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Updated: Sunday 23 February 2020, 18:27:32
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Kazakhstan Union develop strategies against gender-based violence [BWI] 2020-02-23

South Africa Labour department warns company for employing ‘too many black women’ [TimesLIVE] 2020-02-19

Thailand Sweet, smart, strong and sexy’: the sex workers taking a stand in Thailand [Opendemocracy] 2020-02-19

Hong Kong Hong Kong fights the coronavirus by… scrapping domestic workers’ day off? [The Free Press] 2020-02-18

Canada / British Columbia MoveUP statement on Opposition Leader’s comments regarding domestic violence [MoveUP] 2020-02-18

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Canada / Nova Scotia Nominate the NSFL Sister of the Year by February 19, 2020! [NSFL] 2020-02-18

Canada Murder of sex worker exposes Canada's hypocrisy on prostitution: advocate [CTV] 2020-02-17

Global UNI and Telenor global agreement renews commitment to gender equality and expands workers’ rights [UNI Global Union] 2020-02-17

UK President stresses UNISON’s myth-busting role [UNISON] 2020-02-16

UK Britain holding secret trade talks with unnamed countries [Morning Star] 2020-02-15

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India / Gujarat Burned India denim factory had single door reached by ladder [AP] 2020-02-15

Brazil Gender violence study in Brazilian garment factories provides a ‘wake-up call to action’ [IndustriALL] 2020-02-15

New Zealand Family want answers from Affco after man's death [Radio New Zealand] 2020-02-14

UK UK government admits that secret trade talks are underway [Global Justice Now] 2020-02-14

Israel Flexible hours are not sufficient to combat gender inequality at the workplace [Davar] 2020-02-14

USA Men's football team say federation discriminates against USA's female players [The Guardian] 2020-02-13

Australia Submissions to retirement income review expose super’s women problem [The New Daily] 2020-02-13

UK PCS to launch judicial review on pensions over government’s betrayal [PCS] 2020-02-13

Bangladesh Bangladesh Garment Workers: New Blocks to Form Unions [Solidarity Center] For more info 2020-02-12

Global Decriminalization by any other name: sex worker rights in federal advocacy [Opendemocracy] 2020-02-12

Croatia Gender equality is lagging behind in the Croatian audiovisual sector [EFJ] 2020-02-11

Canada Show your heart this February 14 [UFCW Canada] 2020-02-10

Zimbabwe Sex Workers Union ‘Bars’ Thigh Vendors From Having Permanent Boyfriends [] 2020-02-10

Macau Domestic workers report cases of labour exploitation [Macau Business] 2020-02-10

Chile Women organizations called for massive protest with union support [Prensa Latina] 2020-02-10

UK 'Woeful' pay offer would leave teaching assistants £4,000 worse off [GMB] 2020-02-09

New Zealand Documentary director Tony Sutorius: Helen Kelly-Together [Radio New Zealand] 2020-02-09

UK Tories' benefits cap leaving thousands of Scottish families unable to pay rent or buy food [Morning Star] 2020-02-08

UK FBU warns government ‘red tape challenge’ will fuel the agenda that led to Grenfell [Morning Star] 2020-02-07

Canada / Quebec CUPE persistence pays off with a huge pay equity win! [CUPE] 2020-02-07

UK At least 69 suicides linked to DWP's handling of benefit claims [The Guardian] 2020-02-07

UK JRF report shows need to crack down on business models that cause poverty, says TUC [TUC] 2020-02-07

South Africa / Western Cape They kept me hostage, assaulted me and didn't pay wages, claims domestic worker [Daily Voice] 2020-02-06

New Zealand Government stats show improvement on gender pay imbalance [NZCTU-te Kauae Kamahi] 2020-02-06

UK In-work poverty rise due to benefit cuts for low-wage earners, says think tank [Morning Star] 2020-02-05

Australia Women need a better deal, Unions say, highlighting retirement danger for those in ECEC [The Sector] 2020-02-05

Ireland Thousands taking part in protest over childcare 'crisis' [RTÉ] 2020-02-05

Turkey Gender and authoritarian populism in Turkey: the two phases of AKP rule [Opendemocracy] 2020-02-05

South Africa Big employment equity shake-up is coming [BusinessTech] 2020-02-04

UK Boris Johnson 'dancing to Trump's tune' while EU lays out post-Brexit fishing demands [Morning Star] 2020-02-04

UK Councils let firms track visits to webpages on benefits and disability [The Guardian] 2020-02-04

Brazil Gender violence study in Brazilian garment factories provides a ‘wake-up call to action’ [Equal Times] 2020-02-03

Aruba Superannuation must increase to 15% and women need a better deal [ACTU] 2020-02-03

UK Johnson's trade speech full of ‘smoke and mirrors’ [Unite] 2020-02-03

USA Women Make Gains in the Workplace Amid a Rising Demand for Skilled Workers [Pew Research Center] 2020-02-02

UK Johnson to tell Brussels that UK will accept no alignment with EU rules [Independent] 2020-02-02

Australia ACTU pushes for power over super, more for women [The Times] 2020-02-02

USA The Majority of Voters Now Support Decriminalizing Sex Work. It’s About Time. [The Intercept] 2020-02-02

