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Updated 23/06/2018 10:35 Europe/Berlin

USA 'Enough Is Enough' SF SEIU1021 African American Workers Rally On Juneteenth and Protest Systemic Racism [LVP] 2018-06-20

USA Labor Beat: Larry Duncan - - Leader for Labor Media (Part 2 of 2) [Labor Beat TV] 2018-06-19

USA Labor Beat: Larry Duncan - - Leader for Labor Media (Part 1 of 2) [Labor Beat TV] 2018-06-19

USA Teachers Using Social Media For Organizing Mass Strikes And Fighting Back [lvpsf] 2018-06-19

Sri Lanka Postal workers vow to continue trade union action [News First] 2018-06-19

Canada Killed ironworkers remembered 60 years later [CTV] 2018-06-18

India GS/NFIR's Message on his Birthday at Secunderabad in English. [NFIR INDIA MEDIA CENTRE] 2018-06-15

USA SFSUD Protest Against Union Busting SF Kipp Charter, Privatization and The PAR Program [LVP] 2018-06-15

France Railworkers on strike for 28th day over reform [Reuters] 2018-06-13

USA Reign Of Terror Against San Francisco SEIU 1021 DPH Members And Other City Workers: Speakout At SF Labor Council [LVP] 2018-06-12

Canada Unifor president on Trump's automobile tariff threat [CBC] 2018-06-12

USA W. Virgina, Arizona and Kentucky Teachers On Their Strikes and The Lessons [LVP] 2018-06-11

USA Corruption and Destruction of Cal-OSHA and The Heath Safety Issues at Hunters Point Shipyard With Dr. Larry Rose [Labor Video Project] 2018-06-06

USA Where's Jane Kim? SEIU Members Want Support For SFLC Resolution Against Racism and Retaliation [LVP] 2018-06-03

Greece Workers strike against years of belt-tightening [VIDEO] [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2018-06-02

Australia XXXX Brewery workers strike, block trucks from Milton site [The Courrier-Mail] 2018-05-30

UK Staff at a Hartlepool company are taking strike action over a pay dispute. [Hartlepool Mail] 2018-05-27

USA CWA NABET 51 KQED Workers Protest Union Busting and Demand A Contract [Labor Video Project] 2018-05-24

USA Tom Devine Of GAP On The Case Of OSHA Federal Investigator and Lawyer Darrell Whitman [LVP] 2018-05-21

Canada Federation of Labour calls for $15-an-hour minimum wage [NTV] 2018-05-17

USA SEIU Nurses Say 'Zuck Off' At SF General Hospital and Remove Zuckerberg's Name [Labor Video Project] 2018-05-14

UK TUC chief: Workers’ jobs must be protected in Brexit deal [Channel 4] 2018-05-13

USA 'Unparalled Chutspah' The SFUSD Frame-up Of UESF Member Margaret Reyes [LVP] 2018-05-12

New Zealand Rotorua nurses took to the streets on International Nurses Day [The Herald] 2018-05-12

USA SFGH 'Zuckerberg' SEIU 1021 Workers & Community Protest DPH Privatization, Racism & Union Busting [LVP] 2018-05-11

USA CNA Nurses and CWA UPTE UCSF Workers Join AFSCME 3299 Strike [Labor Video Project] 2018-05-09

USA 'Connecting The Dots' The SouthWest Airlines OSHA DOL Cover-up, Hunters Point And Wells Fargo Corruption [WWR] 2018-05-08

Canada Liberals introduce legislation that would end York University strike [Global] 2018-05-08

USA Stop Attacking Our Benefits! UCSF AFSCME 3299 Workers Strike UCSF [LVP] 2018-05-08

UK FCC waste workers strike could force Hull and East Riding councils to reconsider private contracts [Hull Daily Mail] 2018-05-07

USA Death & Courage At Hunters Point Shipyard: The Life of Tetra Tech Whistleblower Chris Carpenter [Labor Video Project] 2018-05-06

USA The War On UC AFSCME 3299 Members, Privatization & Racism with Pres Karthyn Lybarger [LVP] 2018-05-05

UK McDonald's workers strike for a £10-an-hour living wage [Yahoo] 2018-05-04

USA On MayDay 2018 Oakland And SF Workers Rally And Speak Out-Stop Union Busting And Racist Attacks [Labor Video Project] 2018-05-03

UK Coroner’s toxic cabin air warning should be catalyst for public inquiry, says Unite [Unite the union] 2018-05-02

Global Protests around the world mark May Day, in the US protests target Trump [AOL] 2018-05-01

Turkey Turkish trade unions angry at corralled May Day protests and blockade of Taksim square [euronews] 2018-05-01

France May Day in France: scattered unions, united far-right [France24] 2018-05-01

USA Billionaires Pay Up! SF Unite HERE Local 2 Bohemian Club Workers Fight For Living Wage [LVP] 2018-04-28

USA Discriminatory PAR Program Targeting Teachers Challenged At SFUSD [LVP] 2018-04-27

USA Oakland Education Association Teachers, Students & Parents March For A Contract-A 1% Pay Offer After A Year Of Negotiations [LVP] 2018-04-25

South Africa Cosatu lashed for not taking part in #SAFTUstrike [The Independent] 2018-04-25

USA Teacher Strikes Continue to Spread - A Symptom of Public Education Underfunding [The Real News Network] 2018-04-20

South Africa Department of Health workers refuse to enter dilapidated building [The Independent] 2018-04-20

Canada York University offers tuition credits to students affected by strike [Global] 2018-04-20

