In remembrance of Anfal and Halabja

On 16th March 1988 Saddam Hussein’s fascist-type regime gassed over 5000 Kurdish civilians in the town of Halabja as part of Anfal, the campaign of ethnic cleansing perpetrated by Saddam’s regime in which 182,000 Kurds disappeared without trace.
‘The Joint Kurdish Committee for Anfal and Halabja’ supported by the Kurdish Studies Forum of SOAS are organising a meeting in remembrance of Anfal and Halabja at the Brunei Gallery, School of Oriental and African Studies, 10 Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H OCG on Sunday 13th March 2005 from 2.00pm

A Brief History of the ‘Yellow’ Unions in Saddam’s Iraq

GFTU: Instrument of Repression Against Iraqi Workers under Dictatorship.
Published by the Workers Democratic Trade Union
Movement (WDTUM) in Iraq – Nov. 2003.
When the Baath party seized power by a coup
d’etat in July 1968, it launched a systematic
campaign to break up the workers’ trade unions.
Only four days after the coup, the regime took
over the offices of the legitimate trade unions,
arrested the leadership and appointed their own
men in union positions.

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