Decentralised Collective Bargaining: Oversold

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IFJ-EFJ ask the Council of Europe to declare Pavel Sheremet’s murder a case of impunity 2018-07-20 [IFJ]

Ryanair inks deal with Verdi cabin crew union 2018-07-20 [ATW]

Second 24-hour strike by Ryanair pilots under way 2018-07-20 [RTÉ]

Ryanair flight cancellations affect 4,000 people 2018-07-20 [BBC]

Ryanair cancels 600 European flights due to cabin crew strike 2018-07-19 [RTE]

Summer holiday travel chaos as Ryanair cancels 600 flights over cabin crew strike in Belgium, Portugal and Spain that will affect almost 50,000 passengers 2018-07-19 [The Daily Mail]

Ryanair cancels 600 flights over cabin crew strike 2018-07-19 [BBC]

Decentralised Collective Bargaining: Oversold 2018-07-19 [Social Europe]

Up to 100,000 passengers hit as Ryanair cancels flights over strikes 2018-07-19 [Irish Independent]

Investigation of Anna Politkovskaya’s murder was inadequate, says ECHR 2018-07-19 [IFJ]

Renewed call for tariff free access to the EU, as British Steel announces ‘strong’ profits 2018-07-18 [Unite the union]

European Trade Union Confederation meets Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio 2018-07-18 [ETUC]

Educators in the EU and Japan demand education be left out of trade agreement 2018-07-18 [Education International]

Amazon Prime Day strikes sweep Europe, expose dire warehouse working conditions 2018-07-18 [UNI Global Union]

Ryanair flights cancelled over strike action 2018-07-17 [BBC]

Ryanair cancels 24 flights to Britain over pilots' strike on Friday 2018-07-17 [RTÉ]

Amazon warehouse workers in Europe stage protest on Prime Day 2018-07-17 [Engadget]

Amazon's European workers strike as Prime promotion continues 2018-07-17 [BBC]

Amazon Workers Strike During Prime Day Crunch 2018-07-17 [GIzmodo]

Amazon warehouse workers are striking across Europe on Prime Day 2018-07-17 [The Verge]

Amazon Boycott Unites Workers, Gamers, Shoppers For Prime Day Protest 2018-07-16 [Forbes]

Amazon Boycott Unites Workers, Gamers, Shoppers For Prime Day Protest 2018-07-16 [Forbes]

Eurostar staff to strike over service meltdown and shocking working conditions 2018-07-16 [RMT]

Amazon Prime Day threatened by strikes at European warehouses over working conditions 2018-07-16 [CNBC]

Amazon Boycott Unites Workers, Gamers, Shoppers For Prime Day Protest 2018-07-16 [Forbes]

Ryanair warns of long term hit by strikes 2018-07-15 [Sunday Independent]

America First. America Hated. America Alone 2018-07-15 [Diane Ravitch]

Union: Ryanair pilots not ruling out further strike action 'to get management at the table' 2018-07-12 []

Ryanair cancels 30 flights as pilots strike 2018-07-12 [BBC]

Ryanair strike under way after crunch talks with pilots fail 2018-07-12 [RTÉ]

European Amazon Workers Strike and Urge Prime Day Boycott—Will the US Follow Suit? 2018-07-11 [The Observer]

Ryanair to cancel 30 flights to and from Ireland due to strike 2018-07-11 [RTÉ]

Ryanair agrees to meet union ahead of strike date 2018-07-10 [BBC]

Postponed European legislative debate on copyright; an opportunity to improve educational exception 2018-07-09 [Education International]

Give ground to stave off pilots’ strike, Ryanair told 2018-07-09 [The Times]

Trade Unions And A Completely Different World Of Work 2018-07-09 [Social Europe]

IFJ applauds historic European Parliament resolution condemning grave human rights violations 2018-07-06 [IFJ]

‘No evidence whatsoever’ that Ryanair wants to engage in meaningful negotiations 2018-07-06 [Fórsa]

Riders unite: a wave of struggles in the gig economy 2018-07-05 []

Ryanair Labor Unrest Intensifies With Cabin Crew, Pilot Strikes 2018-07-05 [Bloomberg]

Ryanair cabin and ground crew to strike this month 2018-07-05 [The Guardian]

Ryanair crew announce July strikes in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium 2018-07-05 [El Pais]

Unite comment on Jaguar Land Rover Brexit concerns 2018-07-05 [Unite the union]

EU: Journalists and press publishers agree on new wording on publishers' right 2018-07-05 [IFJ]

NETPoste – Transformations and bargaining of work and employment in European postal services 2018-07-04 [UNI Global Union]

In Denmark, a historic collective agreement is turning the “bogus self-employed” into “workers with rights” 2018-07-04 [Equal Times]

Ryanair pilots to strike Thursday 12 July 2018-07-03 [BBC]

Ryanair pilots to strike on 12 July 2018-07-03 [RTÉ]

Ryanair strikes latest: Unions warn of ‘summer of industrial action’ unless staff treatment improves 2018-07-03 [The Independent]

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