(English) Visa

Until beginning of April, we have worked hard to secure visa invitations for participants of our conference. However, due to the huge amount of people requesting visas (far more than 200), we will not be able to accommodate all of them.

We will send visa invitations out until April 15 and hope you will still have sufficient time to secure your visa. Should you have any difficulty at the embassy/consulate, please contact us.

For those who we will not be able to accommodate, we apologize. We are very sorry the restrictive Schengen regime is putting hardships on people coming from many countries. This experience once again reinforces our belief that trade unions must stand up for full freedom of movement for all people.

Also for those who have not yet requested our help in getting invitation letters, – unfortunately we will not be able any more to help.

In both cases, we encourage you to turn to your sister unions in Germany and Europe or to your global union federation for help in getting invitation letters.