An Iraqi MP questions result of recent workers elections

Leading MP of State of the Law calls on Presidency of Iraqi Parliament to check trade unions independence

A leading MP Mr Saleh Al Asadi member of the State of Law [of the current Iraqi Prime Minister], Mr Al Asadi’s parliamentary list is a member of the National Alliance block. Mr Al Asadi said that the formation of government Committee to manage and supervise workers elections has compromised trade unions dependence and violate Arab and International Standards. Mr Al Asadi stressed the need to form a new trade union committee by the GFIW and its unions or a committee by the Iraqi House of representatives.

Al Asaid said in a press release 27 July that the formation of a new committee will ensure the non –interference of political parties in the internal affairs of the unions and thus allow them to choose trade union leaders freely. He added that unions should act like melting pot that brings together all shade of Iraqi society. Al Aasadi called on the Presidency Council of the Iraqi House of Representative to intervene to investigate recent election results in order to protect trade unions independence and the unity of the trade union movement which it is under increasing threat of further divisions.