On the Iraqi Council of Ministers

To the Iraqi working people:
The Iraqi working people are playing an important role in the development of the new Iraq and are helping in the re-building of Iraq’s devastated national economy.

They are taking a full active role in the consolidation of the current political process in order to create a democratic, united and federal state after years of repression and hardship at the hands of the deposed dictatorship of Saddam.
Today our courageous working people are exerting their legitimate rights to assist in the building of a democratic state, to defend the fundamental rights of working people in a free and democratic Iraq.
But today despite our sacrifices and instead of receiving the support they deserve from the new Iraqi state, the Iraqi working people and their legitimate trade unions are subjected to unjust attacks and clear open interference in the internal affairs by the “new” old Iraqi Council of Ministers and some Ministries of the transitional government. Their purpose is to prevent working people from organising free and democratic unions. Saddam Hussein