Greater Respect for Workers' Rights Is Demanded

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Flanders taxi reform opens door to Uber and threatens driver income 2018-01-16 [ITF GLOBAL UNION ]

Unions shed light on increasingly difficult job of being a teacher 2017-11-15 [Education International]

Greater Respect for Workers' Rights Is Demanded 2017-11-09 [Prensa Latina]

Public sector workers in the French-speaking region of Belgium have gone on a 24-hour strike 2017-10-11 [Euronews]

Ternium CEO not yet fit for Steelie award 2017-10-10 [IndustriALL]

Public transport strike in Brussels gets underway 2017-10-10 [The Travel Mole]

EU court says Ryanair cannot impose Irish law on foreign crews 2017-09-14 [RTÉ]

Public Service Strike: Prime Minister says commuters are being held hostage 2017-09-09 [The Times]

Limiting the impact of the francophone political crisis on the start of the school year 2017-09-04 [Education International]

Limiting the impact of the francophone political crisis on the start of the school year 2017-09-04 [Education International]

Liberal trade union leads transport strike action 2017-09-02 [Brussels Times]

Belgian Ministers asked to help release French journalist Loup Bureau 2017-08-09 [EFJ]

Fired by voicemail: an EDF worker speaks out 2017-08-03 [IndustriALL]

Flémalle: Segal staff on strike 2017-06-26 [The Times]

Brussels Airlines accused of social dumping: Some workers claim to not even receive minimum wage 2017-06-24 [The Times]

Spontaneous strike action in four Delhaize shops in Brussels 2017-03-18 [brusselstimes]

New education pact not as excellent as it appears 2017-02-15 [Education International]

IndustriALL and Solvay renew their global framework agreement for five years 2017-02-03 [IndustriALL]

ITUC seeks strategic organiser 2017-01-28 [Union Jobs]

15,000 steelworkers march to save steel in Europe 2016-11-10 [IndustriALL]

Thousands expected at steel rally in Brussels 2016-11-07 [IndustriALL]

National Union supports Walloon government’s rejection of CETA 2016-10-20 [NUPGE]

ING announces 7,000 job cuts as unions condemn 'horror show' 2016-10-04 [The Guardian]

ING's Plan to Cut 7,000 Workers Is Getting Backlash From Unions 2016-10-03 [Fortune]

Caterpillar threatens the future of thousands of Belgian families 2016-09-23 [Equal Times]

Caterpillar plant closure threatens 2,200 Belgian jobs 2016-09-03 [IndustriALL Global Unions]

Mentors for migrants: integrating refugees in the EU labour market 2016-08-19 [Equal Times]

Marcinelle mine disaster revisited by a crisis-shaken Europe 2016-08-09 [Equal Times]

Marcinelle mine disaster revisited by a crisis-shaken Europe 2016-08-08 [Equal Times]

General strike: “a clear message” to Kris Peeters 2016-06-25 [The Times]

Namur warders vote to continue strike 2016-06-04 [The Times]

Halt to cuts in public services! 2016-06-02 [Education International]

Public-sector workers strike, transport disrupted 2016-06-01 [The Mail]

Public-sector workers strike, transport disrupted 2016-05-31 [The Union-Tribune]

Police in Belgium fire water cannon at anti-austerity protesters 2016-05-26 [ Deutsche Welle ]

Over 60,000 union workers protest labor reform plans in Brussels 2016-05-25 [Reuters]

Unions call mass protest over work hours 2016-05-24 [Expatica]

Striking prison workers damage justice ministry 2016-05-17 [The Times-Union]

Unrest brewing in prisons 2016-05-12 [The Straits Times]

Security concerns delay partial re-opening of Brussels airport 2016-04-11 [State of the State]

Wounded, Belgium must rise to the challenge. 2016-04-08 [Equal Times]

Police strike delays reopening of Zaventem airport 2016-04-02 [The Guardian]

Workers mourn Brussels airport attack in silent vigil 2016-03-24 [France24]

UK firefighters send message of support to Belgian colleagues 2016-03-23 [FBU]

ITUC's Tim Noonan interviewed regarding Brussels attacks 2016-03-23 [Sydney Morning Herald]

CPSU postpones airport strikes after PM request in light of Brussels tragedy 2016-03-23 [CPSU]

Brussels attacks: Union confirms airport strikes will be postponed after pressure from Federal Government 2016-03-23 [ABC]

UNI Global Union condemns Brussels’ atrocity 2016-03-23 [UNI Global Union]

Airports workers cancel strike planned for U.S. hubs following Brussels attacks 2016-03-22 [Washington Post]

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