Another campaign, a new blog … and a problem

At the request of the UE and ICEM, we’ve launched another campaign — the second in two days — here.

This campaign is featured, together with other campaigns, on my new personal (not official LabourStart) blog on the website of Amnesty International’s UK Section.

The problem? There’s some evidence mounting that there may be some attempts to block our campaigns again, black-listing us as spammers:

  • Everyone who signed up to the LabourStart campaign in support of the Iraqi teachers received a threatening email from one of the targets, who claimed he’d go to the police.  I wrote to him, as did the TUC, telling him to fuck off.
  • Our ISP (1&1 Internet) sent us a form letter warning us that there have been reports that we’ve been spamming.  I replied asking for additional details but have heard nothing.
  • An email I just sent to a target in our new Mexican campaign bounced back saying that the address sending it was associated with spam.  Not sure if this is our ISP or Gmail or
  • One of our readers has spotted a possible attempt to block our address as being a source of spam — I’m investigating this now.  This is not connected to our ISP, and is worrying. UPDATE: I’m less worried about this now; it’s being caused by ZoneAlarm which may be flagging up because it’s a new domain name, and because our domain name registrar is based in the Cayman Islands (which should set alarm bells ringing).

All this couldn’t come at a worse time, as I’m travelling for the next two weeks.

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