UK Unions call for working people to head off the threat of a Tory evisceration of labour rights post-Brexit [Morning Star] 2020-02-01

USA How Super Bowl secx trafficking myths hurt actual sex workers [mic] 2020-02-01

UK / Europe PM must deliver trade deals that protect jobs and workers’ rights, says TUC [TUC] 2020-01-31

USA Key findings on gains made by women amid a rising demand for skilled workers [Pew Research Ctr] 2020-01-31

Australia Gender pay gap at record low – but advocates say battle is far from over [The New Daily] 2020-01-31

UK Number of slavery victims in London up tenfold in five years [The Guardian] 2020-01-30

UK End sexual harassment in the workplace [TUC] 2020-01-30

USA The New Majority Behind Sex Work Decriminalization [TNR] 2020-01-30

New Zealand New world record 'one of the great moments in shearing in New Zealand' [Newshub] 2020-01-29

Australia Honours recipient Ludo McFerran says award 'insignificant'as bush fires continue to burn [ABC] 2020-01-29

Brazil 'Vale have murdered us all' [Industriall] 2020-01-29

Bangladesh The human faces behind ‘fast fashion’ [Green Left Weekly] 2020-01-29

Canada #MeToo movement has been a 'net positive' in Canadian workplaces [CBC] 2020-01-29

South Africa The construction of exploitable gendered mining bodies [Global Labour Column] 2020-01-29

Egypt Ten icons of Egypts 2011 revolution now languishing in prison [Middle East Eye] 2020-01-28

Global Sex workers can tell you why sex work is work – speak to them [Open Democracy] 2020-01-27

India A tribute to the women who showed us the way [The Times] 2020-01-26

New Zealand KFC staffer accused of sexual harassment promoted to general manager [Stuff] 2020-01-26

UK / England Police branches welcome new maternity support [UNISON] 2020-01-26

UK Ministers refuse to assess impact of benefit sanctions on mental health despite warnings of links to suicide [Independent] 2020-01-25

New Zealand Midwives leading midwives-workplace representative forum -Auckland August 2020 [MERAS] 2020-01-25

Canada NUPGE publishes new paper in Diversity and Inclusion in Our Unions series: Women Workers [NUPGE] 2020-01-24

UK GMB hails Asda equal pay judgement [GMB] 2020-01-24

UK Local government employers accused of creating 'unnecessary' pay delay [UNISON] 2020-01-23

New Zealand History made as women's shearing team sets new world record [Newshub] 2020-01-23

USA / Illinois Women's March Chicago draws thousands of peoples in Downtown [Patch] 2020-01-22

Israel Israel Holding Pregnant Migrant Worker in Isolation for Months, Defying UN Guidelines [Haaretz] 2020-01-19

UK Brexit: 'No alignment' with EU on regulation, Javid tells business [BBC] 2020-01-18

South Africa Domestic workers fight for national minimum wage [GroundUp] 2020-01-17

USA Historic bargaining agreement raises WNBA salaries [The Grio] 2020-01-15

Europe Getting real about diversity and talent: 10 recommendations [EFJ] 2020-01-15

New Zealand Two years since equal pay settlement home support workers still struggling [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi] 2020-01-14

UK BBC journalist wins landmark equal pay case [EFJ] 2020-01-13

Canada Unifor bargains paid domestic violence leave where legislation falls short [Unifor] 2020-01-13

USA Fighting for overdue protections for pregnant workers [CBS] 2020-01-13

Global / Switzerland International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization shares AIRF's Video [AIRF Communications Centre] For more info 2020-01-13

Israel Improving the working conditions of preschool teachers' assistants. [Davar] 2020-01-13

South Africa Beauty Zibula - From factory to parliament [IndustriALL] 2020-01-11

UK BBC journalist wins landmark equal pay case [IFJ] 2020-01-11

Global 'Making women visible in occupational health and safety', a new IUF resource [IUF] 2020-01-11

USA / Illinois 'I Expect to Die Because of a John:' Local Sex Workers Fear For Safety But Wary Of Asking For Help [WGLT] 2020-01-10

UK Samira Ahmed wins equal pay claim against BBC [Guardian] 2020-01-10

UK Resounding NUJ victory in landmark equal pay case [NUJ] 2020-01-10

UK Workers' rights under threat from Tory's Brexit Bill, a Scottish minister warns [Morning Star] 2020-01-09

UK / Finland Finland to introduce four-day working week and six-hour days [Independent] 2020-01-06

USA The grooming gap: What “looking the part” costs women [Salon] 2020-01-06

USA Google reckons with an increasingly activist workforce amid accusations of union busting and facilitating human rights abuses [] 2020-01-04

UK Fat Cat Friday - time to deliver fair pay for civil servants [PCS] 2020-01-04

UK Usdaw disappointed that the Government's minimum wage increase fails to deliver £10 per hour [USDAW] 2020-01-01

Canada Newfoundland’s Office to Advance Women Apprentices’ model going national next year [The Daily Commercial News] 2019-12-31

Malawi Workplace sexual harassment cases have reduced [Nyasa Times] 2019-12-31

Nepal No help at home for women migrants who come back with babies [The Post] 2019-12-28