Thousands of Freeport Indonesia workers to strike for second month -union

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Freeport fires 2,000 workers as Grasberg strike enters second month 2017-05-24 [IndustriALL]

Thousands of Freeport Indonesia workers to strike for second month -union 2017-05-20 [Reuters]

Freeport mine in Papua sacks 840 striking workers following May Day 2017-05-18 [Asia Pacific Report]

Labour union calls off planned strike at Jakarta port 2017-05-13 [The Shipping News]

Freeport fires striking workers at Grasberg mine in Indonesia 2017-05-10 [IndustriALL]

Workers' Strike to Disrupt Operations at Jakarta's Main Port Next Week: Union 2017-05-10 [The Globe]

Tanjung Priok port workers plan strike next week 2017-05-10 [Seatrade]

US union solidarity with Phillips Seafood workers in Indonesia 2017-05-10 [IUF]

Workers' strike to disrupt operations at Jakarta's main port next week - union 2017-05-09 [Reuters]

Independent unions at Coca-Cola Indonesia rally to demand respect for human rights 2017-05-09 [IUF]

Journalists attacked in Papua as Indonesia hosts WPFD 2017-05-05 [IFJ]

A Lot of Homework for Indonesia to Improve Welfare of Workers 2017-05-03 [JG]

May Day : Indonesia 2017-05-02 [PSI]

The unheard voices of female workers at their workplaces 2017-05-02 [JP]

Press freedom day event criticized for sidelining Papua issue 2017-05-02 [JP]

Workers nationwide celebrate Labor Day 2017-05-02 [JP]

Better pay demand 2017-05-02 [JP]

Freeport Indonesia mine workers hold rally at start of planned strike 2017-05-02 [NASDAQ]

Company threatens workers over plans to strike at West Papua mine 2017-04-24 [Radio New Zealand Internationa;]

Freeport warns Indonesia copper mine workers as Grasberg strike looms 2017-04-22 [Yahoo]

Freeport warns Indonesia copper mine workers as Grasberg strike looms 2017-04-21 [Reuters]

Ministry has too few personnel to monitor foreign workers: Official 2017-04-20 [JP]

Indonesian Women Risk Health to Supply Palm Oil to the West 2017-04-20 [pulitzercenter]

Use of private jet: A new method of transporting undocumented Indonesian workers abroad 2017-04-18 [JP]

In Indonesia, labor friction and politics fan anti-Chinese sentiment 2017-04-18 [Reuters]

KPK workers' union condemns acid attack on Novel Baswedan 2017-04-11 [JP]

Workers from Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) on strike 2017-04-07 [JP]

Wilmar and Verité Confront Systemic Labor Issues in Indonesian Palm Oil Industry 2017-04-07 [foodingredientsfirst]

Seven foreign workers deported from Bali 2017-04-06 [JP]

FSP2KI struggle wins gains for Indonesian contract workers 2017-04-05 [IndustriALL]

300 Indonesian Workers Locked Up And Abused In Saudi Arabia 2017-04-04 [carbonated]

Embracing business and human rights 2017-04-04 [JP]

Coca-Cola's Australia-based bottler stifling independent unions in Indonesia 2017-03-28 [IUF]

Tastem the rights abuses at Coca-Cola Indonesia! 2017-03-28 [IUF]

Indonesia still struggles to close gender equality gap: UNDP 2017-03-23 [JP]

Indonesia urged to settle dispute amid Freeport workers' outcry 2017-03-23 [JP]

Govt always tries to better protect workers in tobacco industry 2017-03-23 [Antara]

Farmers Protest against Government Plans to Build Cement Factory 2017-03-23 [laht]

Indonesia – unions demand review of wage setting law 2017-03-22 [IndustriALL]

Cementing options for people Kendeng farmers prepare to put their feet into concrete blocks 2017-03-22 [JP]

President Jokowi seeks immediate revision of migrant workers` law 2017-03-21 [Antara]

Industry Ministry eyes 220,000 certified workers in 2017 2017-03-21 [JP]

Indonesia boosts efforts to protect migrant workers in Malaysia 2017-03-21 [JP]

New passport rule stigmatizes, burdens migrant workers: NGO 2017-03-21 [JP]

Marsudi meets Indonesian migrant workers in Johor Bahru 2017-03-20 [Antara]

FM Marsudi visits Malaysia to increase protection for Indonesian workers 2017-03-20 [Antara]

Some 300 foreign workers listed as BPJS manpower members 2017-03-17 [Antara]

Death, torture cases reveal issues faced by migrant workers 2017-03-16 [JP]

Indonesia with 261.9 Million People Has 5.8 Percent Unemployment Rate 2017-03-15 [Netral News]

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