1,438 supporters needed for our Turkey campaign – can you help?

It’s Sunday afternoon here in London (and Istanbul); we’ve picked up hundreds more supporters for our Turkey campaign than we had two days ago, when I last wrote.  We’re now up to 15,776 supporters.

If we can get 1,438 more supporters, we can honestly say that this is the largest LabourStart campaign ever — larger even than the Ghanbari campaign we did in June 2012.

The number to beat is 17,214 — and we’re almost there.

Of course I’d like this campaign to be our first to reach 20,000, but I’ll be delighted if at the minimum we reach that number.

Please do what you can to help promote it over the next day or two.

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That’s right — our Turkey campaign has now topped 15,000 supporters.

It is on course sometime this weekend to become LabourStart’s biggest campaign ever.

Please use email, social media, word of mouth, everything to spread the word.

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Could this become our largest campaign ever?


The new campaign in support of the Turkish unions, launched just 50 hours ago, has already gotten 10,771 messages sent and currently appears in an unprecedented 23 languages.

We’ve had translations done by people who’ve never worked with us before into Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch and Polish, in addition to 15 regular volunteer translators.

The campaign is currently growing at the rate of just about 200 per hour — something we’ve never seen before, not two days after launch.

We’ve done followup mailings to our English, French and Norwegian lists in the last 24 hours, plus two special mailings to the Canadian lists today.

This afternoon we’ve done large (>1K) mailings to the Italian and Russian lists, so combined with the second mailings to Norwegians, Francophones and Canadians this afternoon, we should continue to see substantial growth.

There’s also been an unprecedented push in social media, individual appeals to unions, and direct links made with mainstream journalists which may in the next few hours result in much greater publicity.

We have the full cooperation of the ITUC, British TUC, Amnesty International, some of the GUFs and our friends in Turkey, so it may be a while before the campaign begins to slow down.

For this to be our largest campaign ever, we need 6,443 more messages to be sent.  At the current rate (last two hours), we should break that record in 32 hours, or late tomorrow night …

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New campaign launched: Turkey

I cannot emphasize enough how important this is:



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LabourStart in Numbers – May 2013

The numbers in brackets are for the previous month. Strong gains (50 or more) are highlighted in bold.

Mailing lists

English: 79,267 [78,105] +1,162
French: 6,046 [6,044]
Spanish: 4,660 [4,535] +125
Italian: 3,957 [3,914]
Turkish: 3,209 [3,208]
German: 2,906 [2,847] +59
Norwegian: 2,407 [2,390]
Russian: 1,962 [1,922]
Dutch: 879 [882]
Chinese: 828 [817]
Finnish: 560 [536]
Polish: 313 [314]
Japanese: 300 [262]
Arabic: 299 [299]
Portuguese: 241 [242]
Tagalog: 232 [228]
Farsi: 213 [213]
Hebrew: 207 [211]
Swedish: 178 [179]
Korean 154 [154]
Danish: 143 [144]
Indonesian: 128 [126]
Czech: 89 [89]
Thai: 67
Esperanto: 39
Vietnamese: 12

Social networks

Twitter followers –
English: 9,435 [9,177] +258

Facebook –
Like LabourStart.org page (English): 7,172 [6,596] +576
Members of LabourStart group: 5,180 [5,102] +78
Like LabourStart page (French): 312 [305]
Like LabourStart page (Turkish): 102 [102]
Like LabourStart page (Hebrew): 75 [70] – new page launched this month

UnionBook –
Members: 5,530 [5,507]

LinkedIn – LabourStart group: 1,317 [1,272]

Union group on Flickr: 724 [721]


Correspondents: 640 [633]

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