Survey: Violence against nurses in elder care widespread

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JHL Union Council: Public sector employees also deserve better purchasing power 2017-11-22 [JHL]

Millariikka Rytkönen is the new Tehy President 2017-11-21 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Survey: Violence against nurses in elder care widespread 2017-11-19 [YLE]

The EU’s last indigenous peoples fight for self-determination and land rights 2017-11-15 [Equal Times]

Paper union talks to resume Monday, electrical workers continue strike 2017-11-04 [YLE]

Electrical workers' strike in the technology industry 2017-11-02 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Time to elect shop stewards 2017-11-01 [JHL]

Pay deal reached in technology sector 2017-10-31 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Electrical workers plan one-week strike 2017-10-19 [Reuters]

Forest industry offer paper workers zero pay rise 2017-10-12 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Pay rises and well-being at work on JHL list of goals for collective bargaining 2017-10-09 [JHL]

The Union of Health and Social Care Professionals in Finland set to get new President 2017-10-04 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Trade Union News from Finland turns 20 2017-09-27 [Trade Union News from Finland]

JHL readies itself for Autumn collective bargaining 2017-09-21 [JHL]

New round of collective bargaining underway 2017-09-18 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Leading education organisations launch institution for high education and culture standards 2017-09-05 [Education International]

UNI sends message of sympathy to Finland after terrorist attack 2017-08-25 [UNI]

The last permanent exhibit dedicated to Soviet leader Lenin 2017-08-24 [Atlas Obscura]

Solidarity with Turku 2017-08-24 [ITUC]

Solidarity with Turku 2017-08-22 [ITUC]

SAK wants to improve the position of those with zero-hour contracts 2017-08-21 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Government increases support for education of immigrant students and teachers 2017-08-21 [Education International]

ETUC: Solidarity with Turku 2017-08-21 [ETUC]

Unions demand clear pay rise for the municipal sector 2017-08-18 [JHL]

Nationwide rail strike: Traffic jams expected on roads 2017-08-14 [YLE]

Proposal for new Working Hours Act would make life more insecure for young families 2017-08-13 [JHL]

Unions focus on new employment and career coaching services 2017-08-10 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Education union welcomes new core curriculum in Early Childhood Education 2017-08-07 [Education International]

Record low number of redundancies in the first half of the year 2017-07-25 [Trade Union News from Finland]

What is the solution to Finland’s labour market mismatch? 2017-07-13 [Equal Times]

An experiment on the effect of offering the unemployed an unconditional basic income 2017-06-25 [The Economist]

Citizens given universal basic income report lower stress levels and greater incentive to work 2017-06-22 [Independent]

Unions demand real rise in pay in Autumn round of collective bargaining 2017-06-15 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Union Council re-elect Päivi Niemi-Laine as JHL President 2017-06-08 [JHL]

Universal basic income 'useless', says Finland's biggest union 2017-06-07 [The Independent]

The Finnish Industrial Union is born - three unions decided to merge 2017-05-22 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Record low number of labour disputes in 2016 2017-05-11 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Time for cooperation, not for dictating 2017-05-08 [JHL]

Retail managers strike to get collective agreement 2017-05-03 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Retail manager strike 2017-05-02 [YLE]

Personal assistants deserve their own education 2017-04-27 [JHL]

Up to 1,500 metal and industrial workers to strike in Tampere region 2017-04-20 [YLE]

Trade union members well represented among new municipal councillors 2017-04-20 [Trade Union News from Finland]

JHL urge people to vote in local elections: municipalities are still important in spite of regional reform 2017-04-17 [JHL]

Robotisation and Mercedes bring a thousand new jobs to Finland 2017-04-09 [Nordic Labour Journal ]

Social Democrats went forward at JHL Union Council elections 2017-03-31 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Employers' leader wants to terminate union level collective agreements and cut pay 2017-03-21 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Airport workers settle pay dispute, call off strikes 2017-03-21 [Reuters]

Aviation workers' strike cripples Helsinki Airport 2017-03-18 [YLE]

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14-11-1917 A week-long general strike begins in Finland, called by socialists influenced by the Russian Revolution. [more]