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Four Trade Unionists Severely Injured by Police 2018-07-05 [ITUC]

Four Trade Unionists Severely Injured by Police during Peaceful Demonstration 2018-07-05 [ITUC]

Is vote for women campaign doomed? 2018-05-14 [Times of Swaziland]

eSwatini: Union celebrates court victory 2018-04-28 [IndustriALL]

Swazi union condemns garment company for not respecting workers’ rights 2018-02-20 [IndustriALL]

Can the year 2018 be a turning point for textile workers’ prolonged poverty? 2018-01-25 [The Times]

SRA workers suspend strike, back to work 2018-01-14 [The Observer]

Court stops Swaziland Building Society strike 2018-01-10 [Times of Swaziland]

SRAWU leadership Facebook comments have infuriated the management of the Swaziland Revenue Authority 2018-01-03 [The Times]

SRA workers who returned to work branded as traitors 2017-12-30 [Times of Swaziland]

Strike chaos at revenue agency continues 2017-12-17 [The Observer]

Border crossings slow as staff strike 2017-12-13 [The Observer]

Swaziland Electricity Company is concerned that the strike action by its employees may result in a massive disruption 2017-11-08 [The Observer]

Bring back AGOA status, say unions 2017-09-06 [IndustriALL]

Union takes SANU to court 2017-08-22 [The Observer]

SANU strike day 2: Lock out unlawful says union 2017-08-19 [The Observer]

Nedbank workers continue with strike 2017-08-19 [The Observer]

TUCOSWA gives Nedbank 2-day ultimatum 2017-08-16 [The Observer]

SANU staff goes on strike tomorrow 2017-08-16 [The Observer]

FNB in salary talks with union 2017-08-13 [The Observer]

Union refuses offer in Nedbank talks 2017-08-10 [The Observer]

Legalize abortion 2017-07-29 [Times of Swaziland]

Nedbank strike enters 3rd day 2017-07-27 [The Observer]

STAWU signs 41% pay rise for employees 2017-07-24 [The Observer]

Help police form union - SNAT 2017-05-13 [The Observer]

FESWATU to get rough this year 2017-05-02 [The Observer]

SUFIAW strike interdicted 2017-04-13 [The Observer]

Swazi affiliate challenges union busting at textile factory 2017-03-19 [IndustriALL]

Your 'Rabidly Intolerant Regime Is A Dismal Failure', Swazi's King Mswati III Told 2017-03-13 [Huffington Post]

Strike At Swazi King's SADC University 2017-01-24 [Swazi Media Commentary]

Langa Bricks staff back on strike 2017-01-18 [The Observer]

Public servants ready to strike 2017-01-09 [Swazi Media Commentary]

Court stops SEC strike 2016-12-21 [The Observer]

TUCOSWA warns Langa Bricks management 2016-11-25 [The Observer]

Langa Bricks management withdraws 50 cents offer 2016-11-24 [The Observer]

There’s nothing sweet about Swazi sugar sector 2016-10-26 [Equal Times]

Health Officers' Strike Threat 2016-10-13 [allAfrica]

Orderlies had to play the skunk before Govt realised the stink 2016-10-07 [The Observer]

Plantation workers to open assault cases against police 2016-09-20 [The Observer]

Police Fire Rubber Bullets On Strikers 2016-09-16 [allAfrica]

Plantation strike ends as workers offered 13% increase 2016-09-15 [The Observer]

Breakthrough for striking Plantation Forest workers 2016-08-25 [The Observer]

Media workers protest conditions at king’s newspaper 2016-08-22 [NI]

TUCOSWA to hold mass protest during SADC summit 2016-07-28 [Times of Swaziland]

Nurses already planning for 2021 salary review 2016-07-10 [Times of Swaziland]

Hotel construction stopped, workers demand 17% pay hike 2016-07-10 [Times of Swaziland]

Teachers to hold vigil at GOVT offices 2016-06-24 [Times of Swaziland]

5% increment for 11,000 workers 2016-06-19 [Times of Swaziland]

Unionists angry that Botswana govt lends its support to block ILO investigating Swaziland 2016-06-18 [Swazi Media Commentary]

PSA officials accused of signing deal with government never to strike 2016-06-07 [Times of Swaziland]

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