Country Is Seeing Increasing Work Protests

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Two more U.S. govt workers experienced symptoms at embassy in Havana 2017-10-21 [UPI]

We Must Support CUBA - Let’s Give Generously! 2017-09-29 [CUPW]

Trade unions from Vietnam and Cuba strengthen traditional relationships 2017-09-27 [VNA]

Open University should not be closed to Cubans 2017-09-15 [UNISON]

Cuba Solidarity Campaign launches appeal for victims of Hurricane Irma 2017-09-14 [NUT]

A New Reality in Cuba? Canada-Cuba Solidarity Conference 2017-07-09 [Worker-to-Worker]

SIPTU President calls on Irish Government to work with Cuba despite renewal of US sanctions 2017-06-20 [SIPTU]

May Day in Cuba ʺWe Are Privilegedʺ 2017-05-14 [CUPW]

Youth to Lead May Day Parade in Sancti Spíritus 2017-04-27 [Escambray]

State Companies Want to Reinstate Worker Vigilance 2017-03-17 [Havana Times]

Union Delegation to Cuba from April 29 to May 6, 2017 2017-03-16 [CUPW]

Fidel Has Left Us, Our Friendship With the Cuban People is Unwavering 2016-12-03 [CUPW]

GEFONT pays tribute to Fidel Castro 2016-12-03 [GEFONT]

Nehawu holds pro-Cuba picket outside US embassy 2016-12-03 [The Independent]

SIPTU executive offers condolences to Cuban people on death of Fidel Castro 2016-11-26 [SIPTU]

Four workers dead in bridge collapse: Canada miner Sherritt 2016-11-24 [Reuters]

Four workers dead in bridge collapse 2016-11-24 [Reuters]

Helen Kelly receives cancer treatment in Cuba 2016-08-25 [Radio New Zealand]

Cosatu wishes His Excellency Comrade Fidel Castro the best 90th birthday 2016-08-16 [COSATU]

GROOMED TO SPEND Welcome to the new Cuba, where dog baths cost what some state workers make in a whole paycheck 2016-05-30 [Quartz]

Country Is Seeing Increasing Work Protests 2016-05-28 [The Times]

Viva Cuba! Viva! 2016-05-12 [CUPW]

Workers Support Party Congress Decisions 2016-05-04 [The Times]

Cubans Celebrate International Workers'' Day 2016-05-02 [Prensa Latina]

Holguin’s Postal Workers “Strike” Proves Victorious 2016-03-06 [The Times]

The winds of change blow gently in Cuba 2016-02-01 [Equal Times]


Trade union co-operation strengthens against multinationals 2016-01-22 [BWI]

A new Cuban revolution and the stark divide between rich and poor 2016-01-09 [The Globe and Mail]

Court brings Home Office to heel over Cuban Five visa 2015-11-14 [Stronger Unions]

Government to bring Cuban doctors to mitigate medical strike 2015-08-20 [Yahoo]

Seven Years of Struggle for Participative and Democratic Socialism in Cuba 2015-08-20 [Havana Times]

Who Says There Are No Strikes in Cuba? 2015-08-01 [The Times]

DENOSA welcomes Cuban 5 to South Africa 2015-06-28 [DENOSA]

DENOSA welcomes the Cuban Five to South Africa 2015-06-24 [DENOSA]

Railway workers clean damage caused by derailed cargo train in Central Cuba 2015-06-23 [ACN]

ILO’s annual conference denied entry to a defender of trade union rights in Cuba For more info 2015-06-06 []

GIRSCC’s director denied access to headquarters of ILO in Geneva For more info 2015-06-06 [GIRSCC]

Cuba sends medical teams to help Nepal earthquake victims 2015-05-08 [Telesur]

No sign of Castro as Cubans celebrate May Day 2015-05-01 [Guardian]

A Cuban’s May Day Demands 2015-04-30 [Havana Times]

Delegation of Cuban Unionists Visits the BWI’s Regional Office in Panama 2015-04-25 [BWI]

CTC Cuban Workers Confederation excluded from Panama´s civil society forum 2015-04-11 [ACN]

President of Viet Nam Receives Cuban Union Secretary General 2015-04-03 [ACN]

Who Owns Cuba’s Habana Libre Hotel? 2015-03-25 [Havana Times]

Cuba Thanks South African Miners Solidarity 2015-02-23 [Prensa Latina]

UFCW Canada shares in Cuba celebration 2014-12-23 [UFCW]

The Cuban Five are Free! 2014-12-20 [CUPW]

US-Cuban prisoner exchange is long overdue, says TUC 2014-12-19 [TUC]

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