about this, and I actually couldn’t find the code.  Instead, I’ve  put a link to the Yahoo translator which can translate our pages to Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.  I know this is no substitute for a proper translation, but it should give some readers of those languages the gist of what UnionBook is all about.

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