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UK England Manchester City Council moves to lift carers’ pay 2018-03-16 [UNISON]

UK Historic editions of Firefighter magazine made available online for first time 2018-03-16 [FBU]

UK Blog: United Utilities workers are on strike to defend their right to a fair pension 2018-03-16 [UNISON]

UK England Campaign for ex-Carillion staff to be brought in-house at the British Museum 2018-03-16 [PCS]

UK England York council agrees to sign Ethical Care Charter 2018-03-16 [UNISON]

UK Call for external examiners to resign at pension strike universities 2018-03-16 [UCU]

UK Chancellor’s spring statement 2018-03-16 [NUT]

UK England Gatwick airport workers in strike vote over below inflation pay offer 2018-03-16 [Unite the union]

UK BALPA launches a bid to host a major pilot conference in Manchester 2018-03-16 [BALPA]

UK English schools having to spend more than they get to educate pupils 2018-03-16 [UNISON]

UK National minimum wage drives increases in UK Theatre pay 2018-03-16 [BECTU]

UK Water workers go on strike 2018-03-16 [2br]

UK Unilever Leaving UK For Protection 2018-03-16 [GMB]

UK England RMT confirms industrial action on South Western Railway 2018-03-16 [RMT]

UK England Newsquest denies NUJ claims it is replacing ‘redundant’ newsdesk role 2018-03-16 []

UK Men paid 2½ times more per hour than women at HSBC 2018-03-16 [Irish Times]

UK England Cultural Manifesto for Yorkshire Trade Unions launched 2018-03-15 [TUC]

UK Toothless takeover rules must be overhauled as Unilever moves to Rotterdam, says Unite 2018-03-15 [Unite the union]

UK England Newsquest's version of new newsroom roles at Swindon Advertiser 'absolute fiction' says NUJ chapel 2018-03-15 [NUJ]

UK Nursing by association - new breed of healthcare professional coming 2018-03-15 [UNISON]

UK TGI Fridays ‘named and shamed’ over unpaid trial shifts 2018-03-15 [Unite the union]

UK Northern Ireland Health visitor shortage causing baby review backlog 2018-03-15 [BBC]

UK Toxic combination of private profiteering and cuts decimating local bus services 2018-03-15 [RMT]

UK Spy Scandal Shows We Can't Rely On Russia For Gas 2018-03-15 [GMB]

UK Scotland Strike action set to begin for First Bus drivers in Aberdeen 2018-03-15 [Evening Express]

UK MPs call for unpaid shifts to be illegal 2018-03-15 [BBC]

UK Interviews with west London women workers - Part 3 2018-03-15 [AWW]

UK England Union warns of jobs risk in shift to electric cars 2018-03-15 [FT]

UK New spycops revelations underline the need for blacklisting public inquiry 2018-03-14 [Unite the union]

UK Talks imminent on PCS pay claim 2018-03-14 [PCS]

UK 'Cruel' School Dinner Cap 2018-03-14 [GMB]

UK England Swindon Advertiser staff show disgust as Newsquest advertises redundant post 2018-03-14 [NUJ]

UK This is where the gender pay gap starts – with teenage workers 2018-03-14 [The Guardian]

UK ITN reveals 19.6% gender pay gap 2018-03-14 [Belfast Telegraph]

UK Northern Ireland Kilroot closure: Council faces £1.3m loss in rates income 2018-03-14 [BBC]

UK PCS urges Gauke to block more courts privatisation 2018-03-14 [PCS]

UK Unite lays out roadmap to put UK car industry in the fast lane of electric vehicle technology 2018-03-14 [Unite the union]

UK Want to save your job and make more money? Buy out your boss 2018-03-14 [Guardian]

UK National Grid Realise Britain Needs Gas 2018-03-14 [GMB]

UK Jennie Formby looks set to be Labour's general secretary 2018-03-14 [Guardian]

UK 'Ostrich' Chancellor Makes Spring Statement 2018-03-14 [GMB]

UK Unions at Al Jazeera ballot for industrial action 2018-03-14 [BECTU]

UK Spring statement tunnel vision shows government ignorant to the struggles of households across the UK 2018-03-14 [Unite the union]

UK Workers at five London cinemas are back on strike 2018-03-14 [tv3]

UK Women in Glasgow 'robbed of millions of hours' through council's equal pay failure 2018-03-14 [ET]

UK No end to pay misery in chancellor’s spring statement pc 2018-03-13 [PCS]

UK Spring Statement leaves public services in a dark place, says UNISON 2018-03-13 [UNISON]

UK GMB Condemns Vile 'Punish A Muslim Day' Letters 2018-03-13 [GMB]

UK England RMT lobbying the German Embassy in London 2018-03-13 [RMT]

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