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UK Reps from Natural England launch report in the House of Commons 2019-03-14 [Prospect]

UK Union ballot launched for BT members to reject its People Framework plans 2019-03-14 [BECTU]

UK Teaching unions deeply disappointed after Hammond ignores school funding crisis 2019-03-14 [Morning Star]

UK Chancellor ignores the retail crisis and offers little to low-paid workers 2019-03-14 [USDAW]

UK England RMT warns of Greater Anglia threat to cheap tickets 2019-03-14 [RMT]

UK Plans to ban gas hearing in new homes must be put on hold 2019-03-13 [GMB]

UK Pilots warn drone operators not to fall foul of new laws 2019-03-13 [BALPA]

UK Why has Theresa May decided to slash import tariffs for no-deal Brexit? 2019-03-13 [ITV]

UK Usdaw calls for talks with Lidl over plans to move a warehouse from Lutterworth to Peterborough 2019-03-13 [USDAW]

UK Little today for struggling local services, says UNISON 2019-03-13 [UNISON]

UK Hazards Conference UK’s biggest event for trade union safety reps and activists 2019-03-13 [Hazards Campaign]

UK England Hazards Conference 2019, 26-28th July - Call For Applications 2019-03-13 [TSSA]

UK Union deplores weak legal protection of academic freedom 2019-03-13 [EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL]

UK GMB responds to the second huge Parliamentary defeat for May's Brexit deal 2019-03-12 [GMB]

UK Firefighters slam 'incomprehensible' further cuts to the fire service 2019-03-12 [FBU]

UK Usdaw challenges the Chancellor to 'save our shops' and address the squeeze on workers' incomes 2019-03-12 [USDAW]

UK Taxi union RMT postpones planned Birmingham protests tomorrow 2019-03-12 [RMT]

UK Chancellor should ditch the two-child limit to universal credit and tax credits, says UNISON 2019-03-12 [UNISON]

UK 'Uber Leaks' outrage as water company uses taxi firms to investigate spills 2019-03-12 [GMB]

UK Trade unions to join global stand against racism on 16 March 2019-03-12 [TUC]

UK BBC investigated over discrimination by equal pay watchdog 2019-03-12 [NUJ]

UK Boots pharmacists to join trade union after decisive vote 2019-03-12 [Guardian]

UK TSSA Delegate's Brexit speech at Scottish Labour Conference 2019-03-12 [TSSA]

UK Statement on British Airways pay negotiations 2019-03-12 [GMB]

UK BALPA responds to grounding of 737 Max aircraft 2019-03-12 [BALPA]

UK Scotland Leading trade union urge council to 'get act together' in equal pay scandal 2019-03-11 [Daily Record]

UK The great betrayal: how Britain’s industrial towns died of neglect 2019-03-11 [Guardian]

UK Unions attack May's Brexit pledge on workers’ rights 2019-03-11 [Guardian]

UK 'Time for better pay' petition passes 25,000 signatures - Usdaw campaign continues 2019-03-11 [USDAW]

UK #TUCWomen 2019: Sisters in Solidarity 2019-03-11 [NUJ]

UK RMT on rail timetable plans for May 2019-03-10 [RMT]

UK No Stone Unturned - defend press freedom - write to your MP 2019-03-10 [NUJ]

UK “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a job like this?” 2019-03-09 [Red Pepper]

UK Pilots union urges airlines to 'put their money where their mouth is' to tackle the gender gap. 2019-03-09 [BALPA]

UK Why is work more dangerous for us, just because we are women? 2019-03-09 [GMB]

UK Far-right threats and intimidatory tactics must stop 2019-03-08 [NUJ]

UK Royal Academy of Music must pay wrongfully dismissed lecturer £187,000 2019-03-08 [Third Sector]

UK Civil service suffering from institutionalised gender pay inequality 2019-03-08 [CWU]

UK When UNISON wins, women win – today, and every day 2019-03-08 [UNISON]

UK RMT celebrates role of women transport workers and fight for safe services 2019-03-08 [RMT]

UK Scotland Findlay tables motion to recognise ‘historic progression’ made in fight against blacklisting 2019-03-08 [Morning Star]

UK IWD: The British Establishment continues to cover up the spycops scandal 2019-03-08 [Morning Star]

UK Construction boss must be brought to the High Court, Parliament hears 2019-03-08 [Morning Star]

UK England Trade union accuse builders on Hooton site of denying workers employment protection 2019-03-07 [Live]

UK ‘Armed forces personnel are employees too and deserve the same protections’ 2019-03-07 [The National]

UK England Staff at bearings factory go on strike in work/life balance dispute 2019-03-07 [Live]

UK Labour HQ Staff Threaten Strike Action After Rejecting Below-Inflation Pay Offer 2019-03-07 [Huffington Post]

UK ‘Flimsy’ plans to protect workers after Brexit defended by Business Secretary 2019-03-07 [AOL]

UK Trade unionist was refused job after police gave details to blacklist 2019-03-07 [The Guardian]

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