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Updated: Saturday 31 October 2020, 18:11:42
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South Africa Domestic workers devastated by mass job cuts [New Frame] 2020-10-30

UK Somerset care ‘bully boy’ tactics won’t stop pay claim [GMB] 2020-10-30

UK Activists and politicians spied on by police speak out on inquiry demands [Morning Star] 2020-10-30

Australia / Qatar Unions threaten boycott of Qatar Airways after 'barbaric' incident in Doha [9News] 2020-10-29

Australia Union says unregistered providers offering staff undercut pay and conditions as NDIS website promotes 'Uber-style' apps linking participants to support workers [The Guardian] 2020-10-29

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UK TUC: BME women are twice as likely to be in insecure work as white women [TUC] 2020-10-29

UK Secrets and lies: untangling the UK 'spy cops' scandal [The Guardian] 2020-10-28

Africa Unionists push for gender lens in collective bargaining [BWI] 2020-10-28

Poland Poland abortion protests: Warsaw grinds to a halt as women protest abortion curbs [Bloomberg] 2020-10-28

Africa Women, migrants the hardest-hit by Covid-19 pandemic [The Citizen] 2020-10-27

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South Africa SAMWU calls for unionist to ‘step aside’ [The Rep] 2020-10-27

Qatar Domestic workers share harrowing accounts of abuse and exploitation [Amnesty International] 2020-10-27

Australia Qatar Airways Faces Protest Over Examination of Australian Women [Bloomberg] 2020-10-27

Iran Protesting retired employees of oil sector were attacked by the police [Iran News Wire] 2020-10-27

New Zealand Taking Maori babies after birth 'cruel and inhumane'--Maori midwives head [Radio New Zealand] 2020-10-27

UK After the jobs go - Millions of jobs are under threat [GMB] 2020-10-26

Global Pro Quote Film - Best Practices for equality in front of and behind the camera [UNI Global Union] 2020-10-26

Canada Unions launch initiative to shine a light on harassment and violence at work [CLC] 2020-10-26

Canada For Canadian sex workers, CERB was a lifeline — if they could get it [CBC] 2020-10-26

Canada / Quebec Determined, the healthcare professionals have forced the government to listen to them [FIQ] 2020-10-26

Canada Victory: Supreme Court reaffirms women’s equality in the workplace [PSAC] 2020-10-26

Canada / Alberta Frontline hospital workers wildcat against massive cuts to public healthcare [Organizing Work] 2020-10-26

USA ACLU Analysis Finds Decriminalizing Sex Work Improves Public Health and Public Safety [Edge Media Network] 2020-10-25

Israel Empowering Arab women during the Coronavirus crisis [WAC-Maan] 2020-10-24

UK Teaching assistants covering twice as many lessons in the pandemic [UNISON] 2020-10-24

New Zealand Treaty claim over poor conditions for Maori women in shearing industry [Stuff] 2020-10-23

UK Job Support Scheme doesn't reach the workers it needs to says Usdaw [USDAW] 2020-10-23

UK Women workers hit hardest by Covid [Morning Star] 2020-10-23

UK Activist challenges Starmer to defend decision to abstain on controversial ‘spy cops’ Bill [Morning Star] 2020-10-23

South Africa These domestic workers lost their jobs during lockdown. Now they have to beg on the streets with their babies [GroundUp] 2020-10-23

South Africa SAFTU 1st Deputy President's opening remarks to SAFTU Inaugural National Gender Committee [SAFTU] 2020-10-22

Bangladesh / Vietnam Different exposure, similar reality? The pandemic and the ready-made garment sector in Bangladesh and Vietnam [Global Labour University] 2020-10-22

Canada / New Brunswick Healthcare Delayed is Healthcare Denied: Reopen Clinic 554 [CUPE] 2020-10-22

UK Overhauling care sector is the answer to staff shortages [UNISON] 2020-10-21

UK TUC calls for support for jobs in Greater Manchester ahead of new restrictions [TUC] 2020-10-21

UK MPs' report on Universal Credit five-week wait welcomed by Usdaw [USDAW] 2020-10-21

Canada / Ontario After two workers injured as a result of workplace violence, employer gets slap on the wrist [CFNU] 2020-10-21

Global 'Women's Voices Can No Longer Be Silenced' [Solidarity Center] 2020-10-21

Botswana Assault, rape fears haunt terrified nurses [The Monitor] 2020-10-20

Albania Women Oil Workers Take Over Hunger Strike at Ballsh Refinery [Exit News] 2020-10-19

Ireland Prison nurse let go after sexual assault complaint raised in Oireachtas [Irish Times] 2020-10-19

Global Women workers: Gender-based violence, a 'second pandemic' [BWI] 2020-10-19

New Zealand Dr Liz Gordon: 'Women make the parliamentary grade at last' [The Daily Blog] 2020-10-19

Bangladesh ‘Vulnerable’ garment workers in Bangladesh bear the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic [CNBC] 2020-10-19

UK Axing Union Learning Fund is ‘short-sighted and self-defeating’, says Unite [Unite] 2020-10-19

Pakistan Eight years after the Ali Enterprises factory fire in Pakistan, victims and their families are still fighting for justice [Equal Times] 2020-10-19

UK FBU join fight to save union learning programme [FBU] 2020-10-19

UK Government urged not to scrap learning at work [ASLEF] 2020-10-19

UK World Menopause Day: urgent workplace action needed [GMB] 2020-10-19

UK Employers and unions unite in call to protect 'brilliant' and 'vital' Union Learning Fund [TUC] 2020-10-19

