Summary-Draft Labour Law

Summary – Draft Iraqi Labour Law

This is an English translation of the original Arabic summary of the draft Iraqi labour law presented by Senior Deputy Noori Muhsin Al-Hilfi, of the Iraqi Ministry of Labour at a public seminar on 26 May 2010. The full version of this labour law – soon to be uploaded in Arabic – is sitting on the desk of the acting Iraqi Prime Minister. 

Women in Iraqi Kurdistan – demanding their rights at work and at home

‘Essentially there are three classes of women here in Kurdistan. Women who are highly educated and who are in professional jobs; women who work in agriculture or factories who are paid low and work very hard and whose wages do not always go into their own pocket, but into the pockets of men; and then there are the traditional workers and artisans who have a lot of skills in traditional industries and handicrafts which we really need to preserve.’ For more information please click here:

ICEM Executive Condemns Repressive Union Actions by Iraq

The ICEM Executive Committee, on the second day of its annual deliberations 27 May, denounced Iraq’s government for continued failure to enact a draft labour law, as well as numerous and current prohibitions against trade union activities. For more information please click here:

The Two Trade Union Federations in Iraqi Kurdistan Unite, Merge

A historic event took place early this month in the northern Iraq region of Kurdistan: the region’s two labour federations, traditional tied to Kurdistan’s two political parties, merged, creating a single voice for workers in northern Iraq.  For more information please click here:

British Parliament Early Day Motion on Labour Law in Iraq

Early Day Motion

EDM 192
Anderson, David

That this House supports the work of the new and independent trade union movement in Iraq; deplores the barbaric terrorist attack on a textile factory in Hilla in May 2010 which killed 40 workers and injured dozens of other people; agrees with the Trades Union Congress that this is a tragic reminder of just how urgently Iraq needs a stable, non-sectarian government which can put in place the laws and policies to enable ordinary Iraqis to live and work in dignity, peace and freedom; and extends its solidarity to the General Federation of Iraqi Workers in its efforts, and those of many others around the world, to urge the Iraqi government and Parliament to overturn the continuing ban on public sector trade unions and implement a fair and just labour law. For  more information please click here:

The ITUC Backs Iraqi Unions

“Iraq is at a tipping point,” Abdullah Muhsin told a fringe meeting at the world trade union congress in Vancouver today. Speaking about the campaign for a just labour law in Iraq, the international representative of the General Federation of Iraqi Workers said: “We have one of the most notorious labour laws in the world.” For More in formation please click here:

In uncertain times, Iraqi unions step up labour law campaign

As negotiations to form a new Iraqi government drag on, the trade union movement is stepping up its campaign for a fair, just and ILO-compliant labour law.

The TUC spoke with Abdullah Mushin, international representative of the General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW) the main national trade union centre in Iraq, about the campaign and its prospects following the recent elections in Iraq. For More information please click here:

The Iraqi National Labour Campaign Committee Meets in Baghdad

The National labour campaign for a fair and just labour law  met in Baghdad 19 May 2010 and discussed a number of issues including the forthcoming ILO Conference, the ITUC Congress in Vancouver and the suggested International Conference to be held in Baghdad at the end of this year.

The meeting as well decided to organize a national general meeting in Baghdad on 23 May for the heads of the GFIW in Iraq’s Provinces, the heads of the GFIW affiliated national unions and the national Labour campaign committee. The purpose of this meeting is  to agree on a new push, a new national action plan to persuade the Iraqi authorities to legislate a new and fair labour law that adheres to the ILO core conventions.   

The meeting as well discussed the possiblity of visiting Iraqi Kurdistan within the next few days to meet with the head of the new Kurdistan United Workers Union and key Regional Government offcicials.