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Africa WDDW 2023 - Wage Justice: Stop wage suppression to grow the economy 2023-10-09 [ITUC Africa]

Africa Understanding Labour Conflicts and Agitations from Three Perspectives 2023-10-03 [ITUC Africa]

Africa OATUU Secretary-General meets with COSATU Secretary-General 2023-09-30 [OATUU]

Africa OATUU partakes in 12th BRICS Trade Union Forum 2023-09-27 [OATUU]

Canada Steelworkers Humanity Fund donates $20,000 to support disaster victims in North Africa 2023-09-22 [USW]

Middle East We are a movement! – women trade unionists 2023-09-13 [BWI]

Africa Unions demand African Union include labour provisions in business and human rights policy 2023-09-13 [IndustriALL]

Niger Survey on Public Opinion Regarding Recent Events in Niger and African Workers’ Concerns 2023-09-04 [ITUC Africa]

Africa COSATU media statement on African Trade Union Alliance meeting 2023-08-15 [COSATU]

Africa New job: ITUC Africa is recruiting 2023-08-14 [ITUC Africa]

Global International Afro-Latin American, Afro-Caribbean and Diaspora Women's Day 2023-07-26 [PSI]

Africa Ensuring decent work for women in the mining industry in Africa 2023-07-20 [ILO]

Kenya Content Moderators for Facebook win vital case against employers for maltreatment 2023-07-20 [Impact International]

Africa PSI Regional Women’s Conference Declaration 2023-07-19 [PSI]

Africa Unions press anti-asbestos drive for remainder of 2023 2023-07-06 [BWI]

Eswatini COSATU calls for end to subsidisation of Swazi royal family and prioritisation of industrial development, jobs and democracy in Southern Africa 2023-06-30 [COSATU]

Canada PSAC donates to Partners in Pride in support of 2SLGBTQIA+ rights in Africa 2023-06-14 [PSAC]

South Africa COSATU Africa Day statement 2023-05-26 [COSATU]

Sudan As Sudan’s latest conflict intensifies, artisanal gold miners are caught in the crosshairs 2023-05-24 [Equal Times]

Kenya Court orders Facebook's partner Sama to continue paying moderators 2023-05-12 [Business Daily]

Africa Sama denies calling police on protesting employees 2023-05-08 [Nairobi News]

Africa African leaders urged to harness seafarer green skills momentum 2023-05-07 [ITF]

Africa Rising to the occasion: Africa and Middle East unions want OHS right implemented 2023-05-07 [BWI]

Cameroon Media workers in Cameroon face rising, violent repression; the murder of journalists is Exhibit A 2023-05-03 [Equal Times]

Africa Workers’ Day: ITUC-Africa charges governments on participatory democracy to promote peace 2023-05-03 [Nigerian Tribune]

Africa Trade union leaders from Africa call for renewed struggles on May Day 2023-05-02 [Peoples Dispatch]

Africa African Union Leaders Join Forces in Historic Summit for Democracy For more info 2023-04-11 [Solidarity Center]

Morocco Trade union freedom in Morocco: more an aspiration than a right 2023-03-29 [Equal Times]

Morocco Trade union freedom in Morocco: more an aspiration than a right 2023-03-29 [Equal Times]

Africa BWI and Danish federation forge stronger ties in Africa and Middle East 2023-03-23 [BWI]

Finland BWI and SASK explore more 'historic partnerships' 2023-03-20 [BWI]

Middle East Development cooperation backs up Arab education unions’ actions for democracy, gender equality and quality education 2023-02-19 [EI]

Morocco The stifling gag on civil society in Morocco 2023-02-10 [Equal Times]

Cameroon Professional footballers in Cameroon play and work under precarious conditions 2023-02-08 [Equal Times]

Middle East Le secteur aérospatial d’IndustriALL donne la priorité aux droits syndicaux dans les économies émergentes 2023-02-02 [IndustriALL]

South Africa Unions needed to resolve challenges of climate change and decent work in mining 2023-02-02 [IndustriALL]

Africa It was the workers who brought democracy 2023-01-27 [peoplesworld]

Middle East 53 trade unionists graduate from IndustriALL MENA leadership academy 2023-01-12 [IndustriALL]

Africa Education unions benefit from South-South development cooperation and solidarity 2023-01-09 [Education International]

Africa It’s time to change the narratives about migrant workers – trade unions 2023-01-04 [Blueprint]

Africa Gender-based violence and the importance of the 16 Days of Activism 2022-12-03 [BWI]

Africa East Africa Regional Women’s Workshop 2022-11-23 [PSI]

USA West Africa Unions Fight for Worker Rights in Free Trade Agreement For more info 2022-10-31 [Solidarity Center]

Africa OATUU 43rd General Council in Cairo Egypt. 2022-10-22 [COTU]

Africa Tunis declaration calls for inclusion of labour provisions in the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement 2022-09-29 [IndustriALL]

Africa Camair-co resumes operations after air traffic controllers suspend strike call 2022-09-26 [Business Cameroon]

Africa Construction workers’ network capacitate trainers on OHS and CBA 2022-09-14 [BWI]

Africa Construction workers’ network capacitate trainers on OHS and CBA 2022-09-14 [BWI]

Africa Conference discusses feminist ideas on building union power in Africa 2022-08-18 [IndustriALL]

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