Lumbinit Trust worker on hunger strike to press demands

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Consultancy operator held for swindling Japan job aspirants 2017-02-21 [The Kathmandu Post]

Outflow of migrants declines 2017-02-20 [The Himalayan Times]

Man held for defrauding foreign employment aspirants 2017-02-20 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepali migrant worker found dead in Qatar 2017-02-20 [The Kathmandu Post]

FNJ lockout lifted 2017-02-19 []

Global protests grow over Bangladesh crackdown against trade unions For more info 2017-02-17 [UNI Nepal]

Agitation of health workers affects immunization programme 2017-02-17 [The Rising Nepal]

43 Nepali migrant workers languishing in Indian jail 2017-02-16 []

NRB lays down rules for hiring foreigners 2017-02-15 [The kathmandu Post]

National Workshop for SGRA Nepal 2017-02-15 [NTUC]

HAN, trade unions agree to review 20-point pact 2017-02-15 [The Himalayan Times]

Insurance policy for migrants on anvil 2017-02-14 [The Kathmandu Post]

Local bodies’ staff on war path 2017-02-14 [The Himalayan Times]

Protesting local level employees halt works 2017-02-13 [The Kathmandu Post ]

Trade unionists demand resignation of KUKL Chair Basnet 2017-02-13 [Republica]

KUKL employees demand resignation of Chairman Basnet 2017-02-13 []

Local body staffers halt work in protest 2017-02-13 []

Agitating hotel, restaurant staffers warn of further protests 2017-02-13 [The Himalayan Times]

New insurance policy for migrants from today 2017-02-12 [The Himalayan]

FNJ Lalitpur chapter sets up journalist welfare fund 2017-02-12 [The Kathmandu Post]

Minister Joshi underscores job creation 2017-02-12 [The Himalayan Times]

Lawyers end boycott of court proceedings 2017-02-12 [The Himalayan Times]

300 law practitioners from 8 districts resign 2017-02-10 [The Kathmandu Post]

‘Media houses must promote inclusion 2017-02-10 [The Himalayan Times]

Ten Nepali migrant workers return home to ask: 'Why did our government abandon us?' 2017-02-09 []

Nepal Press Union’s concern over FNJ membership distribution 2017-02-09 []

Nepal Trade Union Congress successfully held its National Council 2017-02-08 [NTUC]

Labor ministry received threat phone calls: Minister Gurung 2017-02-08 []

Employees of local bodies in Kanchanpur take to the streets in protest 2017-02-08 [The Rising Nepal]

Lawyers’ stir over judge appointment 2017-02-07 [The Kathmandu Post]

LDT staffers launch protests 2017-02-07 [The Himalayan Times/RSS]

Training to enhance workers’ skills 2017-02-07 [The Himalayan Times]

22 Nepali stranded in Qatar 2017-02-06 [The Kathmandu Post]

Teachers protest government decision 2017-02-06 [The Himalayan Times]

50 pc discount on treatment of journalists at final stage 2017-02-05 []

Nepali workers abroad still unable to vote 2017-02-05 []

Labor permit from online system 2017-02-02 [The Rising Nepal]

Temporary teachers on hunger strike again - Post Report, Kathmandu 2017-02-02 [The Kathmandu Post]

Nepali migrant worker's body yet to arrive from Saudi Arabia 2017-02-01 [The Rising Nepal]

Rescued migrant workers seek govt support for rehabilitation 2017-02-01 [The Himalayan Times]

Govt to enrol kin of migrant workers into health insurance 2017-01-31 [The kathmandu Post]

NBA to protest against judges appointments 2017-01-30 []

IMF delegation meets NTUC President 2017-01-27 [NTUC]

Five health workers injured in Birgunj demonstration 2017-01-26 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepali migrant worker in India will get insurance cover 2017-01-25 [One India]

Government lawyers agree to come back to work 2017-01-25 [The Rising Nepal]

PM announces to double insurance cover of migrant workers 2017-01-25 [The kathmandu Post]

Service charge unnecessary, says HAN 2017-01-24 [The Himalayan Times]

Nayak accuses AG of leading lawyers’ protest under pressure 2017-01-24 [The Haimalayan Times]

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