New Zealand New Labur MP Sarah Pallet looks to being 'sense of connection and caring' to Ilam community [TVNZ] 2020-10-19

New Zealand MERAS celebrates election of midwife and union activist to parliament [MERAS] 2020-10-19

Canada Justice and Dignity for All: You’re Invited to the Premiere of CUPW’s New Documentary [CUPW] 2020-10-18

UK Campaign briefing - save union learning [TUC] 2020-10-17

Palestine Hotline for women in East Jerusalem [WAC] 2020-10-17

Serbia Digital technology training for youth and women workers [BWI] 2020-10-17

Cambodia Garment factory workers demand rights after coronavirus closures [ABC] 2020-10-16

UK Human rights groups urge House of Lords to block ‘deeply dangerous’ ‘Spycops Bill’ [Morning Star] 2020-10-16

Iran Tired of combatting COVID-19 without pay and support, Iranian nurses are leaving the country [Iran News Wire] 2020-10-15

UK Flu vaccination essential for pregnant women this winter, says RCM [Union News] 2020-10-15

UK Trade unions express ‘grave concerns’ over ‘spycops Bill’ [Morning Star] 2020-10-15

UK Mark Kennedy victim warns 'spy cops' law will not prevent future abuses by undercover agents [Independent] 2020-10-15

Canada / New Brunswick New Brunswick Nurses Union calls for an end to nursing home privatization [NB Media Co-op] 2020-10-15

Global When calls for solidarity mask the steady advance of unpaid work [Equal Times] 2020-10-14

UK The 'Spycops' bill undermines the rule of law and gives a green light to serious crimes [The Guardian] 2020-10-14

UK ‘Activist’s right to privacy breached by police surveillance’ [Morning Star] 2020-10-14

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland NUJ member denounces police failure to investigate threat to rape her baby [NUJ] 2020-10-13

UK Belly Mujinga's family call for ‘immediate public inquiry’ into her death [Morning Star] 2020-10-13

USA Nurses urge country to stay vigilant on Covid-19 in the face of President's 'reckless' behaviour [National Nurses United] 2020-10-12

Canada COVID-19 is changing the way men and women split the risk in the workplace [CBC] 2020-10-12

Ghana Develop social protection package for us - Domestic workers to Gov’t [GhanaWeb] 2020-10-12

USA / Iowa Why voting yes in union recertification elections is voting yes for gender equality [The Register] 2020-10-12

USA / Florida With Florida’s hotel workers still jobless, unions pivot to canvass for Democrats [The Chronicle] 2020-10-12

UK ‘Influencers are being taken advantage of’: the social media stars turning to unions [The Guardian] 2020-10-10

New Zealand MERAS members quiz politicians [MERAS] 2020-10-10

USA / USA / California Striking AHS SEIU 1021 & NNU-CNA Workers Hear Alameda Supervisors Promise To Fire AHS Bosses [LVP] For more info 2020-10-09

UK Chancellor’s deal a disaster for hospitality sector that is in urgent need of proper rescue package [Unite the union] 2020-10-09

UK Women bear brunt of Covid-related work stress, UK study finds [The Guardian] 2020-10-09

USA / USA / California SEIU 1021 AHS Highland Hospital Workers Strike For PPE, Against Contracting Out and Privatization [LVP] For more info 2020-10-08

UK RMT on axing of Unionlearn programme [RMT] 2020-10-08

Europe EU gender pay gap won’t end until 2104 without action [ETUC] 2020-10-08

Global Domestic violence: a workplace and union issue. A new IUF resource [IUF] 2020-10-07

Global Can workers reset the system and build a garment industry where workers are better protected? [The New Interntionalist] 2020-10-07

UK Met police pay compensation to man fathered by undercover officer [The Guardian] 2020-10-07

France / Europe French women face 1,000 year wait for equal pay, warn trade unions [Telegraph] 2020-10-06

UK TUC: government must do more to end inequality 10 years on from Equality Act [TUC] 2020-10-06

Ireland Green light for 15 female-only professor posts in higher education [] 2020-10-05

Spain CGT exige al Ejecutivo de Sánchez e Iglesias la equiparación, en relación al Covid-19, de las trabajadoras de Ayuda a Domicilio al personal sanitario [CGT] 2020-10-04

UK From pay gap to ill-fitting PPE, female workers highlight challenges in U.K. health care [CBC] 2020-10-04

Canada Unions push for implementation of National Action Plan on Violence Against Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit People [CLC] 2020-10-04

New Zealand Teenage schoolgirl waitresses-predatory manager-owner 'not my problem' [The Daily Blog] 2020-10-03

Turkey Gender pay gap in Turkey: Women earn a third less than men [DISK] 2020-10-03

Canada Support needed for second stage shelters in Canada says study by Women's Shelters Canada [NUPGE] 2020-10-03

USA / USA / California AHS San Leandro Hospital NNU CNA Nurses Fighting Covid, For PPE & Conditions For Nurses & Patients [LVP] For more info 2020-10-02

Canada Women's History Month: Celebrating heroes ― then and now [NUPGE] 2020-10-02

Global Gender and diversity equality in BHP and Glencore a long way away [IndustriALL] 2020-10-02

Pakistan Women journalists unite against online attacks [IFJ] 2020-10-01

South Africa / Eastern Cape Manager charged for inspecting workers’ underwear [New Frame] 2020-10-01

Canada / Quebec Joyce Echaquan’s death is unacceptable! [CUPE] 2020-10-01

Canada / New Brunswick Unifor calls closure of Clinic 554 Higgs' failure to protect New Brunswickers [Unifor] 2020-10-01