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Updated 21/05/2019 05:25 Europe/Berlin

USA Challenge To Hoffa's Support For Trump's Tariffs And Trade War With IBT VP John Palmer [LVP] 2019-05-19

USA Union workers to hold rally midst Arconic contract negotiations [KWQC] 2019-05-16

USA Whose Selling Whom? The A's Stadium, The Destruction of Howard Terminal In The Port Of Oakland and The Battle In Labor [LVP] 2019-05-15

USA Maritime, Labor and The A's Stadium At The Port Of Oakland Press Conference [LVP] 2019-05-14

USA ILWU 10 Speakers Protest John Fisher A's Stadium On Howard Terminal At Oakland Port Commission [LVP] 2019-05-10

USA Drivers United Will Never Be Defeated! UBER/LYFT Global Day Of Action At UBER In San Francisco [LVP] 2019-05-09

USA UBER Blowback With Author Steve Hill [WWR] 2019-05-08

USA On May Day 2019 Oakland Education Association Pres Keith Brown On The Stadium, Port, ILWU and Public Education [LVP] 2019-05-06

UK May Day trade union march 'unexpectedly' closes Leeds city centre streets [The Evening Post] 2019-05-05

Canada CUPE protest turns physical [Global] 2019-05-04

USA This Is Our Port! May Day 2019 Speakers At Oakland Howard Terminal [Labor Video Project] 2019-05-03

South Africa Police fire rubber bullets, arrest striking Durban city workers [The Independent] 2019-05-03

Switzerland May Day 2019 in Geneva (video and photos) [PSI] 2019-05-02

USA Whose Dock Is This? Our Dock! CWA AFA Pres Sara Nelson At Oakland Howard Terminal May Day 2019 [LVP] 2019-05-02

Europe “Vote for Social Europe” Video Released [BWI] 2019-05-01

Australia Outsourcing at schools is costing kids ... and cleaners [Insight] 2019-04-30

USA Workers’ Memorial Day: remembering those who have suffered and died while earning a living [Uprise RI] 2019-04-29

USA Western Wisconsin AFL-CIO honors those who perished at the workplace [WXOW] 2019-04-29

Canada OHC: Stop Health Care Privatization and Cuts [ONA] 2019-04-22

USA One week and counting of Stop and Shop strike [WFSB] 2019-04-20

USA 'It's Insane!' ILWU Longshore Workers And Truckers Challenge Oakland A's Billionaire Owner John Fisher’s Land Grab Of Howard Terminal In The Port Of Oakland [Labor Video Project] 2019-04-19

USA WorkWeek On Assange Getting Union Backing, ILWU May Day Action and Gentrification And CA DIR Baker Corruption Scandal [WWR] 2019-04-18

Canada Families face uncertainty amid impending nursing home strike [CBC] 2019-04-17

Canada Tentative deal reached in Saskatoon Co-op strike [Global] 2019-04-16

Ireland Centenary of Limerick strike against British army [RTÉ] 2019-04-15

Canada CUPE NB elects new president amid nursing home dispute with province [Global] 2019-04-14

Australia Hundreds of union members gather in SA as part of nationwide protests [7 News] 2019-04-10

Australia Union protests: Thousands of workers rally for wage increases in Melbourne [SBS] 2019-04-10

New Zealand Marlborough support workers protest abuse, conditions during national strike [Stuff] 2019-04-01

South Africa New Sars boss calls on parties to find resolution on wage talks [eNCA] 2019-03-31

USA UAL Flight Attendants In Japan Protest Discriminatory firing Of Japanese Flight Attendants [LVP] 2019-03-29

Ireland PNA Ambulance personnel protest outside Leinster House [The Irish Independent] 2019-03-28

Canada Parrtown staffing levels ‘bad for safety of public and staff,’ says union VP [Global] 2019-03-23

USA Nearly 40,000 UC medical center workers stage one-day, statewide strike [FOX] 2019-03-21

Canada Peterborough teachers react to plans to increase class sizes. [Global] 2019-03-21

Canada Frustrated Fish Harvesters Protest Through St. John’s Downtown [VOCM] 2019-03-21

Canada Nursing home workers face continued uncertainty amid flurry of court activity [Global] 2019-03-19

Cuba Union Leaders Embrace Return of ‘The Market’ in Cuba [The Real News Network] 2019-03-18

Australia This Week In History: The Tolpuddle Martyrs [ABC] 2019-03-18

Canada All-Party Forum on Public Education, 2019 [ATA] 2019-03-17

USA Sacramento City Educators Vote to Strike in Protest of ‘Massive Unfair Labor Practices’ [FOX40] 2019-03-16

Canada Court to rule Monday on New Brunswick nursing home workers' right to strike [CTV] 2019-03-16

USA SF Treasure Island Radiation Whistleblowers Expose Deadly Cover-up By Tetra Tech and Government: A $1 Billion Dollar Eco-Fraud [LVP] 2019-03-16

USA Black workers in Ohio accuse UPS of allowing hate at work [CNN] 2019-03-14

USA Western Massachusetts Stop & Shop union workers vote in favor of a strike authorization [WWLP] 2019-03-11

Canada Union says temporary court order delaying nursing home workers’ strike a ‘major, major mistake’ [Global] 2019-03-11

USA SF TWU 250a Transit Workers Their Issues and Union With President Roger Marenco [LVP] 2019-03-08

USA SF City Workers The Day Before Women's Day Rally & Speak Out Against Racism, Privatization and Outsourcing [LVP] 2019-03-08

UK Minicab drivers 'go slow' in protest at “sweatshop conditions” working for Addison Lee in Luton [Today] 2019-03-05

