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Europe The EFJ calls for stronger measures to tackle online platforms’ disinformation 2020-06-17 [EFJ]

Europe Digital News Report 2020 – We need new business models for journalism 2020-06-17 [EFJ]

Europe #Disinformation: EFJ calls on EU for rapid support for journalism 2020-06-15 [EFJ]

Europe Press Cartoonists in Europe must be protected 2020-06-15 [EFJ]

Europe Workers Are on the Frontline of a Second Wave of COVID-19 2020-06-14 [Jacobin]

Europe Workers Are on the Frontline of a Second Wave of COVID-19 2020-06-14 [Jacobin]

Ireland Ireland second best in EU for road safety as number of fatalities falls in decade 2020-06-12 [Irish Times]

UK Unite takes case against IAG takeover of Air Europa to the European Commission 2020-06-11 [Unite the union]

Europe Freelance Journalism Assembly launched to offer free online training and more 2020-06-09 [EFJ]

Europe Policy paper: Ending gag lawsuits in Europe to protect democracy and fundamental rights 2020-06-08 [EFJ]

Europe Covid-19 threatens Europe’s success at fighting inequality 2020-06-07 [Economist]

Europe EFJ joins call on EU Member States to adopt an ambitious Multiannual Financial Framework 2020-06-05 [EFJ]

Europe Wages initiative needed even more after coronavirus 2020-06-04 [ETUC]

Europe Coronavirus is not high threat to workers, EU says, causing outcry 2020-06-03 [Reuters]

Europe BWI Pan-European affiliates strengthen cooperation 2020-06-03 [BWI]

Europe Lockdown shows urgent need for workers to have a right to disconnect 2020-06-03 [ETUC]

Europe EU poll shows citizens want more solidarity over coronavirus 2020-05-31 [ETUC]

Europe Ambitious proposals for sustainable recovery from the EU, now national leaders must show responsibility and solidarity 2020-05-31 [ETUC]

Europe Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - May 2020 2020-05-31 [ETUC]

Ireland Ireland must be ready to embrace the European winds of change 2020-05-28 [Irish Examiner]

Europe Can the EU’s COVID recovery formula save Europe’s workers from poverty? 2020-05-26 [Equal Times]

Europe Spring Package - marked and positive change from past says ETUC 2020-05-21 [ETUC]

Europe EFJ joined call on the European Commission to end vexatious litigation against journalists in the EU 2020-05-21 [EFJ]

Europe EU job support scheme risks coming too late to help 28% out of work 2020-05-19 [ETUC]

Europe ETUC regrets Commission decision not give workers highest level of protection from Covid-19 2020-05-19 [ETUC]

Europe Ambassadors to EU finally adopt job-saving SURE! 2020-05-19 [ETUC]

Europe EFJ welcomes scholars’ call for more democracy at work 2020-05-19 [EFJ]

Europe Encouraging European solidarity: an unconditional basic income 2020-05-19 [Social Europe]

Europe Coronavirus pandemic: Europe is once again forged in a crisis 2020-05-09 [Sbilanciamoci]

Europe Western Balkans Summit needs positive accession message from EU 2020-05-08 [ETUC]

Europe Europe's cultural and creative sectors call for ambitious EU budgetary measures to recover from COVID-19 2020-05-07 [UNI Global Union]

Europe UNI and European banks commit to end sales pressure on employees 2020-05-07 [UNI Global Union]

Europe European Commission urged to stand up for women on the COVID-19 frontline 2020-05-06 [ETUC]

Europe COVID-19: Emergency Appeal for Journalism and Media Support 2020-05-06 [EFJ]

Europe IJ4EU fund opens new calls for cross-border investigative journalism 2020-05-06 [EFJ]

Europe We call for ambitious EU budgetary measures to get through the COVID-19 crisis 2020-05-06 [EFJ]

Europe Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - April 2020 2020-05-04 [ETUC]

Europe Workers’ Day: EFJ calls for more support and solidarity for journalists during COVID-19 pandemic 2020-05-04 [EFJ]

Europe Věra Jourová: “Journalists need right working conditions” 2020-05-04 [EFJ]

Europe Harlem Désir: “States must support the media financially struggling because of the pandemic” 2020-05-04 [EFJ]

Europe WPFD: Journalists have never before been subjected to as much violence and abusive treatment 2020-05-04 [EFJ]

UK Why Migrant Farm Workers Are Living Four to a Caravan in a Time of Social Distancing 2020-05-03 [Jacobin]

Europe Let’s remember the Popular Front of 1936... when another Europe was possible 2020-04-28 [Opendemocracy]

Europe The only frequent flyers left: migrant workers in the EU in times of Covid-19 2020-04-26 [Opendemocracy]

Europe EU leaders back budget reboot for coronavirus recovery 2020-04-24 [Politico]

Europe Plan to drop pay transparency over Covid-19 a betrayal of frontline women workers 2020-04-23 [ETUC]

UK MEPs warn that Covid-19 is being used to implement authoritarian measures 2020-04-23 [Morning Star]

Europe EU funds must reach media and creative sector, say MEPs 2020-04-22 [EFJ]

Europe Journalists’ unions urge COVID-19 recovery plans to sustain the media sector now and into the future 2020-04-22 [EFJ]

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