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Today's news - Ontario

Ontario Health Coalition Worried About Possible Cuts To Health Care 2019-01-23 [The Lake]

Three layoffs at Windsor Assembly Plant in three months 2019-01-23 [Blackburn]

Labour ministry investigating after nurse, security guard assaulted at Southlake 2019-01-23 [Today]

Amazon’s attempts to block Toronto delivery union resulted in firings, bankruptcies, union alleges 2019-01-23 [The Logic]

Health Care Funding in Jeopardy According to Coalition 2019-01-23 [CKDR]

Tuition cuts come with steep cost for students and education 2019-01-22 [NUPGE]

Workers at The Beer Store contact centre in London, Ont., join UFCW 2019-01-22 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

42-day lockout at Satin Flooring in North York, Ont., ends 2019-01-22 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Hundreds brave the wind chill for third annual women's march 2019-01-20 [The Citizen]

Concerns prompt women to march 2019-01-20 [The Star]

Mental health-care facility didn't do enough to protect injured worker: Unions 2019-01-20 [rabble]

Heller v. Uber: Some Thoughts from Ontario on Uber’s Arbitration Clause 2019-01-20 [The Law of Work]

Workers at The Beer Store Contact Centre join the union 2019-01-20 [UFCW]

Members at Sault Star make gains in five-year deal 2019-01-20 [CWA Canada]

ETFO urges Ontario government to make investments in public education to better prepare all students for success 2019-01-20 [ETFO]

Tuition cuts come with steep cost for students and education 2019-01-20 [OPSEU]

2019 OPSEU's Got Talent contest 2019-01-20 [OPSEU]

Nurses’ Association Calls on Province to Consult Before LHINs Restructuring 2019-01-20 [ONA]

OFL Statement on Publicly Funded Education in Ontario 2019-01-20 [OFL]

Ford’s Reckless Post-Secondary Education Scheme Will Ensure Only the Rich Can Afford an Education 2019-01-20 [OFL]

Town with secret cannabis warehouse rejects Ford’s privatization scheme 2019-01-20 [NUPGE]

A bad day for Ontario students 2019-01-19 [CUPE]

Price for deficit slaying, further tax cuts for the wealthy will be paid with the suffering of the ill and the elderly, union cautions 2019-01-19 [CUPE]

Windsor customs agents sending slices to their Detroit counterparts 2019-01-19 [CBC]

Windsor border workers make pizza delivery to unpaid U.S. counterparts 2019-01-19 [The Star]

Kingston shut out of budget hearings, but hospital union holds media conference Friday to kick-start local discussion 2019-01-18 [CUPE]

Cut to health planning network cynical optics for Ontario's PCs 2019-01-18 [CUPE]

A bad day for students: funding cut disguised as tuition cut, will cost students more and hurt Universities 2019-01-18 [CUPE]

Women's March in Owen Sound on Saturday 2019-01-18 [The Sun-Times]

Debate over ruling that Kitchener, Ont. nurse gets job back after stealing drugs 2019-01-18 [CBC]

Unifor signals deep concern over PC cuts to colleges, universities 2019-01-18 [Unifor]

Hamilton teacher challenging province's sex-ed curriculum 2019-01-18 [The Spectator]

Union chief vows to make Detroit auto show ‘the worst’ for GM 2019-01-18 [The Spectator]

Sault, Ontario border guards deliver pizza to unpaid U.S. counterparts affected by government shutdown 2019-01-17 [Today]

Union dispute stalls work on Ojibway Parkway, rescheduled for Thursday 2019-01-17 [CBC]

Why the Ontario Trucking Association wants foreign workers to fill trucker shortage 2019-01-17 [CBC]

A year of Ontario’s Bill 148: Not what the big business lobby predicted 2019-01-16 [Rank and File]

Northumberland Coalition for Social Justice picketing at post office 2019-01-16 [My FM]

Casino Rama workers vote to strike if necessary 2019-01-16 [Unifor]

Whitby Inteva workers walk as Unifor presses GM on Oshawa plant closure 2019-01-16 [Durham Region]

GM feeder plant workers walk off to support Unifor's fight for Oshawa 2019-01-16 [CBC]

GM reaffirms Oshawa closure after meetings with Ontario, federal officials 2019-01-16 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Late night protest staged by Ironworkers at Windsor construction site 2019-01-15 [CTV]

Casino Rama Workers Voice 95-Percent Support for January 24 Strike amid Negotiations 2019-01-15 [Casino Reports]

Pontypool GM worker says plant closure is the ultimate betrayal 2019-01-15 [My Kawartha]

Union boss: Doug Ford on side in fight to save GM Oshawa jobs 2019-01-15 [The Free Press]

Food workers at CLS Catering in Mississauga, Ont., join UFCW 2019-01-15 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Autoworkers vow to keep fighting plant closure 2019-01-15 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Pembroke hospital staff recognized on Tuesday for continued commitment to public health care 2019-01-14 [CUPE]

Union Workers At Casino Rama Vote For Strike Mandate 2019-01-14 [Bayshore Broadcasting]

This month in labour history

1-01-1952 Old Age Security, the country's first universal pension plan, comes into effect for Canadians at 70 years of age. The Canada Pension Plan, based on employment contributions, follows in 1966. [more]

6-01-1882 The Toronto Trades and Labour Council endorses the principle of equal pay for equal work between men and women. [more]

9-01-1974 Workers at United Aircraft in Longueiul, Québec begin a bitter confrontation that lasts 20 months. One result is the anti-scab law introduced by the new Parti Québécois government in 1977. [more]

15-01-1889 Innkeeper Joe Beef of Montréal dies, a legendary friend to the outcast poor and labouring classes. More than 50 unions march in his funeral procession. [more]

19-01-1973 Annie Buller, a veteran Communist organizer, dies in Toronto at 78 years of age after a lifetime of activism in support of labour and political causes. [more]

20-01-1950 Barred windows and locked doors prevent workers from escaping a fire in a small basement garment factory in downtown Toronto. Of the eleven people in the shop, six die in the blaze, including the owner and his son, and three more in hospital. [more]

20-01-1914 Joseph Mairs, 21, a coal miner from Ladysmith, British Columbia, dies in prison after failing to receive adequate medical treatment. He is one of more than 200 strikers arrested in a long struggle for recognition of the United Mine Workers of America [more]

23-01-1918 In wartime Nova Scotia, 88 men are killed in an explosion in a coal mine at Stellarton. The casualties of that day are later listed on a memorial. Another memorial lists the 69 local soldiers killed during the four years of the First World War. [more]

25-01-1988 Members of the United Nurses of Alberta defy a ban on strike action and begin a province-wide strike against cutbacks in health care. They win their case, and a better contract follows two years later. [more]

26-01-1981 An illegal strike by 16,000 Ontario hospital workers, members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, begins. CUPE President Grace Hartman later goes to jail for supporting her members. [more]

27-01-1872 A public meeting at the Mechanics' Institute in Hamilton, Ontario adopts resolutions to reduce the normal six-day working week from 60 to 54 hours. When the Nine Hour League is announced, support grows in a dozen centres, from Sarnia to Montréal. [more]

29-01-1980 Jean-Claude Parrot, president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, is sent to prison for defying a back-to-work law. [more]

29-01-1946 Supreme Court Justice Ivan C. Rand releases his report on the Ford strike and imposes the Rand Formula to promote union security. [more]

31-01-1907 More than 400 women telephone operators in Toronto walk out when Bell Telephone attempts to introduce longer hours and lower pay. [more]