USA $1 Billion Eco-Fraud At SF Hunters Point/Treasure Island-Residents and Whistleblowers Speakout [LVP] 2018-04-20

Australia Council ready to lock doors on striking union members [The Post] 2018-04-19

Canada Front-line staff at New Brunswick nursing home hold rally but premier is a no-show [Global] 2018-04-18

Canada CUPE calls for public auto insurance in N.L. [NTV] 2018-04-17

Korea (North) North Korea's secret slave gangs [BBC] 2018-04-16

USA UE Hallcon Drivers Prepare For A Contract [LVP] 2018-04-16

Canada CUPE Local 3903 Kills the Rat April 9, 2018 [rabble] 2018-04-15

Australia Sally McManus: Strike outbreak a crazy fantasy [The Australian] 2018-04-15

USA West Virginia Teachers And The Lessons Of Their State Strike [LVP] 2018-04-14

Germany Travellers stranded as German workers strike over pay [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2018-04-13

USA Democracy Depends On Journalism, Journalism Depends On The Union-Digital Media Workers Speak Out [LVP] 2018-04-12

South Africa Saftu plans major shutdown soon [eNCA] 2018-04-09

USA Former Dep. Secretary Of Labor Jordan Barab At OSHA Say Termination Of OSHA Whistleblower Darrell Whitman Is Still A “live case' [LVP] 2018-04-08

Canada The Contradictions of Pension Fund Capitalism [The Socialist Project] 2018-04-08

USA UAW 551 VP Scott Holdierson On Uniting The Working Class At RWU Convention [LVP] 2018-04-07

USA Kentucky Education Worker On The Growing Fight Back and The Attack On Their Pensions [LVP] 2018-04-07

Canada Tim Hortons’ reputation plummets in new survey — why Canadians may be fed up [Global] 2018-04-06

USA Educators say walkouts aren't about raises [Now This] 2018-04-04

USA Song for KY teachers [Facebook] 2018-04-03

Canada Pensions and the CUPE 2424 strike [Rank and File] 2018-03-31

Canada York University’s latest contract offer to be voted on by striking workers, union urges rejection [Global] 2018-03-31

USA Wells Fargo Whistleblower Yesenia Guitron Wins 2018 James Madison Freedom of Information Award [LVP] 2018-03-29

USA Stop Racist Discrimination At SF DPH! SEIU 1021 Members & SF Residents Rally and Speakout [LVP] 2018-03-29

Zimbabwe Teachers strike [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2018-03-29

Canada Doctor calls WorkSafeNB practices a 'human rights' issue [CBC] 2018-03-28

USA The CTC, CTA And Frame-up Of California CTA Teacher Peter Heffner [LVP] 2018-03-24

Canada Black janitors in Halifax allege racial discrimination, plan to file human rights complaint [Global] 2018-03-24

Vietnam Thousands of Vietnamese workers take to highway to protest wage cuts [The Express] 2018-03-24

France Public sector, rail workers strike in test for Macron [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2018-03-24

Global PSI supports ILO Staff's decision to go on strike [PSI] 2018-03-23

India Ambulance workers end strike; MoU on salary hike [The Times] 2018-03-23

Canada Contract workers at York University continue strike as negotiations fall apart [Global] 2018-03-21

France Rail reform battle to make, or break, France's Macron? [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2018-03-21

Canada Kelley attends United Nations Status of Women Conference [IAMAW] 2018-03-19

New Zealand Nurses to strike if no improvement on pay, working conditions [NewsHub] 2018-03-19

USA Teachers' union proud of student walkouts over shootings [CBS] 2018-03-16

Spain Ryanair makes pay offer as union deals prove elusive [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2018-03-15

Australia Union launching test cases for food delivery riders [ABC] 2018-03-14

USA Co-location, Charters, Privatization, Resegregation and Union Busting [Labor Video Project] 2018-03-13

Canada Union conference hopes to address myths about the gender wage gap [The Star-Phoenix] 2018-03-11

Canada Strike at parts supplier impacting FCA plant in Windsor [CTV] 2018-03-10

Spain 'Without women the world stops' [BBC] 2018-03-09

New Zealand Lyttelton Port workers protest alleged 'illegal lockout' [Radio New Zealand] 2018-03-08

Spain International Women's Day: Spain's workers in 'feminist strike' [BBC] 2018-03-08

USA Janus v. AFSCME and the importance of union [You Tube] 2018-03-08

Canada Canada Post workers say sexual harassment ignored by management at Edmonton mail plant [CBC] 2018-03-05

USA Tech Workers Unite & Fight! Lanetix CWA Workers Fight Union Busting In SF [Labor Video Project] 2018-03-03

USA SHUT Down ICE! Action In San Francisco Closes ICE As CA Unionists Join The Blockade [LVP] 2018-03-01

USA Why the rich love destroying unjons [You tube] 2018-02-27

USA Stop Anti Labor Union Busting Janis Decision Say Hundreds Of Unionists In SF [Labor Video Project] 2018-02-27

USA The War On The EPA & The Scientists With Lynda Deschambault Former EPA Scientist [LVP] 2018-02-15

UK Fighting the Pensions Robbery - Video Updatef [FBU] 2018-02-12

Australia Union blasts Fair Work umpire as Griffin Coal miners accept huge pay cuts to end six-month strike [Now] 2018-02-12

Canada Safeway Bargaining Update, February 8, 2018 [UFCW] 2018-02-09

Germany German workers strike deal for 28-hour week [SBS] 2018-02-09