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UK Thirteen major trade unions urge UK government to condemn Turkey’s invasion of Syria 2019-10-12 [Unite the union]

UK England Costain and Skanska accused of union busting and suppressing Crossrail Bond Street air quality concerns 2019-10-12 [Unite the union]

UK Unite accuses Skanska of union busting on Crossrail 2019-10-12 [Morning Star]

UK Schools in deprived areas face further cuts next year, unions say 2019-10-12 [Guardian]

UK Average UK earners gained just 2p per hour in two years, TUC reveals 2019-10-12 [Guardian ]

UK BALPA could call off strike if airline agrees to negotiate on new proposal 2019-10-12 [BALPA]

UK Baby Loss Awareness Week - Working Through Miscarriage 2019-10-12 [GMB]

UK Scotland Scottish shopworkers are abused, threatened or assaulted on average over 17 times a year 2019-10-11 [USDAW]

UK RMT has secured a massive victory in the fight against poverty pay 2019-10-11 [RMT]

UK Britain's labour movement condemns Turkish invasion of Syria 2019-10-11 [Morning Star]

UK Impassioned plea to Gove on Brexit: Time is running out to prove that you care about the jobs of working peopl 2019-10-10 [Unite the union]

UK England Picket outside TUC's Congress House in Thompsons dispute 2019-10-10 [GMB]

UK England RMT exposes full scale of London ticket office closures 2019-10-10 [RMT]

UK World Mental Health Day: Usdaw says 'It's good to talk' 2019-10-10 [USDAW]

UK BALPA welcomes TUI announcement of jobs for ex-Thomas Cook Pilots 2019-10-10 [BALPA]

UK Every mind matters 2019-10-10 [NUJ]

UK TSSA Calls For Free Water and Healthy Foods On Public Transport 2019-10-10 [TSSA]

UK British Gas staff to face yet more uncertainty over site closures 2019-10-10 [UNISON]

Ireland SIPTU conference told that Brexit ‘backstop’ is vital for workers 2019-10-10 [SIPTU]

UK Northern Ireland Health chief warns 'something has to give' 2019-10-10 [BBC]

UK Northern Ireland Wrightbus: owner unable to reach deal to sell Ballymena firm 2019-10-10 [BBC]

UK Northern Ireland Rescue deal for Wrightbus rejected by company controlled by founder’s son 2019-10-10 []

UK Northern Ireland 'Decision day' for troubled Wrightbus 2019-10-10 [RTÉ]

UK England Bootle anti-racist postal walkout ends after bosses use strikebreakers and injunction 2019-10-10 [Socialist Worker]

UK England Bootle anti-racist postal walkout ends after bosses use strike breakers and injunction 2019-10-10 [Socialist Worker]

UK Postal workers stand up to management attacks - Interview with CWU’s Andy Hopping 2019-10-09 [Counterfire]

UK ‘Barclays Betrayal’ of post offices sparks fury 2019-10-09 [CWU]

UK England RMT suspends Tube industrial action due to start at midnight as union secures major victory over track noise 2019-10-09 [RMT]

UK England Picket line pay victory in Hackney shift payments dispute over bussing disabled children to school 2019-10-09 [Unite the union]

UK Thomas Cook fallout now affecting supply chain jobs 2019-10-09 [Unite the union]

UK Thomas Cook - Hays Travel Announcement 2019-10-09 [TSSA]

UK England UCL workers to decide on strike action over 'unjust' outsourcing 2019-10-09 [The Guardian]

Palestine Thank you, UK workers, for standing in solidarity with Palestine 2019-10-08 [Labour List]

UK UNISON publicly responds to government consultation on workplace sexual harassment 2019-10-08 [Unison]

UK Lincolnshire health visitors’ dispute escalates over council’s ‘divide and rule’ jobs move 2019-10-08 [Unite the union]

UK Come clean’ call to Cambridgeshire jam maker over sale speculation 2019-10-08 [Unite the union]

UK Health and social care ‘on its knees’ 2019-10-08 [UNISON]

UK Stop playing politics with prisons, union leader urges Johnson 2019-10-08 [Guardian ]

UK CWU calls out the vote – Phonebank volunteers ring 25,000 2019-10-08 [CWU]

UK Hundreds seized as climate action fortnight begins 2019-10-08 [Morning Star]

Ireland SIPTU accuses UK govt of indifference to peace process 2019-10-07 [SIPTU]

UK Unite reaction to reports of 10,000 HSBC job cuts 2019-10-07 [Unite the union]

UK RMT launches fresh campaign this week to halt London Overground ticket office closures 2019-10-07 [RMT]

UK England Petition in support of striking staff at Nottingham College tops 1,200 signatures 2019-10-07 [UCU]

UK TSSA Write To Williams Review Raising Rail Safety Concerns 2019-10-07 [TSSA]

UK Tesco Sued: “Unequal Pay Is Inexcusable” 2019-10-07 [Lawyer Monthly]

UK Union chief accuses Government over Thomas Cook collapse 2019-10-07 [BT]

UK Ambulances called to Amazon warehouses once every two days last year as workers collapsed, were injured in falls and suffered broken bones 2019-10-07 [The Sun]

UK Taking PLR international 2019-10-07 [Society of Authors]

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