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YouTube censors live stream on homophobia and religion 2020-06-29 [IFJ]

Goodyear sacks 52 union members in Indonesia without cause 2020-06-15 [IndustriALL]

Indonesian paper workers fighting for their jobs 2020-06-12 [IndustriALL]

Trial begins for journalist following news of land conflict 2020-06-11 [IFJ]

Court finds internet ban in Papua and West Papua violates the law 2020-06-04 [IFJ]

Coca-Cola exploits COVID-19 lock-down to impose secret collective agreement, undercutting the rights and benefits of 6,000 workers 2020-06-04 [IUF]

'Solidarity strengthens our fight,' the story of an Indonesian union leader 2020-06-03 [BWI]

Journalist subjected to death threats for Joko Widodo story 2020-05-30 [IFJ]

Workers win Eid payment from Chinese power plant construction site 2020-05-28 [BWI]

Religious holiday allowance should not be deferred 2020-05-25 [IndustriALL]

Journalists and media companies call for stimulus package 2020-05-20 [IFJ]

Indonesian fishermen who died on Chinese boats faced abuse, 21-hour days, interviews reveal 2020-05-13 [SCMP]

Apindo Asks Govt to Relax PSBB to Prevent Layoffs 2020-05-12 [Tempo]

COVID-19: Govt to allow people under 45 to work outside to prevent more layoffs 2020-05-12 [JP]

E Kalimantan's 12 health workers suspected to have contracted COVID-19 2020-05-11 [Antara]

10 medical workers in W Sumatra's Agam test positive for COVID-19 2020-05-11 [Antara]

Negative Stigma, Stress Adding to High COVID-19 Mortality Rate 2020-05-11 [Tempo]

Labor groups demand financial transparency after government allows holiday bonus delay 2020-05-11 [JP]

New bill could legalize ‘land banking’ by Indonesian plantation firms 2020-05-11 [mongabay]

Indonesia Delays Bringing 500 Workers from China 2020-05-11 [Tempo]

11 Indonesian migrant workers test positive for COVID-19 upon return from Italy 2020-05-11 [JP]

May Day rallies go online amid COVID-19 restrictions as workers continue to oppose job creation bill 2020-05-11 [JP]

Pandemic, omnibus bill to greatly impact small-scale fisherfolk 2020-05-11 [JP]

Businesses worry easing restrictions could prolong recovery 2020-05-11 [JP]

https://jakartaglobe.id/news/indonesia-condemns-chinese-companys-inhumane-treatment-against-its-fishermen 2020-05-11 [JG]

Indonesia to allow 500 Chinese workers to enter the country amid COVID-19 pandemic: why it is a bad move 2020-05-11 [The Conversation]

Strengthening social protection in Indonesia 2020-05-09 [IndustriALL]

Education unionists take swift action on COVID-19 pandemic 2020-05-09 [EI]

Police arrest former chief editor of local online media 2020-05-07 [IFJ]

1.2m Indonesian workers laid off as coronavirus crushes economy 2020-05-02 [AP Report]

Gauging whether pre-employment card is solution amid COVID-19 pandemic 2020-05-02 [Antara]

Indonesia should have a national education blueprint in place: PGRI 2020-05-02 [Antara]

Workers voice three demands in May Day virtual rally 2020-05-02 [Antara]

Govt highlights hospital bed shortage at 1.2 per thousand Indonesians 2020-05-02 [Antara]

Controversial Indonesia labour law reform postponed 2020-05-02 [Just-Style]

COVID-19 forces restaurants, retailers to cut wages, furlough employees 2020-05-02 [JP]

Gov't, the House Postpone Labor Issues Deliberation in Omnibus Bill 2020-05-02 [JG]

May Day 2020 in Indonesia 2020-05-02 [Indonesia Expat]

May Day 2020: Perayaan Hari Buruh di Berbagai Negara Saat Pandemi 2020-05-02 [Tirto]

On May Day, workers marches go online to avoid coronavirus risk 2020-05-02 [JP]

https://jakartaglobe.id/news/indonesia-repatriates-nearly-70000-migrant-workers-from-malaysia 2020-05-02 [JG]

Kendari Bans Chinese Workers During Covid-19 Pandemic 2020-05-02 [Tempo]

COVID-19 pandemic exposes problems in our health care, Jokowi says 2020-05-01 [JP]

New normal? Better normal! 2020-05-01 [JP]

Garuda Indonesia Cuts Salaries as Pandemic Grounds Fleet 2020-05-01 [JG]

May Day marks pain, not celebration for 2020-05-01 [570News]

Victory for Indonesian unions as parliament postpones debate of controversial bill 2020-04-29 [IndustriALL]

Indonesia delays deliberations over labor issues in omnibus bill amid backlash 2020-04-25 [JP]

Minister calls women as Indonesia's strength in fight against COVID-19 2020-04-24 [Antara]

COVID-19 pandemic forces Indonesian mothers to do it all 2020-04-22 [JP]

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