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Unions in Africa and the Middle East commit to organize 2018-09-11 [BWI]

Young female education unionists will strive for quality education for all 2018-09-08 [Education International]

Union Leaders Mobilize on Gender-Based Violence at Work For more info 2018-08-14 [Solidarity Center]

'IT IS OUR TIME' declares youth of BWI Africa and Middle East 2018-08-08 [BWI]

‘No to exploitation for investment’ – A perspective of BWI Africa Chinese MNC network 2018-08-08 [BWI]

Chinese companies need to respect worker rights in Africa 2018-08-02 [BWI]

Workers, Civil Society Urge Consultation on AGOA For more info 2018-07-13 [Solidarity Center]

For More Fair African Economies, Make AGOA Work for All For more info 2018-07-12 [Solidarity Center]

How collective action can bring about change to young urban women 2018-07-11 [Equal Times]

West Africa Postal Unions Breaking Through with Successful Organising Campaigns 2018-07-10 [UNI]

Leaders of Journalists in Eastern and Central Africa avow synchronised action for safety of journalists 2018-07-09 [IFJ]

African education unions determined to eradicate school-related gender-based violence 2018-07-04 [Education International]

World of work gets a collective vision 2018-06-25 [City Press]

African unions condemn global trade in used clothes as it suffocates textile sector 2018-06-07 [IndustriALL]

New Study Calls on Cities to Bring Informal Workers Out of the Shadows 2018-05-29 [allAfrica]

In Senegal, all hands are on deck to beat the blight of malaria 2018-05-25 [Equal Times]

Education International works to strengthen education sector dialogue in Africa 2018-05-09 [Education International]

Education International works to strengthen education sector dialogue in Africa 2018-05-07 [Education International]

Health for All campaign in West Africa 2018-04-23 [PSI]

PSI Warns Governments Against Privatization Attempts in Africa: “PPPs Only Another Face of Corruption' 2018-04-17 [PSI]

Sanches urges rethink on African development strategies 2018-04-16 [IndustriALL]

Labour Urges African Leaders to Immortalise Winnie Mandela 2018-04-16 [allAfrica]

Africa and Middle East Regional Presidium agreed on measures to strengthen the region 2018-04-13 [BWI]

Meeting recommends policies to end women workers’ rights violations in Sub Saharan Africa 2018-04-13 [IndustriALL]

Despite political changes in Ethiopia, refugees in Kenya still a matter of “great concern” 2018-04-13 [equal times]

Migration and cheap Chinese goods worry largest trade union group over pan-African free trade 2018-03-29 [CNBC]

Africa’s invisible millions survive without ID documents 2018-03-22 [Equal Times]

Educators commit to the 100 Million campaign to ensure education for all children 2018-03-21 [Education international]

East Africa unions adopted theory of Change and new strategies of organizing IFIs and MNCs Infrastructure projects 2018-03-06 [BWI]

Open letter – 88 organisations urge investors to cease support for Bridge International Academies 2018-03-02 [PSI]

New IUF Africa publication: a resource for fighting for LGBTI workers' rights 2018-02-12 [IUF]

The EAC raises taxes while the US increases pressure to repeal second-hand clothing ban 2018-01-25 [Equal Times]

As climate disasters increase, Africa’s hydrometeorology infrastructure is deteriorating 2018-01-04 [Equal Times]

Nile Basin Trade Union Federation of Commerce Workers conference kicks off 2017-12-11 [Egypt Today]

Aremu advises African govts on workers’ rights, development 2017-11-24 [The Nation]

IndustriALL affiliates celebrate Africa Industrialization Day – 2017 2017-11-22 [IndustriALL]

For Africa to Root out Modern Day Slave Trade, Youth Empowerment Is Crucial 2017-11-22 [Inter Press Service]

Trade Union unity in Africa: Why? How? 2017-10-27 [Education International]

Education union leaders go to school to sharpen their understanding of gender issues 2017-10-16 [Education International]

PSI Addresses ITUC Africa Conference on Peace and Security 2017-10-10 [PSI]

Joint Regional Workshop for Rural Workers Underway 2017-10-08 [GNA]

Africa’s young transport workers pledge to boost youth role 2017-09-27 [ITF]

Africa Delegation to U.S. Tackles Illegal Financial Flows For more info 2017-09-26 [Solidarity Center]

Education leadership works towards union unity 2017-09-14 [Education International]

Teacher unions urged to plan strategies to ensure refugees’ education 2017-09-13 [Education International]

The Secret Man Mugabe Ignored But Is Now In Charge Of 161 Million People 2017-08-29 [Zim Eye]

African unions champion workers' rights at AGOA forum 2017-08-23 [Solidarity Center]

Can mobile loans help break the cycle of poverty in east Africa? 2017-08-11 [equal times]

IFJ affiliates in East Africa adopt plan to strengthen unions 2017-08-03 [IFJ]

Unions in Southern Africa unite to advance the gender agenda 2017-07-06 [Education International ]

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