The Accord must continue in Bangladesh until the government is truly able to ensure worker safety

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6 Years after Rana Plaza: Bangladesh Set to Backslide For more info 2019-04-17 [Solidarity Center]

The Accord must continue in Bangladesh until the government is truly able to ensure worker safety 2019-04-17 [UNI]

The Accord must continue in Bangladesh until the government is truly able to ensure worker safety 2019-04-15 [IndustriALL]

Dutch sweets giant probes ‘attack’ on union activists 2019-04-15 [Brinkwire]

Dutch sweets giant probes 'attack' on Bangladesh factory workers 2019-04-12 [Reuters]

Management stands by as thugs assault union members at Perfetti Van Melle factory 2019-04-09 [IUF]

BJMC meeting with workers fails to end stalemate 2019-04-07 [The New Age]

United call for sustainable shipbreaking 2019-04-01 [IndustriALL]

6 years after Rana Plaza collapse, an accord to improve Bangladesh’s worker safety is in jeopardy 2019-03-25 [Salon]

Six years after the Rana Plaza collapse, garment workers still face harassment 2019-03-23 [Asia News]

GP employees union pledges to work for employees’ welfare 2019-03-17 [The New Age]

Govt to review wages for rice mill workers 2019-03-17 [The New Age]

After a 7-year struggle in Bangladesh, Grameenphone Employees Union wins recognition 2019-03-11 [UNI Global Union]

Ontario OSSTF/FEESO Sends Letter to Bangladesh High Commission Urging the Government to Respect Workers’ Rights 2019-03-11 [OSSTF]

Bangladesh unions call to reinstate over 12,000 retrenched garment workers 2019-03-08 [IndustriALL]

HRW urges govt to probe sacking of RMG workers 2019-03-07 [The New Age]

HRW to Bangladesh: Probe dismissals of protesting RMG workers 2019-03-06 [The Tribune]

Investigate Dismissals of Protesting Workers 2019-03-06 [Human Rights Watch]

Bangladesh Government must intervene to secure garment factory safety 2019-03-05 [IndustriALL]

Low wages affect basic amenities of workers 2019-03-05 [The Daily Star]

Bangladesh Workers Targeted with Gender-Based Violence For more info 2019-03-04 [Solidarity Center]

We’ll tell you what we want, what we really, really want: freedom, safety and a living wage for garment workers 2019-02-28 [Equal Times]

Thousands Fired From $30 Billion Bangladesh Garment Sector 2019-02-18 [Bloomberg]

Bangladesh Garment Employers Retailate Against Workers For more info 2019-02-14 [Solidarity Center]

Bangladesh Government set to throw away Accord achievements 2019-02-14 [IndustriALL]

Over 11,600 Bangladesh garment workers lose jobs and face repression 2019-02-11 [IndustriALL]

Why 50,000 Garment Workers in Bangladesh Went on Strike 2019-02-06 [In These Times]

Thousands of Bangladeshi garment workers jobless after protest 2019-02-05 [The News]

Global labour rights group demands release of arrested RMG workers 2019-02-05 [The New Age]

5,000 workers protesting low wages in Bangladeshi garment factories have been fired 2019-02-02 [Quartz]

Thousands sacked over garment industry protest 2019-01-31 [The Star-Tribune]

Almost 5,000 Bangladeshi garment workers sacked over strikes 2019-01-29 [AlJazeera]

Implement counter trafficking law effectively: speakers 2019-01-27 [The Daily Star]

Don't harass workers 2019-01-27 [The Daily Star]

These Women Make Your Zara Jeans. Now, They're Demanding to Be Paid Fairly. 2019-01-23 [Elle]

What do Bangladeshi garment workers really really want? A real living wage 2019-01-22 [TUC]

Spice Girls want Bangladesh factory investigated over ‘abuse’ of workers 2019-01-22 [thehindu]

Why are wages so low for garment workers in Bangladesh? 2019-01-22 [theguardian]

It’s no surprise that the Spice Girls T-shirt was made by workers on poverty wages 2019-01-21 [IndustriALL]

Hunger for profits drives exploitation of females in Bangladesh's garment industry 2019-01-21 [MENAFN]

Wage battles erupt in the garment sector – and unions can’t contain them 2019-01-21 []

EPZ Labour Ordinance promulgated 2019-01-20 [The New Age]

Hundreds sacked after garment strikes 2019-01-17 [Business Recorder]

Solidarity Center-Bangladesh Organizes Advocacy Meeting on Counter Trafficking Law 2019-01-16 [Migration News]

Hundreds sacked after Bangladesh garment factory workers' strikes 2019-01-16 [The Tribune]

Bangla workers reject wage hike, walk off factories 2019-01-15 [The Gulf Times]

Thousands of garment workers clash with police over poor pay 2019-01-14 [The Guardian]

Garment workers reject wage hike, walk off job 2019-01-14 [Inquirer]

Workers stage demonstration, ransack factories 2019-01-13 [Xinhua]

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This month in labour history

25-04-2013 100,000s of garment workers walked out in protest of the previous day's building collapse which killed over 1,000. They barricaded roads, fought police and attacked factories, shops and garment bosses' HQ. [more]