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Europe EU law on due diligence: industrial workers won't accept failure 2024-02-29 [IndustriALL]

Europe Unexpected delay of the EU platform directive 2024-02-29 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Europe Immigrants struggle to find work in the Nordics despite labour shortages 2024-02-29 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Europe EFJ welcomes the adoption of the Anti-SLAPP Directive, expects Member States to measure up to the task 2024-02-28 [EFJ]

Europe News deserts on the rise: a first comparative study indicates the fragile situation for local media across the EU 2024-02-28 [EFJ]

UK For more info 2024-02-28 [LRD blog]

UK Bargaining for better pay For more info 2024-02-28 [LRD website - TUC webinar]

Europe Europe's travel strikes: Flight and train disruption you can expect in February and March 2024-02-27 [Euronews]

Italy International support to Italian ENEL workers For more info 2024-02-26 [EPSU]

Europe Event: The imperative for affordable housing solutions in the EU 2024-02-25 [CESI]

Europe European Commission study calls for greater transparency in public financing of news media 2024-02-23 [EFJ]

Europe Why can’t the Balkans’ rail network get back on track? 2024-02-19 [Equal Times]

Europe Researchers project heads to Romania 2024-02-18 [Eurocadres]

Europe ETUCE Standing Committee for Equality 2024: Education for inclusion and bringing together against separation and hate 2024-02-17 [ETUCE]

Europe Weak economic forecast shows we cannot afford austerity or record interest rates 2024-02-15 [ETUC]

Europe Trade unions of the higher education and research sectors call the Ministers of the Bologna Process to provide effective support to academics 2024-02-15 [ETUCE]

Europe ETUC welcomes Judith Kirton-Darling as General Secretary of the industriAll Europe 2024-02-14 [ETUC]

UK Scotland 'Scottish workers can still benefit from work of trade unions in EU' 2024-02-10 [The National]

Europe 7th European Defence Round Table (EDRT): Building the future of European security in times of climate change 2024-02-10 [CESI]

Europe CESI’s Annual Activity Report: A reward for our efforts 2024-02-10 [CESI]

Europe 3rd #WEP training on communication and social media 2024-02-10 [CESI]

Europe CESI encouraged by EU policy progress before EU elections 2024-02-10 [CESI]

Europe Momentum grows for mental health protection 2024-02-10 [Eurocadres]

Europe The Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive: UNI Global Union calls on governments to not backslide on human rights commitments 2024-02-07 [UNI]

Europe Social partners express concern over austerity 2024-02-07 [EPSU]

Europe Launching the 'APRES COVID ' Project on psychosocial risks in the teaching profession 2024-02-03 [ETUCE]

Europe Historic Val Duchesse summit re-launches SD 2024-02-03 [Eurocadres]

Europe Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - January 2024 2024-02-02 [ETUC]

Senegal “Homecoming”: former emigrants struggle to reintegrate in Senegal 2024-02-01 [Equal Times]

Europe EU Ready for ‘Final Negotiations’ on Forced Labor Legislation 2024-01-31 [Sourcing Journal]

Europe Europe's travel strikes: Flight and train disruption you can expect in January and February 2024-01-30 [Euronews]

Europe EFJ calls on EU Member States to reach agreement on the AI Act 2024-01-30 [EFJ]

Europe European Parliament meeting addresses urgent need for better working conditions in the health care sector 2024-01-28 [CESI]

Europe CESI EU elections manifesto now available 2024-01-28 [CESI]

Europe AI Act’s impact analysed in online event 2024-01-28 [Eurocadres]

Europe EU labour authority needs powers to tackle labour exploitation 2024-01-26 [ETUC]

Europe The emptying out of rural areas and the accompanying brain drain are fuelling inequality in the EU’s most depopulated regions 2024-01-26 [Equal Times]

Europe Joint letter to Josep Borrell urging stronger stance on killing of journalists amidst Israel-Gaza war 2024-01-25 [EFJ]

Europe Interview with CBLocal grantees: “Safety trainings should be compulsory for journalists, and editors too” 2024-01-25 [EFJ]

Europe EPSU is looking for an Organising and Campaigns Officer 2024-01-23 [EPSU]

Europe MFRR highlights threats to media freedom in EU Commission’s Rule of Law report 2024-01-22 [EFJ]

Europe What role can artificial intelligence play in the social and professional integration of people with disabilities? 2024-01-22 [Equal Times]

Europe Event: The new directive on fair work in platforms 2024-01-20 [CESI]

Europe Governments allowing super wealthy to supersede us 2024-01-20 [Eurocadres]

Europe Council shamefully omits crucial crime 2024-01-20 [Eurocadres]

Europe Voices Awards for Journalism: Call for entries 2024-01-18 [EFJ]

Sweden Solidarity with striking Tesla workers 2024-01-17 [EPSU]

Europe Promotion of social justice essential for sustainable and equitable recovery, ILO tells EU ministers 2024-01-12 [IILO]

Europe EPSU statement on the situation in Palestine and Israel 2024-01-05 [EPSU]

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