LuxLeaks case – EU Directive needed

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European Union pressuring Turkey to release jailed journalists 2018-01-17 [EFJ]

Portugal: public anger mounts over government response to deadly wildfires 2018-01-17 [Equal Times]

Report on UK's reliance on EU workers 'must be published urgently' 2018-01-16 [Guardian]

Ryanair says there will not be another pilots shortage 2018-01-15 []

LuxLeaks case – EU Directive needed 2018-01-13 [ETUC]

Pilots vote on pay as Ryanair bows to union 2018-01-12 [The Times]

LuxLeaks case – EU Directive needed, says ETUC 2018-01-12 [ETUC]

Competitiveness, growth and employment in Europe: the benefits of embracing equality in STEM 2018-01-12 [Equal Times]

UK business minister meeting Peugeot CEO to discuss Vauxhall UK plant - source 2018-01-11 [Reuters]

Bosnia’s last female miners 2018-01-11 [Equal Times]

LuxLeaks case – EU Directive needed 2018-01-11 [ETUC]

Ryanair faces strike by air transport unions 2018-01-11 [Digital Journal]

​Unionised Ryanair will be 'markedly different': HSBC 2018-01-10 [Flightglobal]

Offer of pay rise for Ryanair's Dublin pilots following union recognition 2018-01-10 [RTÉ]

Unite calls on government for ‘Brexit certainty’ amid falling car figures 2018-01-05 [Unite the union]

Ryanair’s Humble Pie 2018-01-04 [Jacobin]

Union and Ryanair management open talks on recognition 2018-01-03 [Irish Independent]

5 media professionals killed in Europe in 2017 2018-01-02 [EFJ]

EFJ: Let independent journalism thrive 2018-01-02 [EFJ]

UK commuters spend up to 5 times as much of their salary on rail fares as other Europeans, finds TUC 2018-01-02 [Unite the union]

PCS calls for Home Office to scrap the volunteer Border Force plan 2018-01-01 [PCS]

11 European trade unions and labour federations jointly call for the freedom of Reza Shahabi following his stroke 2017-12-30 [IASWI]

Germany charges five recruitment agency workers over pilots' social security 2017-12-30 [RTÉ]

Britain’s rail commuters spend up to 5x more of income 2017-12-29 [RMT]

I want to be like [the programmer] Ada Lovelace 2017-12-29 [Equal Times]

'Information Disorders': Council of Europe committee discusses recommendations to tackle fake news 2017-12-28 [EFJ]

Georgia’s Labour reforms do little to fix the country’s deadly workplaces 2017-12-28 []

UNI welcome European Court of Justice ruling that Uber is a transport company 2017-12-28 []

Ryanair buffeted by turbulence in a year of cancellations chaos 2017-12-27 [Irish Times]

Social and economic partners sign deal on integration of refugees 2017-12-27 [ETUC]

After CJEU ruling, Uber must now negotiate with trade unions 2017-12-27 [ETUC]

Social and economic partners sign deal on integration of refugees 2017-12-27 [ETUC]

How a week from hell has grounded an embattled Ryanair 2017-12-24 [Sunday Independent]

Ryanair's humble pie 2017-12-23 [Jacobin]

EU issues proceedings against Ireland over seafarer training 2017-12-22 [Irish Times]

Ryanair's German pilots to strike on Friday 2017-12-22 [BBC]

Pilots' union calls first-ever Ryanair strike for Friday 2017-12-22 [The Local ]

High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein - New Austria coalition marks 'dangerous development' 2017-12-22 [AFP]

Unions are jostling for members at Ryanair as talks go on 2017-12-21 [Irish Independent]

European labor wins battle, not war, against Uber 2017-12-21 [Politico]

Workers have a right to know how Brexit will affect their jobs, says TUC 2017-12-21 [TUC]

Trade unions and right-wing extremism in Europe 2017-12-21 [equal Times]

Trade unions on frontline in battle against inequality 2017-12-21 [Social Europe]

Directive on Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions: a first major step forward but weaker than expected 2017-12-21 [ETUC]

ECJ Rules Uber Is Transport Company 2017-12-20 [GMB]

Uber Is a Taxi Service, the E.C.J. Says, in Major Setback to Firm 2017-12-20 [NYTimes]

Eastern Europeans in German meat industry decry conditions, pay, hours 2017-12-20 [DW]

Uber Loses Top Court Fight as EU Judges Take Aim at Gig Economy 2017-12-20 [Bloomberg]

Uber to face stricter EU regulation after ECJ rules it is transport firm 2017-12-20 [Guardian]

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