IFJ and EFJ urge adoption of Copyright Directive and any possible improvements

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EU copyright reform: why educators and citizens should worry 2019-03-20 [Education International]

Wages rose faster than EU average last year 2019-03-20 [Irish Independent]

Government mishandling of Brexit is casting shadow over UK economy, says TUC 2019-03-19 [TUC]

'New EU whistleblower protection plan will put more onus on the private sector' 2019-03-19 [Irish Independent]

I'm taking Friday off – permanently 2019-03-19 [International Politics and Society]

Trade unions support Action for Climate 2019-03-19 [ETUC]

Trade unions support Action for Climate 2019-03-19 [EFJ]

IFJ welcomes European Parliament vote to stop harassment of BBC Persian journalists 2019-03-18 [IFJ]

European education union leaders in solidarity with Dutch colleagues 2019-03-18 [Education International]

Brexit limbo makes pay vote win more crucial 2019-03-15 [PCS]

SIPTU describes 'no deal' Brexit tariff proposals as unacceptable 2019-03-14 [SIPTU]

​​​​​​​Government’s tariff plans would devastate manufacturing industries, say unions 2019-03-13 [TUC]

Start of culture change for whistleblowers? 2019-03-13 [ETUC]

Equality for female staff in the media: we call on media leaders to take action! 2019-03-13 [EFJ]

IFJ and EFJ urge adoption of Copyright Directive and any possible improvements 2019-03-13 [IFJ]

GMB responds to the second huge Parliamentary defeat for May's Brexit deal 2019-03-12 [GMB]

TSSA Delegate's Brexit speech at Scottish Labour Conference 2019-03-12 [TSSA]

The great betrayal: how Britain’s industrial towns died of neglect 2019-03-11 [Guardian]

Unions attack May's Brexit pledge on workers’ rights 2019-03-11 [Guardian]

Contrast between US and EU working hours rooted in cultural difference 2019-03-08 [Irish Times]

World How International Women’s Day is being marked across Europe 2019-03-08 [Euronews]

ETUC launches Women’s Day call for vote for gender equality in European elections 2019-03-06 [ETUC]

TUC dismisses government’s 'flimsy' workers’ rights proposals 2019-03-06 [TUC]

EU Whistleblowing Directive: protection for companies or for whistleblowers? 2019-03-05 [EFJ]

African migrants survive in ‘The Cemetery’ to work in the fields and greenhouses of Andalucía 2019-03-05 [Equal Times]

Honda employees launch petition to keep Swindon factory open 2019-03-04 [TUC]

Immigration advice as we close on Brexit 2019-03-04 [UNISON]

UK factories brace for Brexit, but consumers less worried 2019-03-01 [Reuters]

Ukraine’s healthcare system is in need of shock therapy 2019-03-01 [Equal Times]

For a fair and just Company Law Package! 2019-03-01 [ETUC]

ETUC on European Semester Winter Package 2019-02-28 [ETUC]

European elections - A fairer Europe for workers 2019-02-27 [ETUC]

AGEMI is launching new platform on gender and media 2019-02-27 [EFJ]

Vauxhall says it won't shy away from the 'dark side' in no-deal Brexit 2019-02-26 [Guardian]

Trade unions tackling populism 2019-02-26 [Social Europe]

Northern Ireland must come first, no matter what else is in the Brexit deal 2019-02-26 [UNISON]

EFJ study on new business models to promote journalism 2019-02-26 [EFJ]

Labour Must Back Ratification Referendum - Cortes 2019-02-24 [TSSA]

The final say on Brexit 2019-02-24 [GMB]

22,000 ceramics jobs at risk from Tory Brexit plan 2019-02-22 [GMB]

Students right to demand urgent climate action 2019-02-22 [ETUC]

Agreement reached on European Labour Authority 2019-02-22 [ETUC]

Public service media in the Western Balkans – Ensuring complaint mechanisms and audience engagement 2019-02-22 [EFJ]

TSSA Leads Trade Unionists Rally Against Brexit 2019-02-20 [TSSA]

Zero tariffs will 'smash ceramics trade to pieces' 2019-02-20 [GMB]

Conservative Defections Show May's Brexit Deal is Finished 2019-02-20 [TSSA]

The future of labour is female 2019-02-20 [Equal Times]

Resolution Turkey: The myth of domestic legal remedy 2019-02-19 [EFJ]

Open letter: Making whistleblowing work for Europe 2019-02-19 [EFJ]

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