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UK Commuter Hell Revealed 2017-08-08 [GMB]

UK England Unite seeks guarantees following Nissan battery plant sale For more info 2017-08-08 [Unite]

UK Scotland Chivas workers strike at Kilmalid site over pay dispute 2017-08-08 [The Reporter]

UK The government’s decision to privatise enforcement puts profits ahead of security 2017-08-08 [Touchstone - TUC]

UK England Warning of more industrial action at Sheffield factory as steelworkers' strike ends 2017-08-08 [Sheffield Telegraph]

UK Student attainment gap must be narrowed to achieve quality education for all 2017-08-08 [Education International]

UK Unite Scotland joins forces with campaign groups and Fringe workers to launch #FairFringe campaign 2017-08-07 [Unite]

UK Learn about neurodiversity courses with PCS – dates for autumn 2017-08-07 [PCS]

UK Higher education: UNISON wins SOAS commitment to end outsourcing 2017-08-07 [UNISON]

UK IFJ condemns Israel’s announcement to shut down Al Jazeer 2017-08-07 [NUJ]

UK West London Amazon Flex worker's report 2017-08-07 [AWW]

UK FTSE100 CEO Wage Would Take Average Worker 160 Years To Earn 2017-08-07 [GMB]

UK EU citizens facing discrimination over jobs and housing 2017-08-07 [UNISON]

UK England Taxi Demo Calls For Uber Transparency 2017-08-07 [GMB]

UK ‘I go without lunch and tell my colleagues I’m on a diet’ 2017-08-07 [UNISON]

UK England Jobs fair for under threat Kidderminster carpet workers 2017-08-05 [Community Union]

UK FBU: NE couldn't properly deal with another Grenfell 2017-08-05 []

UK New union aims to overhaul self-employed workers' rights 2017-08-05 [Guardian]

UK Poorest pensioners hit by rise in state pension age 2017-08-05 [Touchstone - TUC]

UK England Birmingham - TUC calls for peace talks in bitter dispute 2017-08-04 [TUC]

UK England Call for ‘strong’ industrial strategy, as Suffolk engineering firm announces closure with loss of 500 jobs 2017-08-04 [Unite]

UK Labour MPs and trade unionists are calling for Jeremy Corbyn to commit to defending free movement when the UK leaves the EU 2017-08-04 [Guardian]

UK Grenfell public inquiry must listen to us, say firefighters 2017-08-04 [FBU]

UK Court quashes redundancy scheme cuts - full extent of our victory in the High Court over the government’s cuts to civil service redundancy pay 2017-08-04 [PCS]

UK TUC finds one in three LGBT people are still harassed or bullied at work 2017-08-04 [TUC]

UK Wales Railway network to be privatised, RMT union claims 2017-08-04 [BBC]

UK England Brixton Ritzy cinema workers out on strike this Friday and Saturday 2017-08-04 [Buzz]

UK Demand needs to rise before rates do 2017-08-04 [TUC - Touchstone Blog]

UK PM must prove Britain’s influence at G20 by winning agreements to improve workers’ lives, says TUC 2017-08-04 [TUC]

UK What would it take for trade deals to protect workers’ rights? 2017-08-04 [TUC - Touchstone Blog]

UK England BELEAGUERED Kensington and Chelsea council has the highest unemployment rate in London 2017-08-04 [Morning Star]

UK GMB - Tim Roache: The scandal of executive pay shows why we need trade unions 2017-08-03 [LabourList]

UK Northern Ireland Christian pastor loses unfair dismissal tribunal 2017-08-03 [BBC]

UK Unite calls on British Airways to hammer out a deal to avoid more August strikes 2017-08-03 [Unite]

UK Mary Turner obituary Trade unionist who led the GMB for 20 years 2017-08-03 [Guardian]

UK Important video update from DGSP Terry Pullinger 2017-08-03 [CWU]

UK New Mental Health Jobs Will Only Scratch Surface 2017-08-03 [GMB]

UK England Unions warn further Teesside protests expected in ‘pay the rate’ dispute 2017-08-03 [Unite]

UK ATL comment on EPI report on gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers 2017-08-03 [ATL]

UK England Widespread disruption predicted at Eggborough power station as scaffolders announce strikes 2017-08-03 [Unite]

UK England 'Battle royal’ pledge by Unite over East Midlands hospitals’ merger 2017-08-03 [Unite]

UK FT statement on #equal pay 2017-08-03 [NUJ]

UK EPI report on educational attainment gap 2017-08-03 [NUT]

UK Scotland Union slams 'scandalous' wage gap as ordinary worker would take 159 YEARS to earn salary of fatcat bosses 2017-08-03 [The Daily Record]

UK Argos workers poised for 3 week strike 2017-08-03 [Retail Gazette]

UK 160 years to earn a FTSE 100 boss's salary 2017-08-03 [Morning Star]

UK England First Bank of England strike in 50 years 2017-08-03 [CHHR]

UK To vape or not to vape at work 2017-08-03 [TUC - Stronger Unions]

UK Lighthouse Group renews contract with Prospect union 2017-08-03 [ShareCast]

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