ITF unions stand-up for truck drivers in IKEA supply chain

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When the state invests in labour exploitation For more info 2017-02-22 [Open Caucasus Media]

Educators to continue fight against CETA 2017-02-20 [Education International]

Istanbul Convention: a minimum standard and a tool for eradicating gender violence 2017-02-15 [Equal Times]

2017 counts: Fair EU or failed EU? 2017-02-13 [EESC]

Towards a social Europe? 2017-02-13 [NewsMalta]

Another battle in the EU for posted workers 2017-02-13 [Euranet]

ETS Reform - What to look out for 2017-02-13 [ETUC]

UK labour shortages reported as EU worker numbers fall 2017-02-13 [Guardian]

EPSU supports sacked waste company trade unionists in Hungary  ActNOW!  2017-02-12 [EPSU]

McCluskey - Bosses must not deny UK workers their seat at the EU table 2017-02-11 [Unite]

Workers need a voice in Brexit negotiations to prevent their jobs being labelled ‘low priority’, says TUC 2017-02-11 [TUC]

Unite chief urges government to come clean over leaked Brexit list 2017-02-10 [Unite]

Feeling ‘Pressure All the Time’ on Europe’s Treadmill of Temporary Work 2017-02-10 [NY Times]

Statement of the EESC President on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty 2017-02-08 [EESC]

Brexit Impact on UK Manufacturing Must Be Assessed 2017-02-07 [GMB]

Labor Crackdown And Possible Unintended Consequences  ActNOW!  2017-02-07 [Eurasia Review]

Crackdown on garment unions calls preferential EU trade deal into question  ActNOW!  2017-02-05 [EurActiv]

Far-right party calls for a European Wage Union and a pay rise for Hungarians 2017-02-05 [Hungary Today]

ETUC on Valletta Summit 2017-02-04 [ETUC]

EU to pay Libya to keep refugees out of Europe 2017-02-04 [ETUC]

Human rights should not be curtailed to make up for inefficient security, says Julia Hall, Amnesty International 2017-02-03 [equal times]

Katja Lehto-Komulainen of ETUC: Workers´ voice must be heard in Europe 2017-02-03 [Trade Union News from Finland]

ETUC on Valletta Summit 2017-02-03 [ETUC]

UK Must Stay in Euratom 2017-02-02 [GMB]

Unite conference - manufacturing workers demand a Brexit for jobs 2017-01-31 [Unite]

The European Pillar of Social Rights must be a positive project for all, says EESC 2017-01-30 [EESC]

Europe needs to do better on the Single Market in order to boost its economy 2017-01-30 [EESC]

In a debate with Commissioner Moscovici, EESC members call for completing the architecture of the euro to ensure lasting prosperity and stability for the whole of Europe 2017-01-30 [EESC]

GDP figures shows that economy is vulnerable to challenges of 2017, says TUC 2017-01-26 [TUC]

Car production figures confirm UK must not turn its back on single market access 2017-01-26 [Unite]

Parliament must know details of May’s plans before voting to trigger Article 50, says TUC 2017-01-24 [TUC]

Supreme Court made the right decision for the people of the country 2017-01-24 [Unite]

It’s down to Parliament to ensure Brexit is in the interests of ordinary people, says UNISON 2017-01-24 [UNISON]

PM's Industrial Strategy Ignores Brexit 2017-01-24 [GMB]

Reaction To Supreme Court Brexit Ruling 2017-01-24 [GMB]

European Pillar of social rights 2017-01-24 [EESC]

Plenary session : Debate in connection with the adoption of EESC opinion on the social pillar 2017-01-24 [EESC]

Social Europe in last chance saloon 2017-01-24 [ETUC]

Unite calls for Transline investigation after modern slavery conviction 2017-01-24 [Unite]

Len McCluskey - PM’s industrial strategy will reveal if Tories are really ready for Brexit 2017-01-23 [Unite]

100 Hotel Jobs Go as Hard Brexit Bites 2017-01-20 [GMB]

'Come clean on what PM's Brexit priorities really mean for working people' says GMB 2017-01-17 [GMB]

Working people need to know details of PM's pledge for ‘fairer Britain’, says TUC 2017-01-17 [TUC]

European Pillar of Social Rights 2017-01-16 [EESC]

Working people will judge May’s Brexit strategy on whether it protects jobs and rights at work, says TUC 2017-01-16 [TUC]

Commission modernises policy on health and safety at work: frequently asked questions 2017-01-15 [European Commission ]

MPs right to call for a Brexit that protects working people 2017-01-15 [touchstoneblog]

TUC welcomes Brexit Select Committee recognition of value of single market membership 2017-01-14 [TUC]

Services Package: European trade unions set out workers' concerns 2017-01-13 [ETUC]

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