Athens rail union holds 24-hour strike

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Bosses ‘march workers to cash machines to GIVE BACK their wages’ 2017-03-25 [The Express]

Greek firms paying employees with coupons 2017-03-21 [DW]

Local authority workers call nationwide work stoppage for Tuesday, seeking back pay 2017-03-21 [ekathimerin]

Retail workers union stands up for H&M employees 2017-03-18 [Neos Kosmos]

Public sector employees still better paid in Greece than private sector 2017-03-17 [tornosnews]

Labor Ministry contemplating new extension to January contributions 2017-03-17 [ekathimerin]

35 trade union leaders to stand trial 2017-03-16 [PAME]

PSI Greek affiliate ADEDY launches study on the “Refugee Crisis and the Greek Public Services” 2017-03-15 [PSI]

Athens rail union holds 24-hour strike 2017-03-03 [AA]

Archaeological guards warn of further strike action after failed talks 2017-03-02 [Kathimerini]

Lenders take unacceptable hard line on worker rights 2017-03-01 [EurActiv]

Refugees continue to die as EU migration policy falters 2017-02-24 [equal times]

UPDATE: Union Announces Public Transport Workers Will Add Two More 24-Hour Strikes Next Week - See more at: 2017-02-21 [Greek Reporter]

Strike closes Acropolis, ancient sites in Greece 2017-02-20 [AP]

Greek workers face ever more precariousness 2017-02-17 [Equal Times]

Greek workers face ever more precariousness 2017-02-16 [Equal Times]

Private Employees Union: Vouchers and Prepaid Cards in Lieu of Pay a Form of Tax Evasion 2017-01-31 [The Reporter]

Deadlines looming for Marinopoulos, as workers consider striking 2017-01-04 [Kathimerini]

Unions clash with mayors over contract workers 2017-01-03 [Kathimerini]

Municipal workers scuffle with police at Athens rally 2016-12-28 [Kathimerini]

Ferry workers end 9-day strike 2016-12-11 [AP]

Thousands demonstrate over new budget cuts 2016-12-10 [The Observer]

Ferry workers end 9-day strike 2016-12-10 [The Times-Union]

Farmers Against Dock Workers on Strike in Crete 2016-12-10 [The Reporter]

Transportation Crippled By Union-Led Anti-Austerity Strikes 2016-12-09 [The Daily Caller]

Workers go on general strike against budget cuts 2016-12-08 [Reuters]

Journalists on 24-hour strike to protest austerity 2016-12-07 [The Times-Union]

Greece: General Strike Looms as IMF Demands Further Suppression of Workers’ Rights 2016-12-05 [ITUC]

New 48-hour strike declared by seamen 2016-12-04 [Tornos]

No ferries for a second day 2016-12-03 [Kathimerini]

General strike looms as IMF Demands Further Suppression of Workers’ Rights 2016-11-30 [ITUC ]

Country without ferries for two days as workers call strike 2016-11-30 [Kathimerini]

Public Sector Employees Strike in Athens over Government Reforms 2016-11-26 [LAHT]

Thessaloniki bus workers say they'll go ahead with strike Monday 2016-11-26 [Kathimerini]

Greek public sector workers go on strike over pensions and IMF austerity 2016-11-25 [News Today]

Public sector workers strike against EU/IMF 'reforms' 2016-11-24 [Reuters]

Civil servants, ferry workers to strike Thursday 2016-11-22 [Kathimerini]

Gov’t prepares sale of 5 percent stake in OTE 2016-11-20 [Kathimerini]

Main labour union to strike against EU/IMF reforms on Dec. 8 2016-11-05 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Greek main labour union to strike against EU/IMF reforms on Dec. 8 2016-11-03 [Reuters]

Bailout inspection as unions raise rights claim 2016-10-21 [Salon]

Hospital Workers Union Complains of Ambulance Shortage Problem 2016-10-19 [The Reporter]

Greek private TV workers protest feared job losses 2016-10-11 [Associated Press]

Doctors, paramedics protest severe health cuts 2016-10-07 [Canadian Business]

Health workers stage protest during 24-hour strike against cuts 2016-10-07 [BT]

Union pushes for access to education for all refugee children 2016-10-01 [Education International]

Aviation Workers Call-off Strike for Thursday and Friday 2016-09-29 [The Reporter]

Govt approves plan to transfer state utilities to new asset fund 2016-09-28 [DW]

Greek unions stage large protests as more austerity looms 2016-09-11 [AP]

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