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UK Manuel Cortes Letter to Train Operating Companies (TOCs) On Railways Pension Scheme 2020-01-15 [TSSA]

UK Santander pay deal out to ballot 2020-01-15 [CWU]

UK BALPA responds to news of a rescue package for Flybe 2020-01-15 [BALPA]

UK Union lawyer to sue Met police over 'false imprisonment' 2020-01-15 [Guardian]

UK Beer drinkers may face ‘short measures’ after Greene King workers vote for strike action over ‘paltry’ pay offer 2020-01-15 [Unite the union]

UK Local authorities must bring Sanctuary Care contracts ‘back in-house’ 2020-01-15 [Unite the union]

UK Labour leadership hopefuls court votes of the 'big five' unions 2020-01-15 [The Guardian]

UK Labour leadership: Lisa Nandy boosted by endorsement from NUM 2020-01-15 [The Independent ]

UK England Metropolitan Police to face legal action after unlawfully detaining barrister during lawful strike at St. George’s University 2020-01-14 [uvw union]

UK Northern Ireland health strike dates announced 2020-01-14 [GMB]

UK Northern Ireland Health minister makes £30m pay offer 2020-01-14 [BBC]

UK Northern Ireland Executive to solve health workers’ industrial action 2020-01-14 []

UK Cops arrest trade union's lawyer on the picket line 2020-01-14 [Morning Star]

UK CWU's questions to leader candidates are a model to Labour members 2020-01-14 [The Skwawkbox]

UK IFJ Voice January 2020 - Editorial: Julian Assange 2020-01-14 [IFJ]

UK Starmer is all but certain to be on the ballot paper as he has the backing of Unison 2020-01-13 [Guardian]

UK If Flybe didn’t exist, it would have to be invented, says pilots’ union 2020-01-13 [BALPA]

UK Unite comment on Flybe concerns 2020-01-13 [Unite the union]

UK BALPA demands immediate talks on the future of Flybe For more info 2020-01-13 [BALPA]

UK As Labour leader, Keir Starmer would take our values back into government 2020-01-13 [UNISON]

UK BBC journalist wins landmark equal pay case 2020-01-13 [EFJ]

UK Average adult just a couple pay cheques away from homelessness 2020-01-13 [East London and West essex Guardian]

UK Audit watchdog needs more time to probe Carillion collapse 2020-01-13 [Construction Enquirer]

UK Northern Ireland New health minister to meet unions over pay dispute 2020-01-12 [BBC]

UK ‘Fair pay for all Capita TVL workers’ – union submits 2020 pay claim 2020-01-12 [CWU]

UK GMB joins Northern Ireland health strike 2020-01-12 [GMB]

UK Union power can protect jobs, health and safety 2020-01-12 [TUC]

UK December sees worst A&E wait times on record 2020-01-12 [unitelive]

UK BBC journalist wins landmark equal pay case 2020-01-11 [IFJ]

UK BALPA welcomes UK Government advisory to avoid Iraq and Iran airspace 2020-01-10 [BALPA]

UK Unsecured debt hits new peak of £14,540 per household – TUC analysis 2020-01-10 [TUC]

UK Unions fear for 4,000 staff if Chinese company buys loss-making steelmaker 2020-01-10 [Guardian]

UK Liberty Steel job losses ‘bitter blow’ to workers For more info 2020-01-10 [Unite the union]

UK Hitachi Rail job losses a result of government purchasing failures 2020-01-10 [Unite the union]

UK The increased frequency of suicide and self-harm amongst offenders in our prisons 2020-01-10 [POA]

UK New figures reveal violent reality for emergency service workers 2020-01-10 [polfed]

UK Samira Ahmed wins equal pay claim against BBC 2020-01-10 [Guardian]

UK Northern Ireland Health strike: NI nurses and other staff take fresh action 2020-01-10 [BBC]

Global Global players union warns of 'significant resistance' to four-day Tests 2020-01-09 [Sport24]

UK England South East 999 call mergers 'unsafe and unsustainable' 2020-01-09 [FBU]

UK Worst ever A&E results ‘direct result of decade of Tory government’ 2020-01-09 [GMB]

UK Government 'Complete Betrayal' Over Northern 2020-01-09 [TSSA]

UK Northern Ireland Striking nurses vow to continue walkouts as healthcare crisis escalates 2020-01-09 [Irish News]

UK Workers' rights under threat from Tory's Brexit Bill, a Scottish minister warns 2020-01-09 [Morning Star]

UK Unions call for more power to report underpayment 2020-01-09 [Morning Star]

UK Andy Furey slams Post Office’s ‘privatisation obsession’ 2020-01-09 [CWU]

UK England Hackney school bus staff dispute ends with pay and agency worker win 2020-01-08 [Unite the union]

UK UNISON backs Angela Rayner for deputy leader of the Labour Party 2020-01-08 [UNISON]

UK UNISON backs Keir Starmer to be the next leader of the Labour Party 2020-01-08 [UNISON]

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