Textile workers in the city of al Kut in the south of Iraq hold one day protest.

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Protestors demand better living conditions and the sacking of the company director.

Hundreds of workers  at al Kut National Textile Company  protested on Monday 25 July 2011 in front of the provincial council to demand better living conditions. Protestors called as well for the dismissal of the Director General of the Company.

Workers organized a peaceful demonstration to convey their demands, which included sacking the manager of the company who is accused by protestors as the reason behind the collapse of the al Kut Textile Company, which was one of the profitable national companies in Iraq.

One of the Protesters (Assad Ali)  said that 75 cases of kidney illness from pollution caused by waste left by cotton are now documented adding that workers are not being paid risk (dangerous work) allowances. Protestors called on the company to payout arrears of their allowances.

It is worth to note that Al Kut Textile Company employs 5500 workers in textile, spinning and knitting factories.