Activist climbs Everest in ILO convention campaign

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Activist climbs Everest in ILO convention campaign 2019-05-28 [ITF]

Government drafts harsh provisions to Media Council Act 2019-05-16 [IFJ]

Minister Bista vows to take action against hospitals promoting labor exploitation of nurses 2019-05-12 []

Nepal to sign bilateral labour pact with Turkey and Poland 2019-05-12 [The Himalayan Times]

Panauti initiates measures to address gender wage gap 2019-05-06 [The Post]

Young Nepali unionists demand increased representation 2019-04-10 [IndustriALL]

HiPDeC rescues 20 child labourers from Dang 2019-03-17 []

Foreign workers for various projects await labour permits 2019-03-10 []

Labour demand from Jordan halted for months 2019-03-07 []

Teachers on war path, classes halted 2019-03-07 []

Nepal and Japan to finalise labour migration mechanisms within March 2019-03-06 []

Teachers' strike to affect 6 million students at govt schools today 2019-03-05 []

For the right to paid employment in Nepal 2019-02-28 [PSI]

Human rights violation incidents on rise-INSEC 2019-02-20 []

ITF seminar in Nepal on ILO convention on ending violence at work 2019-02-19 [ITF]

Proposed legislation muzzles free speech on social media 2019-02-18 [IFJ]

NEPHA calls upon federal govt for employee transfer 2019-02-18 []

More than 200 Nepalis are languishing in Malaysia jails 2019-02-17 []

Govt plans to create 700,000 jobs in next five years 2019-02-14 []

Govt’s ambitious minimum employment scheme kicks in 2019-02-14 []

Unemployed to get Rs 22,417 per annum 2019-02-13 []

Entertainment industry employing minors 2019-02-11 []

53 Malaysian firms barred from hiring Nepalis over mistreatment 2019-02-11 []

Move to enforce minimum wage rules for media employees stayed 2019-02-08 []

Attack on Trade Union rights 2019-02-07 [BWI]

No minimum wage to other staffs except working journalists, SC orders 2019-02-07 []

Trade unions postpone plan to shut down restaurants 2019-02-06 [The Post]

Restaurant workers consider strike 2019-02-04 [eTN]

Officials leave for Oman and the UAE to discuss labour issues 2019-01-27 []

20 workers get labour permits for Malaysia 2019-01-22 []

Minister Baskota pledges to enforce minimum wage for working journos 2019-01-20 []

Nepal-Japan to devise labour mechanism for migration of Nepali workers 2019-01-18 []

Labour departures for Japan possible by April this year 2019-01-13 []

HAs protest against civil servants adjustment plan 2019-01-10 []

Study explores plight of Nepali female migrant workers in Gulf countries 2019-01-07 []

Government signs deal with official trade union 2019-01-06 []

Renewal of labour permit from province 2018-12-31 []

Kathmandu cabbies demand hike in fares 2018-12-30 []

Nepal Trade Union Congress successfully celebrates 67th International Migration Day 2018-12-30 [NTUC Nepal]

Renewal of labour permit from provinces 2018-12-30 []

'Homework needed to ratify ILO C189, UN C1990' 2018-12-27 []

Japan to take Nepali workers under new blue-collar visas 2018-12-26 []

Minister of Labour: ‘UNI unions have huge role in country’s future’ 2018-12-18 [UNI Global Union]

Govt staffers halt work in protest over adjustment ordinance 2018-12-18 []

Health workers threaten to launch protest 2018-12-18 []

Photojournalist arrested at protest outside President’s Office 2018-12-14 [IFJ]

Women labourers unite against gender-based discrimination 2018-12-07 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal Teachers Federation calls off agitation 2018-12-06 []

Education unions move forward on inclusion, diversity and safety in schools 2018-11-28 [Education International]

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