Demonising the media: Threats to journalists in Europe

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EU Social Pillar 1st Anniversary: celebrating a date, not an accomplishment 2018-11-14 [UNI Global Union]

Happy birthday social pillar 2018-11-14 [ETUC]

Unions launch new regional group to fight for free and independent journalism 2018-11-13 [IFJ]

Demonising the media: Threats to journalists in Europe 2018-11-13 [ETF]

Johnson Resignation is Wake Up Call For Fantasy Brexit 2018-11-12 [TSSA]

Ryanair promises pay rises after deal with union 2018-11-09 [Irish Times]

Ryanair signs agreement with German cabin crew 2018-11-09 [RTÉ]

TSSA Backs Momentum Findings on Brexit 2018-11-07 [TSSA]

Unions demand global labour relations with HeidelbergCement 2018-11-06 [IndustriALL]

Protecting the rights of all five million EU and UK citizens threatened by Brexit 2018-11-06 [Unison]

Belarusian construction workers are denied registration of trade union organization 2018-11-06 []

How can women achieve pay equality when the best jobs are reserved for men? 2018-11-05 [ETUC]

France’s mental health professionals are on the verge of a breakdown 2018-11-05 [Equal Times]

Annual UNI Europa Women's Committee 2018-11-02 [UNI Global Union]

Trade unions and employers’ organisations of the EU audiovisual sector adopt joint position on Brexit 2018-11-02 [UNI Global Union]

First European forum on organising freelancers in media and entertainment industries 2018-11-02 [UNI Global Union]

Council of Europe: #EndImpunity for crimes against journalists 2018-11-02 [EFJ]

Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - October 2018 2018-11-02 [ETUC]

Unilever signs Memorandum of Understanding with IndustriALL and IUF 2018-11-01 [IndustriALL]

Union research shows support for Ryanair chairman even lower than reported 2018-10-31 [ITF]

Mondadori: EFJ Steering Committee supports Italian journalists affected by the sale of Panorama magazine 2018-10-31 [EFJ]

Unions call for Africa/Europe Economic Partnership Agreements to be changed 2018-10-30 [ITUC]

Western Balkans: How to fight self-censorship in public service media newsrooms 2018-10-26 [EFJ]

Ryanair Agrees to Negotiate New Employment Contracts with Unions 2018-10-26 [Newsclick]

The Copyright directive must safeguard fair and proportionate remuneration for journalists, warn IFJ/EFJ 2018-10-25 [EFJ]

EU Copyright Directive: authors’ group calls for more transparency 2018-10-25 [EFJ]

New report sets guidelines for EU effort to tackle disinformation 2018-10-25 [EFJ]

ITF and ETF stand in solidarity with striking Ryanair workers in Eindhoven 2018-10-25 [ITF]

ETUC supports dismissed Polish airline workers 2018-10-25 [ETUC]

Is artificial intelligence alleviating stress at work or causing it? 2018-10-25 [Equal Times]

The Copyright directive must safeguard fair and proportionate remuneration for journalists, warn IFJ/EFJ 2018-10-24 [IFJ]

More democracy at Work! Strengthen workers’ rights in company law 2018-10-24 [ETUC]

If Iceland is one of the best places in the world to be a woman, why are thousands of women going on strike today? 2018-10-24 [Equal Times]

Ryanair warns of more base closures 2018-10-23 []

How a trade union would negotiate Brexit 2018-10-23 [The Irish Times]

Ryanair profits hit by strikes and higher fuel costs 2018-10-23 [BBC]

Cleaners at the forefront of needlestick injuries 2018-10-22 [UNISON]

Ryanair CHRISTMAS strike? Staff warn of December WALK OUT after temporary truce 2018-10-21 [Brinkwire]

Trade Unions ask for a change in Europe! 2018-10-19 [industriAll Europe]

Protection for Vulnerable Workers One Step closer 2018-10-19 [ETUC]

Lecia Brooks of the SPLC: “We’re in this ‘growing pains’ moment and I think we’ll be ok. It’s just going to get really ugly first” 2018-10-19 [Equal Times]

Ryanair posts CCTV footage showing ‘fake photo’ of sleeping crew 2018-10-18 [Irish Times]

Chemical industry and workers call on the European Commission to update EU rules on reprotoxic substances at the workplace 2018-10-18 [ETUC]

Austrian Presidency of the EU - Tripartite Social Summit: speech of Luca Visentini 2018-10-18 [ETUC]

In Europe, food delivery coops are fighting back against the gig economy 2018-10-17 [Equal Times]

Sexual abuse and violence against women widespread in Europe's parliaments 2018-10-17 [Deutsche Welle]

Put jobs first and stand up to warring factions to avoid hard Brexit 2018-10-16 [Unite the union]

Innovative Unionism Conference in Pan-Europe: Union Power in Workplaces and Beyond 2018-10-16 [BWI]

ETUC supports Visegrad trade unions on posted workers and Ukraine 2018-10-16 [ETUC]

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