The National Labour Campaign Held Public Trade Union Meeting In Kirkuk in Support of Fair and Just Labour Law

Leaders of the GFIW in Kirkuk.

The GFIW- led national labour campaign for a fair and just labour law has just organized a public meeting, in Kirkuk north of Baghdad to spared and strengthen national pressure, coupled with international trade union support  to persuade the Iraqi government to enact an ILO compliant labour law .

 An Iraqi MP form the Iraqi list has attended the meeting and pledged support for the campaign and for new  labour law.  An official from the department of social welfare- the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs -attended the meeting as well.  

 The meeting was organized on 22 April 2010.

It is worth to note here that the president of the National OIl and Gas Union has helped to organize this meeting.

Mahdi Hassib talk on the progress of the campaign