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UK Passengers on the Tube 2020-03-25 [ASLEF]

UK London Underground - Statement from Sadiq Khan 2020-03-25 [ASLEF]

UK COVID-19 Coronavirus - Guidance for unions 2020-03-25 [TUC]

UK Covid-19: Confusion for workers and lack of financial support at odds with national emergency 2020-03-25 [Unite the union]

UK 'I cannot imagine how police can enforce social distancing' 2020-03-25 [polfed]

UK Care workers left with no PPE, no childcare and poverty sick pay 2020-03-25 [GMB]

UK The enemy within? Remembering the striking miners of Nottinghamshire 2020-03-25 [ Morning Star]

UK It is no time for a truce with bullying post bosses 2020-03-25 [Socialist Worker]

UK RMT slams grossly irresponsible 'business as usual' lines from government on London Underground 2020-03-25 [RMT]

UK Tubeworker — 24/03/2020: To respond to pandemic, fight for workers' control 2020-03-24 [Workersliberty]

UK Keynesianism and COVID-19 2020-03-24 [Workersliberty]

UK TSSA Calls For Police Deployment At London Stations 2020-03-24 [TSSA]

UK Wilko scraps plan to slash sick pay following GMB campaign 2020-03-24 [GMB]

UK Coronavirus – Updated Advice for Members 2020-03-24 [USDAW]

UK Tower Hamlets Veolia bin dispute resolved 2020-03-24 [Unite the union]

UK Shopping centres, pubs and other businesses urged to provide free parking to NHS and care staff 2020-03-24 [UNISON]

UK Covid-19: Confusion for workers and lack of financial support at odds with national emergency 2020-03-24 [Unite the union]

UK ‘Petrified’ Amazon workers left in ‘300 Strong Crowds’ 2020-03-24 [GMB]

UK Firefighters to protect vulnerable by avoiding hospitals and care homes, as 'critical risk-based service' agreed 2020-03-24 [FBU]

UK NUJ Extra response to Covid-19 2020-03-24 [NUJ]

UK Unite demands guidance on self-employed builders 2020-03-24 [Union News]

UK Coronavirus: Key workers' children should attend school as 'last resort' 2020-03-24 [BBC]

UK Free car parking for NHS staff in England fighting coronavirus needed this week 2020-03-23 [Unite the union]

UK Social care workers must be provided with full protective equipment during Coronavirus crisis 2020-03-23 [Unite the union]

UK IWGB union to sue government 'over failure to protect precarious workers 2020-03-23 [Evening Standard]

UK Morrisons new safety measures for checkout staff welcomed by Usdaw 2020-03-23 [USDAW]

UK GMB demands government halt plans to shut A&Es and ICUs 2020-03-23 [GMB]

UK Keeping the country connected 2020-03-22 [TSSA]

UK Government must extend wage assistance to help construction's million plus bogus self-employed 2020-03-22 [Unite the union]

UK One week on … and still Lewisham cleaners wait to be paid 2020-03-22 [Union News]

UK NASUWT slams schools “chaos and confusion” 2020-03-22 [Union News]

UK Unions work with government to keep railways open 2020-03-22 [Union News]

UK Unions respond to exams announcement 2020-03-22 [Union News]

UK Unions give mixed response to Chancellor’s wage support measures 2020-03-22 [Union News]

UK Dear Tories … why has it taken a global epidemic for you to appreciate trade unions? 2020-03-22 [Union News]

UK 'Class Power on Zero-Hours' book out now 2020-03-22 [AWW]

UK Usdaw praises Tesco 10% staff bonus 2020-03-21 [USDAW]

UK Call for Government to act before all UK airlines shut down 2020-03-21 [BALPA]

UK RMT on Bus Industry appeal for £1 billion rescue package 2020-03-21 [RMT]

UK Key worker provisions welcome to ensure public services operate, says UNISON 2020-03-21 [UNISON]

UK Fire and rescue services lose hundreds of firefighters to self-isolation, as union calls for priority testing 2020-03-21 [FBU]

UK Chancellor's measures 'historic, bold and very much necessary' - McCluskey 2020-03-21 [Unite the union]

UK Coronavirus: key workers and peak infection period 2020-03-21 [PCS]

UK GMB welcomes unprecedented worker support package 2020-03-21 [GMB]

UK Government must intervene to stop Hays Travel's jobs massacre 2020-03-21 [TSSA]

UK This is what the Trade Union Movement can do 2020-03-21 [TUC]

UK UK freelances face destitution as they have been 'forgotten' 2020-03-21 [NUJ]

UK Freelancers, self-employed and precarious workers left out of government's emergency package 2020-03-21 [Morning Star]

UK Northern Ireland Coronavirus: Minister says schools must cater for key workers 2020-03-21 [BBC]

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