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Argentina Oil Companies and Unions in Argentina Reach Fracking Agreement 2017-01-13 [The Star]

Argentina Oil and gas workers union sees new labor pact soon 2016-12-28 [Reuters]

Argentina ‘We don’t have the power to order companies to freeze layoffs,’ UIA warns 2016-12-28 [Buenos Aires Herald]


Argentina Strike brings Argentina casino sector to a halt 2016-12-08 [Gaming Industry News]

Argentina Oil and gas workers to strike over YPF layoffs 2016-12-02 [Reuters]

Argentina teaching union harassed by police and representatives assaulted For more info 2016-12-01 []

Argentina Argentina, with its “machismo culture”, fails in its protection of women and children 2016-11-25 [Equal Times]

Argentina Government secures deal with businesses to freeze job layoffs until March 2016-11-24 [The Herald]

South America Latin America: the most deadly region for transgender communities 2016-11-16 [Equal Times]

Argentina Taxi drivers again ask Argentine court to outlaw Uber 2016-10-29 [Fox]


Argentina CGT, gov’t agree to non-binding bonus 2016-10-21 [The Herald]

Argentina CGT escalates ‘strike’ threat 2016-10-11 [The Herald]

Argentina ITF backs Argentina’s taxi drivers over Uber 2016-10-04 [iTF]

Argentina Massa tries to dissuade unions from striking 2016-09-27 [The Herald]

Argentina 200,000 Argentinean workers march against dismissals and price hikes 2016-09-07 [IndustriALL]

Argentina ITF backs Argentinian workers’ rail demands 2016-09-07 [ITF]

Argentina Argentines March Across Country to Protest Macri's Policies 2016-09-01 [TeleSUR]

Argentina CGT trio elected amid more internal quarrels 2016-08-30 [The Herald]

Argentina Dissent undermines CGT unification 2016-08-30 [The Herald]

Argentina Teachers carry out nation-wide strike 2016-08-25 [Education International]

Argentina Teachers to strike after wage negotiations fail 2016-08-24 [The Herald]

Argentina Trade Union Central Gives Way to Reunification 2016-08-24 [Prensa Latina]

Argentina CGT trio elected amid more internal quarrels 2016-08-24 [Buenos Aires Herald]

Argentina Peronist unions and Macri: a year of criticism but no strikes 2016-08-22 [The Herald]

Argentina CGT: country is going from ‘bad to worse’ 2016-08-06 [The Herald]

Argentina Peña: gov’t won’t re-open wage negotiations 2016-08-05 [The Herald]

Argentina Raimundo Ongaro: an example of dignity against all odds 2016-08-04 [The Herald]

Argentina Macri woos unions with healthcare funds 2016-08-04 [The Herald]

Argentina Government announces payment of debt with unions' healthcare providers 2016-08-03 [Buenos Aires Herald]

Argentina Government admits more than 52,000 jobs were lost in 5 months 2016-08-03 [Buenos Aires Herald]

Argentina Teachers strike: up to one million kids won’t have classes today 2016-08-01 [Buenos Aires Herald]

Argentina Cabinet chief says income tax changes promised to unions will have to wait 2016-07-30 [Buenos Aires Herald]

Argentina Teachers’ strikes hit provinces 2016-07-25 [Buenos Aires Herald]

Argentina Experts, unions voice doubts about government’s education plan 2016-07-25 [Buenos Aires Herald]

Argentina The ‘sacrificial’ beginning 2016-07-25 [Buenos Aires Herald]

Argentina ITF takes Argentina to the ILO over interference in union 2016-07-08 [ITF Global Union]

Argentina Ex-president visits Tiempo Argentino newsroom after workers attacked 2016-07-08 [Buenos Aires Herald]

Argentina Media Cooperative Condemns Violent Raid on Tiempo Argentino Offices 2016-07-08 [The Argentina Independent]

Argentina Unanimous call for Argentine government to hand back union to members 2016-07-07 [ITF Global Union]

Argentina Media Workers March for Better Working Conditions 2016-06-30 [The Argentina Independent]

Argentina Oil workers go on strike, warn of longer walkout 2016-06-28 [Platts]

Argentina IFJ voices concern over state of media freedom in Argentina 2016-06-28 [IFJ]

Argentina Oil strike loses steam as unions split 2016-06-28 [Argus]

Argentina YPF oil workers end strike, for now 2016-05-31 [Argus]

Argentina ‘Anti-layoffs’ veto: CGTs refrain from strike call 2016-05-31 [Buenos Aires Herald]

Argentina Lay off the layoffs 2016-05-15 [The Herald]

Argentina Grains port workers back on job after brief strike 2016-05-14 [Reuters]

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