Ryanair pilots form a European ‘union’

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Creating more transparent conditions for EU workers 2018-03-20 [euronews]

EU tightens labour laws despite Polish, Hungarian opposition 2018-03-20 [trust]

EU’s Financial Watchdog Slams Public-Private Partnerships: “Widespread Shortcomings, Limited Benefits” 2018-03-20 [PSI]

How to be (truly) happy at work 2018-03-20 [Equal Times]

Ryanair pilots form a European ‘union’ 2018-03-20 [The Times]

Unite representatives to quiz Melrose bosses on debt-fuelled takeover bid 2018-03-19 [Unite the union]

Working people in 9 countries still worse off than before crisis! 2018-03-19 [ETUC]

Ryanair Continues To Recognise Pilot Unions But What About Cabin Crew? Strike Action Now Planned 2018-03-18 [Paddle Your Own Kanoo]

Sowing the seeds of shepherding 2018-03-15 [Equal Times]

ILO concerned about the future of social dialogue 2018-03-15 [euractiv]

PM must take opportunity offered by EU Parliament to protect workers’ rights, says TUC 2018-03-14 [TUC]

EU Parliament shows the way on workers' rights in Brexit 2018-03-14 [ETUC]

Retailer Carrefour's unions call for March 31 strike over job cuts 2018-03-14 [Reuter]

'We need a feminist constitution' 2018-03-13 [opendemocracy]

Government Hid Brexit Impact 2018-03-11 [GMB]

Ryanair recognises pilots' union 2018-03-09 [The Times]

Congress calls on Irish government to support greater equality and back adoption of EU Work-Life Balance Directive 2018-03-09 [SIPTU]

Protect jobs, workers’ rights and Good Friday Agreement, TUC head tells Barnier 2018-03-08 [TUC]

New pamphlet looks at women’s participation in journalists’ unions across CEE countries 2018-03-08 [IFJ]

EU economic policy-making taking more progressive turn? 2018-03-08 [ETUC]

Brexit Road Map For Ford 2018-03-07 [GMB]

EPSU Strategy regarding the EC’s Action Plan on the Gender Pay Gap 2018-03-07 [PSI]

Media Against Hate Conference calls for higher ethical standards and less regulation in journalism 2018-03-07 [EFJ]

IFJ/EFJ join media coalition urging EU to protect journalists 2018-03-07 [IFJ]

Time to deliver on women's rights: YES to the work-life balance directive! 2018-03-07 [ETUC]

Time to deliver on women's rights: YES to the work-life balance directive! 2018-03-07 [ETUC]

Ryanair sees Easter, summer disruption as union talks drag 2018-03-06 [Reuters]

Trade unions meet Barnier on workers' rights under Brexit 2018-03-06 [ETUC]

The anguish of refugees trapped in the Balkans 2018-03-06 [Equal Times]

European Union proposes tariffs on Harley-Davidson motorcycles 2018-03-04 [Journal Sentinel]

Profits up but Ryanair fears union disruption 2018-03-04 [The Times]

EU moves toward wage equality for foreign workers 2018-03-04 [Deutsche Welle]

7 reasons why a UK-only trade policy wouldn’t be as good as a customs union 2018-03-04 [TUC]

Trump Threatens to Tax European Cars If His Trade War Escalates 2018-03-03 [New York]

Chasm remains between PM’s Brexit rhetoric and reality, says TUC 2018-03-03 [TUC]

Ryanair close to deal with pilots following talks, says union 2018-03-01 [Irish Independent]

The EFJ thanks Commissioner Muižnieks for his commitment to defend media freedom and journalists’ safety 2018-03-01 [EFJ]

Equal pay in sight for posted workers? 2018-03-01 [ETUC]

Unite responds to parliamentary select committee on car industry 2018-03-01 [Unite the union]

Equal pay in sight for posted workers? 2018-03-01 [ETUC]

Sixteen trade unionists and free movement advocates welcome the shift in Labour’s tone on immigration 2018-02-28 [Guardian]

Proper implementation of quality assurance standards needed for higher education in Europe 2018-02-28 [Education International]

Unions welcome Labour's Brexit plans 2018-02-27 [Coventry Telegraph]

Ryanair cabin crews set three one-day strikes around Easter 2018-02-27 [Business World]

CEO must quit Ryanair, says pilot group 2018-02-27 [The Times]

Shareholder greed cost every worker €1764 in lost wages…just in 2017! 2018-02-27 [ETUC]

Shareholder greed cost every worker €1764 in lost wages…just in 2017! 2018-02-27 [ETUC]

Unite chief welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit speech 2018-02-27 [Unite the union]

Corbyn speech exposes lack of answers in government’s Brexit plan, says TUC 2018-02-26 [TUC]

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