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Was Your Samsung Smartphone Built in a Southeast Asian Sweatshop? 2018-01-02 [The Nation]

RATP and Transdev unions support Seoul colleagues 2017-12-14 [ITF]

Public workers of the world call for immediate release of detained Korean unionist Han Sang-gyun 2017-11-05 [PSI]

ITUC: Dialogue, Not Conflict, in the Korean Peninsula Is Needed 2017-08-23 [ITUC]

Struggling healthcare workers join labor unions in droves 2017-08-08 [Korea Biomedical Review]

Korea: UNI Global Union urges President Moon to release Han Sang-gyun 2017-07-09 [uniglobalunion.org]

Hyundai Motor union blasted for excessive demands 2017-05-03 [The Times]

Real annual wage drops W4.1 mil. during 10 years 2017-04-21 [koreatimes]

More workers plan to work during holidays in early May 2017-04-21 [koreaherald]

10% of male workers take childcare leave 2017-04-20 [koreatimes]

Male Workers Taking Paternity Leave Surge in Q1 2017-04-20 [KBS]

Teachers' union members at odds with ministry 2017-04-20 [koreatimes]

Center for migrant workers opens in Cheonan 2017-04-18 [koreatimes]

Women's salaries less than two thirds of men 2017-04-05 [koreatimes]

More family time for workers in South Korea 2017-04-03 [ST]

Hyundai Steel labor union expands CSR programs 2017-04-03 [koreaherald]

Daewoo Shipbuilding labor union pressed to present written pledge for 'no strike' 2017-03-31 [koreaherald]


European Parliament requests talks on S. Korea’s failure to uphold labor rights 2017-03-29 [Hani]

Employers, labor apart over shorter working hours 2017-03-23 [koreatimes]

Employers, labor apart over shorter working hours 2017-03-23 [koreatimes]

More than 4 million Koreans now work part-time jobs at less than 36 hours a week 2017-03-21 [Chosun]

As jobs shrink, attitudes on foreign workers shift 2017-03-20 [koreajoongangdaily]

“A strange kind of solidarity” ; people who come alone rally together 2017-03-20 [Hani]

Seoul court orders Toyama firm to pay redress to female wartime forced laborer 2017-03-17 [Japan Times]

Presidential hopeful pledges sabbatical year for all employees 2017-03-17 [yonhapnews]

President Park is gone for good – and trade unions played a major role in making it happen 2017-03-16 [PSI]

KHMU resolves to struggle for better health care and the candlelight revolution in Korea, at annual Congress 2017-03-15 [PSI]

South Korea: Supreme Court Approves Industrial Union Branch Breakaway 2017-02-17 [Mondaq]

Issues in the Restructuring of the Korean Shipbuilding Industry 2016-10-27 [GLC]

Hyundai Motor executives to take voluntary 10 per cent cut in wages 2016-10-25 [Reuters]

International delegation visits Korea over union persecution 2016-09-26 [PSI]

Hyundai Motor union stages first full strike in 12 years 2016-09-26 [Reuters]

Seoul Metro Unions to Strike Tuesday 2016-09-23 [KBS]

Samsung still under pressure over toxic worker deaths 2016-09-05 [Equal Times]

Oriental Brewery union to expand strike over pay 2016-08-12 [The Herald]

Hyundai Motor workers to again stage partial strike 2016-08-12 [Yonhap]

South Korea: A government at war with democracy 2016-08-06 [IUF]

Unionists in Hong Kong protest in solidarity with KCTU over jailing of President 2016-07-08 [HKCTU]

Protest now over Korean union leader sentence 2016-06-22 [ITF]

Samsung Heavy Industries to shed workforce up to 40% 2016-06-16 [Pulse]

The long fight for justice for South Korea’s deadly steriliser victims 2016-06-07 [Equal Times]

Workers setting up strategies to narrow gap between regular and irregular positions 2016-04-04 [Hankyoreh]

KCTU Members Speak in San Francisco 2016-03-30 [Labor Video]


Hyundai Motor reaches tentative wage deal with labour union 2015-12-24 [Reuters]

Korean unions facing crackdown need urgent global support 2015-12-16 [ITF]

S. Korean labor workers head for N. Korea for football friendly 2015-10-28 [Yonhap]

North Korea to host friendly soccer match with South's labor unions 2015-10-27 [UPI]

The fight to secure migrant workers’ rights continues in South Korea 2015-10-08 [Equal Times]

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