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Vietnam Free coaches bring workers home for Tet 2018-02-11 [Plus]

Vietnam Tet bonuses likely to be higher 2018-01-15 [Vietnam Net]

Vietnam Better meals make better workers 2018-01-14 [Plus]

Korea Was Your Samsung Smartphone Built in a Southeast Asian Sweatshop? 2018-01-02 [The Nation]

UK Trio who used trafficked girls to work in nail bars jailed under slavery laws 2018-01-02 [The Guardian]

China Trade union reform in one-party states: China and Vietnam compared 2017-12-11 [Chinoiresie]

Vietnam Regional conference highlight female labourers, trade union’s role 2017-12-07 [VietnamPlus]

Vietnam Ministry inspects Samsung Vietnam over worker mistreatment 2017-11-29 [VietnamNet]

Vietnam Samsung rejects NGO report on worker mistreatment 2017-11-29 [VietnamNet]

Algeria Chinese firm facilitates Vietnamese workers in Algeria 2017-11-28 [Vietnamplus]

Vietnam Uphill battle to ban use of cancer-linked white asbestos in Vietnam: experts 2017-10-09 [VN Express]

Vietnam 8,000 workers wildcat at footwear factory 2017-10-06 []

Vietnam Large company in Hanoi has sacked 80 percent of workers, replacing them with robots 2017-09-29 [Vietnam Net ]

Vietnam Workers to be given seven-day Lunar New Year break 2017-09-29 [VN Express]

Vietnam Trade unions from Vietnam and Cuba strengthen traditional relationships 2017-09-27 [VNA]

Vietnam Workers end 5-day strike after company scraps draconian death leave rule 2017-09-18 [VN Express]

Taiwan Did Taiwan police and paramedics leave migrant worker to die? 2017-09-18 [BBC]

Vietnam 6,000 workers involved in wildcat strike at clothing factory 2017-09-12 []

Vietnam Is the minimum wage structure sustainable? 2017-09-12 [VN Express]

Vietnam 6,000 workers go on strike at Vietnam's garment factory 2017-09-11 [VN Express]

Vietnam Around 6,000 workers strike at Vietnam garment factory: media 2017-09-11 [Reuters]

Taiwan In Taipei - Vietnamese workers protest migrant's death by police shooting 2017-09-05 [Taiwan Focus]

Vietnam Labour confederation ready to support Cuban workers’ union 2017-08-31 [+]

Vietnam Move to Independent Labor Unions Stalls 2017-08-23 [Bloomberg BNA ]

Vietnam Wage Increase Vexes Both Employers and Employees 2017-08-23 [Bloomberg BNA]

Vietnam Mekong Delta fights for survival amidst climate change and unbridled development 2017-08-15 [Equal Times]

Vietnam Older workers being pushed out to be replaced by cheaper young workers 2017-08-08 [VietnamNet]

Vietnam Firms move to push out veteran labourers 2017-08-06 [Vietnam Net]

Vietnam Trade unions adopt new approach to communicate with workers 2017-06-27 [Vietnam+]

Vietnam Sleepless: confessions of Hanoi night workers 2017-06-27 [VNExpress]

Vietnam Sleepless: Saigon edition 2017-06-27 [VNExpress]

Vietnam Grab or xe om? The clashing paths of Vietnamese drivers 2017-06-27 [VNExpress]

Vietnam 10,000 Vinasun cabbies seek permission for rally against Uber, Grab 2017-06-27 [Tuoi Tre]

Vietnam Đình công tự phát: wildcat strikes in post-socialist Vietnam 2017-06-27 [Chuang]

Vietnam #Land disputes in #Vietnam: the #SocialNetworks mobilise 2017-06-12 [equal times]

Asia ASEAN discusses decent work promotion 2017-04-21 [xinhuanet]

Vietnam ASEAN labor officials prepare action on Vientiane declaration 2017-04-21 [JP]

Vietnam Foreign workers may be forced to pay social insurance in Vietnam 2017-04-20 [vnexpress]

Vietnam Workers’ rentals: unrealistic policies don’t help 2017-04-17 [vietnamnews]

Vietnam Cut in unemployment payments good for firms. And for workers? 2017-04-17 [vietnamnews]

Vietnam Supply of skilled tourism workers falls short 2017-04-11 [vietnamnews]

Vietnam Korean tests for VN workers to start in June 2017-04-10 [vietnamnews]

Vietnam Free labour movement might hurt many Vietnamese workers 2017-04-08 [vietnamnet]

Vietnam Regulations tightened on guest worker providers 2017-03-30 [Vietnam Net News]

Vietnam Partnership to benefit 45,000 female factory workers 2017-03-26 [Viet Nam News]

Vietnam Seeing sexual harassment in the workplace for what it is 2017-03-13 [Viet Nam News]

Vietnam Unions can sue for insurance 2017-03-11 [The News]

Vietnam Unions can sue for insurance 2017-03-11 [Viet Nam News]

Vietnam Workers slam eroding conditions for women 2017-03-07 [Viet Nam Net]

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