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UK Northern Ireland Gold mine stops development after police refuse to provide anti-terrorism security 2017-04-25 []

UK Scotland STUC demand more powers for Holyrood on workers rights after Brexit 2017-04-25 [CommonSpace]

UK England “No Longer Invisible”: LSE cleaners’ strike all too familiar in two-tier U.K 2017-04-25 [IWGB]

UK England University of London security officers go on strike tomorrow to end zero-hours contracts 2017-04-25 [IWGB]

UK England University of London security staff strike in zero-hours contracts row 2017-04-25 [Shropshire Star]

UK Scotland Postal strike action ends in Kilmarnock after workers meet Royal Mail bosses 2017-04-25 [Daily Record]

UK Next government must guarantee that UK will not fall behind EU on workers’ rights, says TUC 2017-04-25 [TUC]

UK The changing world of work and the trade union movement’s response 2017-04-25 []

UK RMT backs maximum vote for Labour 2017-04-25 [RMT]

UK Unions Are The Last Line Of Defence Against Cuts 2017-04-25 [Morning Star]

UK Blog - The Conservative Party are the problem, not the solution 2017-04-25 [UNISON]

UK Unite appeals for solidarity with Fujitsu workers 2017-04-25 [IndustriALL]

UK England Merseyrail guards talks collapse 2017-04-24 [RMT]

UK International Workers’ Memorial Day 2017 2017-04-24 [PCS]

UK Scotland Corbyn rules out anti-Tory pact at Scottish trade union conference 2017-04-24 [Guardian]

UK Setting the post-Brexit agenda 2017-04-24 [CWU]

UK Is the BBC washing its hands of staff on Songs of Praise? 2017-04-24 [BECTU]

UK Patients still at risk from chronic nurse understaffing, says UNISON 2017-04-24 [UNISON]

UK Take part in survey to find out most effective ways to help firefighters with PTSD 2017-04-24 [FBU]

UK The Tories want to finish us off - CWU warning 2017-04-24 [Morning Star]

UK Newsquest's 'shabby scheme' gives new meaning to free newspapers 2017-04-24 [NUJ]

UK Submit your emergency motion or reference back for PCS Conference 2017 2017-04-24 [PCS]

UK ‘Six weeks to save the NHS’, health conference told 2017-04-24 [UNISON]

UK Scotland Sturgeon and Corbyn to address STUC congress 2017-04-24 [BBC]

UK Remembering Bob Crow, a fighter for workers everywhere 2017-04-24 [USI]

UK Scotland Female council workers in Dundee are 'underpaid', say unions 2017-04-24 [Evening Telegraph]

UK Learning From Our History, Looking To Our Future 2017-04-23 [CWU]

UK England Launch for unique historical website of Manchester and Salford Women’s TUC 2017-04-23 [The Star]

UK Justice for Injured Workers Campaign 2017-04-22 [USDAW]

UK England Unite seeks assurances over job security as Grimsby fish processor firm put up for sale 2017-04-21 [Unite]

UK England Time for an honest conversation about trade unions 2017-04-21 [Guardian]

UK Health visitors and school nurses to prepare election checklist to ringfence public health budgets 2017-04-21 [Unite]

UK Fighting for the future of homecare 2017-04-21 [UNISON]

UK England London - 6 May demo to fight fascists in Croydon 2017-04-21 [PCS]

UK Unite appeals for solidarity with Fujitsu UK workers 2017-04-20 [IndustriALL]

UK Unite - McCluskey rival suspended for 'bringing union into disrepute' 2017-04-20 [Guardian]

UK England Tomorrow’s Woolwich Ferry strike suspended, as talks make ‘positive’ progress 2017-04-20 [Unite]

UK Construction material warning as Cemex drivers ballot on strike action 2017-04-20 [Unite]

UK England London May Day March and Rally - Monday 1st May 2017-04-20 [ASLEF]

UK Marks and Spencer - store reorganisation starts with six closures - Usdaw calls for talks 2017-04-20 [USDAW]

UK Japan’s ambassador urged to intervene in Fujitsu’s ‘shameful’ job loss dispute 2017-04-20 [Unite]

UK England RMT responds to National Audit Office report 2017-04-20 [RMT]

UK Brutal Machete Attack On Union Man 2017-04-20 [GMB]

UK General Secretary's Message Ahead Of General Election 2017-04-20 [GMB]

UK England Hinkley Point Delays on Cards 2017-04-20 [GMB]

UK ‘Solid support’ for BMW strike leaves production lines laying idle 2017-04-19 [Unite]

UK GMB Urges Councils to Use Existing Powers to Control ‘Wild West’ Taxi Regulation 2017-04-19 [GMB]

UK School Funding – Government must come clean before the Election 2017-04-19 [NUT]

UK Construction undercutting must end 2017-04-19 [TUC Going to Work]

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