Union Call for Marches against Macri Policies

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Union Call for Marches against Macri Policies 2019-01-04 [Prensa Latina]

Airline workers stage protest in Argentina against job instability due to budget carriers 2018-12-29 [Merco Press]

Two former Ford executives sentenced for crimes against humanity in Argentina 2018-12-17 [IndustriALL]

Domestic flights operating after pilots cancel 48-hour strike 2018-12-14 [The Times]

Ex-Ford Argentina execs sentenced for facilitating torture of union workers during military rule 2018-12-13 [Japan Times]

Two Ford executives convicted of kidnapping, torturing union activists 2018-12-12 [The Guardian]

Court sentences ex-Ford executives on torture, kidnapping charges 2018-12-12 [Deutsche Welle]

ITF backs airline workers action in Argentina 2018-11-28 [ITF]

Labour strike grounds all Aerolíneas Argentinas flights for November 26 2018-11-24 [Merco Press]

Aviation unions to strike Monday over sanctioning of 367 workers 2018-11-22 [The Times]

Labour Secretary Jorge Triaca resigns after a volatile stint in office 2018-11-15 [Reports]

Gov't, business agree to bonus payment; unions cry foul 2018-11-09 [The Times]

Over 240 Flights Canceled Affecting 30,000 Travelers as Strikes Rock Argentina 2018-11-09 [Newsweek]

Unions Prepare for Fifth National Protest 2018-10-19 [TeleSUR]

International Labor Organization to Argentina: 'Work Is Not A Commodity' 2018-10-08 [TeleSUR]

Private interests are critically undermining public education 2018-09-30 [Education International]

Nationwide Strike Shuts Port of Rosario 2018-09-28 [Maritime Executive]

Unions Warn Argentine Government: 'No Truce' Without Policy Change 2018-09-27 [TeleSUR]

National strike protests inflation, shuts grains port 2018-09-26 [Reuters]

Unions Bring Argentina to a Standstill As Macri Meets Bankers 2018-09-26 [TeleSUR]

Labor Unions Launch National Strike 2018-09-26 [Stratfor]

Largest Labor Union Begins 36-Hour Strike Against Macri’s Austerity 2018-09-25 [TeleSUR]

Labour unions begin national strikes in Argentina to protest Macri government austerity 2018-09-24 [Foreign Brief]

Telam announces its partial return, trade unions declare it a “fake blog” 2018-09-22 [Reports]

Votorantim Cement: Unions demand social dialogue and fair negotiations 2018-09-21 [BWI]

Club employees threaten strike before Superliga Argentina clash 2018-09-20 [Newseg]

General Strike Planned over Government-IMF Austerity Plan 2018-09-18 [ITUC]

International support for Argentina's general strike against IMF austerity measures 2018-09-17 [Merco Press]

General Strike Planned over Government-IMF Austerity Plan 2018-09-15 [ITUC]

Macri’s divisive new austerity measures come at huge social cost 2018-09-12 [UNI Global Union]

Labor Protests, Strikes Increase by 30% Amid Macri's Mismanagement: Study 2018-09-11 [TeleSUR]

L20 Summit to demand G20 tackles rising inequality & delivers on promises 2018-09-11 [uniglobalunion.org]

4 of 6 University Unions Reach Agreement with Gov't 2018-09-09 [TeleSUR]

G20 Summit and trade union 2018-09-03 [ITUC]

Imagine a factory with workers and no boss 2018-09-03 [City Press]

FAECYS & UNI Americas condemn jobs losses at Walmart in Argentina 2018-09-02 [UNI Global Union]

Government, University Professors Resume Dialogue 2018-09-01 [Prensa Latina]

'Education is a Right!': Students, Teachers Mobilize En Masse Against Education Funding Cuts 2018-09-01 [TeleSUR]

Educators Strike, Massive Protests Thursday 2018-08-28 [TeleSUR]

Police Injure 15 Shipyard Workers During Anti-Austerity Protest 2018-08-24 [TeleSUR]

L20 Statement to the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers’ Meeting, Mendoza, Argentina, 6-7 September 2018 2018-08-21 [TUAC]

‘Bread and Work’: Argentine Workers March Against Macri and IMF 2018-08-08 [TeleSUR]

Sex workers are fighting for legal abortion and the right to work 2018-08-07 [Dazed]

Teachers' Unions Begin 48-Hour Strike Against Macri Policies 2018-07-31 [TeleSUR]

Bunge to close Argentine soybean mill, lay off 60 workers -union 2018-07-25 [Reuters]

Court Demands Telam Reinstate Axed Journalists 2018-07-14 [TeleSUR]

Teachers March To Demand Wages Above Poverty Level 2018-07-04 [TeleSUR]

National Women’s Network launched in Argentina by FOECYT 2018-07-04 [UNI Global Union]

'Journalism Has Lost': Argentina's Telam News Agency Axes Staff 2018-06-30 [TeleSUR]

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