Lumbinit Trust worker on hunger strike to press demands

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Nepal police invites applications for 75,000 temporary police 2017-03-26 []

UN sets Nov deadline for Qatar to end abuse of migrants 2017-03-24 [The Kathmandu Post]

Nepali migrant workers in Malaysia bearing brunt of exploitation 2017-03-23 []

Stakeholders bat for accelerated efforts to end gender imbalance 2017-03-23 [The Himalayan Times]

The hoteliers and trade unions of hotel and restaurant workers are close to resolving the service charge dispute 2017-03-22 [thehimalayantimes]

Temporary and contract-based employs to be deployed in their regular duty stations 2017-03-21 [The Rising Nepal]

Minister for single trade union at NT 2017-03-21 [The Himalayan Times]

Leaving or staying? 2017-03-20 []

Forced to pack up, street vendors struggle to make ends meet 2017-03-19 [The Himalayan Times]

Remittance growth slows on drop in number of outbound workers 2017-03-18 []

Nepali migrant worker found dead in Malaysia 2017-03-17 [The Rising Nepal]

Govt has failed to protect consumer rights: NHRC 2017-03-16 [The Himalayan Times]

Mountains without men 2017-03-16 []

Teachers develop united front in the face of growing privatisation (1 2017-03-15 [Education International]

Hotel Annapurna staffers receive 'Excellence @ Workplace' training 2017-03-14 []

‘Outdated’ laws hit market monitoring 2017-03-13 [The Himalayan Times]

NTUC concluded Weekly Interaction Program 2017-03-09 [NTUC]

Inclusive participation of women not sufficient: President 2017-03-09 [The Rising Nepal]

Women donate labour to mark their day 2017-03-09 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepali worker handed 4-yr jail in Malaysia 2017-03-07 [The Kathmandu Post]

‘Manpower crunch halting development’ 2017-03-07 [The Himalayan Times]

Ministry of Health suspends 18 health workers for obstructing Polio vaccine program 2017-03-06 []

Cashing in on tragedy 2017-03-05 []

Bheri-Babai project hit by workers’ strike - Post Report, SURKHET 2017-03-03 [The Kathmandu Post]

South Asia's lawmakers meeting begins to discuss child welfare 2017-03-03 [The Kathmandu Post]

Army Staff and Command College to include civil servants in advanced training 2017-03-02 []

ILO Protocol to Practice 2017-03-02 []

Bheri-Babai project hit by workers’ strike 2017-03-02 [The Kathmandu Post]

Child migration on the rise 2017-03-02 [The Himalayan Times]

70,000 temporary police recruits on cards for local polls 2017-03-01 [The Kathmandu Post]

Journalists' hunger strike ends 2017-02-28 [The Rising Nepal]

Nepalis in Saudi Arabia being barred from returning home 2017-02-26 [The Himalayan Times]

Snapdeal to cut 600 staff, founders forego salary 2017-02-23 [The Himalayan Times]

MoLE to award returnee migrant workers who embrace entrepreneurship 2017-02-22 [The Himalayan Times]

Central bank revises monetary policy 2017-02-22 [The Himalayan Times]

Consultancy operator held for swindling Japan job aspirants 2017-02-21 [The Kathmandu Post]

Outflow of migrants declines 2017-02-20 [The Himalayan Times]

Man held for defrauding foreign employment aspirants 2017-02-20 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepali migrant worker found dead in Qatar 2017-02-20 [The Kathmandu Post]

FNJ lockout lifted 2017-02-19 []

Global protests grow over Bangladesh crackdown against trade unions For more info 2017-02-17 [UNI Nepal]

Agitation of health workers affects immunization programme 2017-02-17 [The Rising Nepal]

43 Nepali migrant workers languishing in Indian jail 2017-02-16 []

NRB lays down rules for hiring foreigners 2017-02-15 [The kathmandu Post]

National Workshop for SGRA Nepal 2017-02-15 [NTUC]

HAN, trade unions agree to review 20-point pact 2017-02-15 [The Himalayan Times]

Insurance policy for migrants on anvil 2017-02-14 [The Kathmandu Post]

Local bodies’ staff on war path 2017-02-14 [The Himalayan Times]

Protesting local level employees halt works 2017-02-13 [The Kathmandu Post ]

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