Today in labour history

Today in Labour History

1891 Canada At Springhill, Nova Scotia an explosion takes the lives of 125 men and boys in the province's largest coal mine disaster. They leave more than 200 widows and children. [more]

1919 Spain 70% of businesses in Catalonia shut as Barcelona power workers begin a city-wide strike

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Thursday 21 February 2019, 17:32:08

Today's news

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Ukraine 192 miners protesting undeground [KVPU] For more info 2019-02-21

Korea (North) 150,000 workers head to Wonsan in extreme cold [DailyNK] 2019-02-18

Russia Профсоюзы начинают кампанию против закрытия завода «Форд» во Всеволожске [КТР] 2019-02-17

Portugal Public sector strike disrupts schools, hospitals [AFP] 2019-02-17

South Africa Конгресс Южноафриканских профсоюзов провел общенациональную забастовку против приватизации государственной энергетической компании [Regnum] 2019-02-15

Venezuela Peace, dialogue and respect for human rights - not military intervention [PSI] 2019-02-15

Venezuela Pronunciamiento de la ISP sobre la situación en Venezuela [ISP] 2019-02-15

Mexico New trade union confederation underway [Svensson foundation] 2019-02-15

USA In 2018, Labor Strikes Had the Largest Increase of the Last Three Decades. Here's Why [Fortune] 2019-02-15

Bangladesh Bangladesh Government set to throw away Accord achievements [IndustriALL] 2019-02-14

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Today's news: 21.02.2019

2 more labour news stories from today

Africa / South Africa Glencore African union network opens dialogue with company [IndustriALL] 2019-02-21

Asia / Pacific Asia-Pacific deadliest region for journalists [E tu union] 2019-02-20

Australia Disability Royal Commission to bring welcome spotlight on sector [HSU Nat] 2019-02-21 17 more labour news stories from Australia today

Canada Trade Tribunal Agrees with Steelworkers on Foreign Dumping Case [USW] 2019-02-21 7 more labour news stories from Canada today

Finland Citizens’ initiative to stop activation model voted down in Parliament following most unusual debate [Trade Union News from Finland] 2019-02-21

France / Europe The future of labour is female [Equal Times] 2019-02-20

Global Felisa Tibbitts appointed UNESCO Chair in Human Rights in Higher Education [Education International] 2019-02-21 1 more labour news stories from Global today

Korea (North) Gov't deducts money from workers’ salaries to pay for Kim Jong Il birthday events [DailyNK] 2019-02-21

Korea (South) [2.20] KMWU opened its 2019 'struggle season' [CINA] 2019-02-21 4 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

Nepal Human rights violation incidents on rise-INSEC [] 2019-02-20

New Zealand CTU welcomes Tax Working Group report [NZCTU-te Kauae Kamahi] 2019-02-21 4 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Slovakia Call for justice and accountability of state authorities on the anniversary of the murder of Ján Kuciak [EFJ] 2019-02-21

South Africa Numsa special NEC to discuss plastics strike, Eskom unbundling [ANA/IOL] 2019-02-20 8 more labour news stories from South Africa today

UK Zero-hours contracts are still rife – it's time to give all workers the rights they deserve [TUC] 2019-02-21 16 more labour news stories from UK today

Ukraine Ukrainian miners protest underground against non-payment of wages [IndustriALL] 2019-02-21

USA / California Why Oakland teachers are going to strike [SF Chronicle] 2019-02-21 36 more labour news stories from USA today

Zimbabwe Calls for safety standards in artisanal mining as Zimbabwe’s flooded gold mines claim 28 lives [IndustriALL] 2019-02-21 0 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today