USA Oakland OEA Teachers and Supporters At TA Contract Union Vote Speakout [LVP] 2019-03-04

USA Oakland Education Association Rep Delegates & Members Speak Out TA-Nurses Furious [LVP] 2019-03-03

USA Wabtec files injunction against striking workers for, they say, employee safety [Your Erie] 2019-03-02

USA It's Our Fight Too! Bay Area Teachers Join Striking OEA Teachers Strike On Day 6 [Labor Video Project] 2019-03-01

USA ILWU Members and ILWU Local 34 Have Backed Striking OEA Oakland Teachers at Rally and March [LVP] 2019-02-27

USA Fighting Privatization, Charters and Union Busting In Oakland OEA Strike On Day 2 [LVP] 2019-02-24

USA 2019 Oakland OEA Teacher Strike: Day One 'We Shut It Down'! [LVP] 2019-02-21

USA West Virginia teachers strike to continue Wednesday [CNN] 2019-02-20

UK ‘Completely betrayed’ Unite AGS Steve Turner on Honda Swindon plant closure [Unite the union] 2019-02-20

USA W.Va. union leaders holding news conference to announce next move after bill killed [WCHS] 2019-02-19

USA So Why Did Amazon Withdraw From the NYC Deal? [NTD] 2019-02-17

USA Union Time At Anchor Brewing-ILWU Raises The Anchor In SF! [LVP] 2019-02-16

USA SFSU CFA Defends AMED Arab & Muslim Ethnicities & Diasporas Program From Attacks [LVP] 2019-02-15

USA Trump’s Bedminster resort employed dozens of undocumented workers, Washington Post reports [MSNBC] 2019-02-11

Kenya Clinical officers threaten to join nurses in strike [NTV] 2019-02-10

USA Memorial for farm worker killed during a local strike [NBC] 2019-02-10

USA Joy Reid discusses new reporting on undocumented workers at Trump golf course [MSNBC] 2019-02-09

Australia Safety concerns for WestConnex workers grow as ‘raw sewage’ threatens project [9 News] 2019-02-08

Spain Anti-Uber taxi protest in Madrid [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2019-02-07

USA Dozens of federal workers join Democrats at State of the Union [CBS] 2019-02-06

USA Sanders: Walmart’s paid leave policy is not enough for workers [Yahoo Finance] 2019-02-06

Canada GM threatens to sue over union's Super Bowl ad [Auto Blog] 2019-02-05

Canada Boycott Mexico GM - If it starts with a 3, it’s not for me [Unifor] 2019-02-04

Spain Taxi protest blocks main road in Madrid [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2019-02-02

USA Follow The Money: SF Hunters Point Shipyard Contamination Cover-up and Obstruction of Justice [LVP] 2019-02-01

Canada Amazon embroiled in Ontario labour relations board complaint over couriers [Global] 2019-01-31

Ireland INMO Nurses' strike: Recap the updates as 35,000 nurses and midwives took industrial action [Irish Mirror] 2019-01-30

India Delhi Chalo Agitation: Women government workers demand labour act implementation [The Times] 2019-01-30

India Indefinite Strike of Tamil Nadu Govt Employees and Teachers Affects Normalcy in the State [The Rooster News] 2019-01-30

USA Air traffic safety was on the brink due to the government shutdown [CNBC] 2019-01-27

USA AFGE Workers With Airline Workers and Labor Protest At Oakland Airport End The Shutdowns Or 'We'll Really Shut It Down'! [LVP] 2019-01-26

Australia Australian Seafarers to be Removed from Two Ships [Maritime Executive] 2019-01-24

USA Oakland OEA Teachers, Students and Parents Protest Closure Of Roots International Academy and Role Of Charters [LVP] 2019-01-24

USA Gov Newsom, Cancel The Tetra Tech Contract After Whistleblowers Fired and Criminal Fraud At SF Hunters Point Shipyard [LVP] 2019-01-22

Korea (South) Metro workers win in ownership battle [ITF] 2019-01-22

USA Stop Privatization and Slave Labor On MLK Day 2019 In SF Workers Speak Out! [LVP] 2019-01-22

USA Wright State and faculty union still locked in competing Unfair Labor Practice charges [WDTN] 2019-01-22

Australia ACTU calls for an inquiry into arrest of Australian footballer Hakeem Al-Araibi [SBS] 2019-01-21

USA Women's March 2019: Federal employees on why they march [Yahoo] 2019-01-20

USA Teachers Credit Union assisting federal workers impacted by government shutdown [ABC57] 2019-01-20

USA ‘Don’t under value us.’ Fresno court workers continue strike into fourth day [Fresno Bee] 2019-01-19

USA Silent march held for federal workers forced to work without pay [KHON] 2019-01-18

USA Workers protest government shutdown at Sacramento International Airport [ABC] 2019-01-18

USA Why this federal shutdown will hit workers harder [ISR / Univ MI] 2019-01-18

USA TSA workers, federal employees relying on donations during shutdown [CBS] 2019-01-18

USA Los Angeles teachers strike leaves 640,000 students in limbo [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2019-01-17

USA Los Angeles teachers union calls for 'massive presence' on day 2 of strike [CNN] 2019-01-15

USA SEIU1021 Oakland Schools Classified President Bettie Reed Smith On Charters and The Defense Of Public Education [LVP] 2019-01-15

USA Airport Workers Trying to Get by During Longest Government Shutdown in US History [WNEP] 2019-01-14

Canada U.S. air traffic controllers aren’t getting paid — their Canadian colleagues sent pizza [Global] 2019-01-14

USA Get Up Get Down! Oakland Is A Union Town-Mass March and Rally To Defend Public Education Led By OEA [LVP] 2019-01-14