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UK Unite statement on Tom Watson MP’s claims on Momentum and Unite 2017-03-20 [Unite]

UK England RMT on Southern Rail response to union call for talks 2017-03-20 [RMT]

UK Usdaw joins calls for British Sign Language to get the same recognition as other languages 2017-03-20 [USDAW]

UK England Angry workers at the oldest cinema strike over wages 2017-03-20 [Argus]

UK England Coty factory closure in Northumberland shows why unions are needed more than ever 2017-03-19 []

UK Record number of EU nurses quit NHS 2017-03-19 [The Guardian]

UK England May pledges to fight for 'precious union' of UK 2017-03-18 [ST]

UK England UAL joins list of London universities voting for strike action 2017-03-18 [UCU]

UK England TUC conference backs fight to save Deaf Studies degree at Bristol University 2017-03-18 [UCU]

UK McCluskey calls for government inquiry into Forties pipeline sale 2017-03-18 [Unite]

UK MPs attack DWP closure plans ahead of PCS lobby 2017-03-18 [PCS]

UK England Union threatens industrial action at Bank of England over pay 2017-03-17 [Reuters]

UK England Wakefield workers go on strike 2017-03-17 [The Express]

UK England RMT accepts Merseyrail invite to talks without preconditions 2017-03-17 [RMT]

UK Aerospace Giant's £40million Pension Fund 'Disappears' 2017-03-17 [GMB]

UK Scotland RMT takes Save Our Seafarers 2020 campaign to SNP conference 2017-03-17 [RMT]

UK England Campaign to save Bromley’s libraries from privatisation ramps up with week-long strike by library staff 2017-03-17 [Unite]

UK IFJ calls for action to stop the Murdoch media takeover 2017-03-17 [IFJ]

UK Scotland Civilian staff at Faslane to strike over worker rights 2017-03-17 [The Scotsman]

UK England Deal struck with Aslef over Southern Rail dispute 2017-03-16 [BBC]

Global Unions and NGOs gather in London to stand up for climate refugees 2017-03-16 [Equal Times]

UK England Protest over Privatisation of Barnsley Hospital 2017-03-16 [GMB]

UK UK has almost 1 Million Zero Hours Contracts 2017-03-16 [GMB]

UK England UK unemployment is as low as 1975 – but why aren't wages rising? 2017-03-16 [Guardian]

UK England Passengers support guards and wish them good luck as strike continues 2017-03-16 [Liverpool Echo]

UK Do the maths, employers: strong unions are good for business 2017-03-16 [Guardian]

UK 'More Than Half Brits Want To Know Brexit Impact' 2017-03-16 [GMB]

UK Government’s Brexit confusion threatens hundreds of thousands of jobs 2017-03-16 [Unite]

UK England GTR and ASLEF reach new agreement to settle dispute 2017-03-16 [ASLEF]

UK Ex-prison chief claims he was bullied over union role by prison director 2017-03-15 [Belfast Telegraph]

UK Royal Mail considers union’s pitch for ‘new kind’ of pension plan 2017-03-14 [The Financial Times]

UK Unions boycott broadcasters’ diversity plan 2017-03-14 [BECTU]

UK Rail freight at risk from Tories 2017-03-14 [ASLEF]

UK ASLEF welcomes HS2 2017-03-14 [ASLEF]

UK Scotland RMT Pledges Support For Ardrossan-BRODICK Ferry Services 2017-03-14 [RMT]

UK England North east hit hardest by zero-hours posts 2017-03-14 [Morning Star]

UK Theft from shops is a serious crime that should always be investigated and prosecuted 2017-03-14 [USDAW]

UK Night Tube workers to go on strike 2017-03-14 [Metro]

UK Budget Hides £1 Billion 'FREE School Slush Fund' 2017-03-13 [GMB]

UK ‘No controlling mind’ over community nurse workforce planning, as health visitors transferred to councils 2017-03-13 [Unite]

UK ‘To fly, to starve’ – BA cabin crew deserve better 2017-03-13 [Guardian]

UK Unite statement on the deportation from Israel of Palestine Solidarity Campaign chair For more info 2017-03-13 [Unite]

UK Thatcher’s plot against union leader revealed 2017-03-13 [PCS]

UK Rail workers strike over driver-only trains 2017-03-13 [ITV]

UK England Misery for passengers as rail unions strike at three rail firms north and south 2017-03-13 [Belfast News Letter]

UK England RMT Southern action holding firm nearly a year on 2017-03-13 [RMT]

UK England RMT Northern Rail action 'absolutely rock solid' 2017-03-13 [RMT]

UK England Deliveroo Couriers Stage Demo Against Anti-Union Bosses 2017-03-13 [Morning Star]

UK Fresh Insights Into Thatcher’s War On Unions 2017-03-13 [Morning Star]

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